Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 15

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Chapter 15 — Going Home

That night, the employees of Resplendent Entertainment witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence—Su Yanyi actually got off work on time!

Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that she impatiently got off work on time. Everyone who caught a glimpse of her rushing out was surprised, to say the rest.

Su Yanyi in her past life could be considered a qualified workaholic. She had very few interests outside of work, and she didn’t like to go home much.

Sometimes if the hour was late, she would just spend the night at the company. On those days, her assistants and secretariats would often have to accompany her in working overtime.

In other words, the concept of leaving on time was practically non-existent to her. This all contributed to why so much discussion was set off after her departure.

“Did something come up? How come I didn’t hear about President Su having any arrangements today?” One of the secretariats asked in shock.

“Now, this is where you’re poorly informed. It’s not that the president didn’t have arrangements, it’s that she pushed all of them aside! I heard that she was supposed to attend a business cocktail party today, but she had Assistant Kang go in her stead.” Another secretariat explained proudly. She’d gotten the news from Kang Zhong himself.

The first secretariat blinked and asked curiously, “What did the president leave to do then?”

“…” The other secretariat blinked to show her own curiosity and cluelessness.


What did Su Yanyi leave to do? To go home and make Qin Jiran smile, of course.

Although she had already succeeded once, she felt indignant and perplexed just thinking about how he had laughed at her expense.

During the entire trip home, she was racking her brain for ways to make him smile. Once she reached her long-awaited destination, she hastened into the house… only to have her excitement dashed when she saw that aside from a busy servant, there was no one else inside!

For Su Yanyi to be home before Qin Jiran… that was simply illogical!

Su Yanyi was frustrated.

As she saw it, that man should always be at home, waiting for her. She should be able to see him whenever she wanted. It was unjust for him to be gone like this when she was already home and more than ready to see him!

One might accuse Su Yanyi of being inconsiderate for thinking this way, but she actually couldn’t be blamed for her unreasonable belief. It had most likely developed over her hospital years in her past life. Subconsciously, the expectation had become ingrained in her.

Back then, Qin Jiran would be by her side from morning to night, as if he was afraid she would feel lonely all by herself.

Therefore, she’d long since gotten used to the man’s presence and his unwavering attention.

“Miss, you’re home early. Will you be having dinner here?” The servant —Wang-jie— was very surprised. Three years ago, she followed Su Yanyi from the Su Manor to their current residence, and not once had she seen Su Yanyi return before dinnertime.

Su Yanyi glanced at Wang-jie with some distaste, but it wasn’t because she disliked Wang-jie as a person. She just didn’t want to eat Wang-jie’s cooking, and that wasn’t because Wang-jie’s culinary skills were bad or anything either. Su Yanyi wanted to eat Qin Jiran’s cooking.

The iceberg pair lived inside a small hillside villa. It was a wedding gift from Mother Su. The “small” villa actually couldn’t be considered small, as it was complete with two floors, a front and back garden, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and an exquisite greenhouse.

However, if the Su Manor was used as a comparison, then the villa was indeed small.

Because Su Yanyi disliked having too many people around, the villa was maintained by only three servants. Wang-jie was responsible for cooking and indoor cleaning, leaving the outdoors cleaning for Liu-shu and Zhao-ma.

The three resided within a house outside of the greenhouse, and even the meals were prepared in a small kitchen there.

Thinking about it, it was true that Su Yanyi rarely ate at home. In the past, only under the circumstances where Qin Jiran had already finished cooking and happened to see her would she reluctantly sit down to have a few bites.

Right now, Qin Jiran was elsewhere so she didn’t even want to consider eating.

Taking out her phone, she directly dialed his number. The call connected after three rings, but the person on the other end spoke before she could even open her mouth.

“President Su, are you looking for Brother Qin? He’s shooting a commercial right now. Do you want me to call him over?” The one who picked up was Qin Jiran’s assistant, Jiang Xiaobin. The two had grown up together in the same orphanage, so they considered each other brothers.

Jiang Xiaobin was five years younger than Qin Jiran, and he had a rather lively personality. He was the only person by Qin Jiran’s side who knew about the marriage and Qin Jiran’s feelings for Su Yanyi—excluding herself, at least.

A trace of nervousness could be heard in Jiang Xiaobin’s respectful tone of voice. Su Yanyi frowned.

Was she that scary?

Jiang Xiaobin wasn’t a stranger to her. He’d done quite a few things for her in her past life, and she understood how strong the bond between him and Qin Jiran was. Since she had decided to take Qin Jiran under her wing in this lifetime, then naturally she would protect this grown little brother of his too.

“When will he be finished?” Unfortunately, when she tried to make her voice sound gentle, it still came out cold enough to make Jiang Xiaobin shiver from head to toe.

“Around half an hour. Would you like Brother Qin to call you back after he’s done?” Despite him not knowing what she was calling for, he didn’t believe that Su Yanyi would call for no reason.

Speaking of, Jiang Xiaobin really was terrified of her, but that didn’t stop him from harboring dissatisfaction towards her. After all, his family’s Brother Qin was such an outstanding man, but Su Yanyi refused to return his feelings.

As an onlooker, Jiang Xiaobin felt sad for his brother. If it were him, he would’ve already given up on loving someone as difficult as her.

“Tell him to come home,” she said before hanging up, leaving behind a stunned Jiang Xiaobin.

Why did those words sound so strange? Like a wife waiting for her husband to return home! Ah! Could it be that President Su called because she wanted Brother Qin to go home early?

Disbelief filled Jiang Xiaobin’s eyes as he stared at the phone screen. Seeing that the other party had already hung up, he could only turn his attention to Qin Jiran, who was busy shooting.

The commercial wrapped up in less than twenty minutes, and Jiang Xiaobin wasted no time rushing to Qin Jiran with the latter’s phone in hand.

“Brother Qin, President Su called. She wants you to hurry home, and from the way she said it, I think she’s waiting for you there. Tell me quick, be honest, could it be that you’ve made progress? To me, she sounded like a wife waiting for her husband to go home,” Jiang Xiaobin prattled on excitedly.

Compared to the excited Jiang Xiaobin, Qin Jiran’s reaction was much more reserved. He didn’t think that Jiang Xiaobin’s guess was right.

His first thought was that Su Yanyi needed him for something. In any case, he didn’t refute Jiang Xiaobin’s words and simply dismissed him before rushing home in his car.

Regardless of what she might be needing him for, just the thought of her waiting for him at home was enough to make him feel like nothing else was more important.

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