Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 101.3

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Chapter 101.3 — About the Kids…

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From Qin Jiran’s perspective, if Su Yanyi wanted a child, why would she especially ask all these questions? Since she did, that naturally meant she didn’t want one. Well, he was the one to always consider Yanyi’s opinions first. Why would he state his own feelings?


With this, Su Yanyi understood the man. She secretly called him a fool, but then was quite angry. It was one thing to be stupid, but another thing for her to feel bad at his stupidity.


Ever since she’d met Qin Jiran, she felt her heart softening more and more!


“…About the kids, let it be.” After a while, Su Yanyi coldly but calmly stated.


Qin Jiran thought about it and his eyes brightened. He was wild with excitement but didn’t dare believe. He asked, “You’re saying…we don’t need to use contraceptives?”


“Yes!” Su Yanyi nodded her head in affirmative. She didn’t even have the intention of using contraceptives. It was just a sudden thought that she’d said out loud. If she had any thoughts of using contraceptives, after Qin Jiran’s reactions it completely disappeared.


She didn’t want to disappoint this man. If this man were dominant and forced her to give birth to a child, she would definitely fight back. After all, she wasn’t bent on having kids. But the more this man gave her the freedom of choice, the more she couldn’t neglect his actual wish!


“Yanyi, Yanyi…” Qin Jiran hugged her tightly then kissed her deeply. There was gratitude in his kiss as well as evidence of being emotionally touched.


Perhaps, Qin Jiran had secretly looked forward to his and Yanyi’s child, but he wouldn’t have too much expectation. This was because he understood Yanyi’s personality. She wasn’t a woman who looked forward to kids. No matter what Mother Su said, she’d remain indifferent and calm. From his perspective, she’d never taken this to heart. He knew that no matter what Mother Su said, as long as Yanyi’s thoughts remained unchanged, nothing could be done.


Who would have known that something that he’d thought wouldn’t change until a long time, would actually, miraculously happen right now?! Yanyi really had the intention of having a kid. Her reply was the best answer. Qin Jiran was about to faint from happiness!


While Qin Jiran kissed her, his body naturally reacted. He looked awkwardly but also eagerly at Su Yanyi. No words were needed. Su Yanyi naturally understood him. She gave a soft nod and the two sunk into a very special type of morning training.


When the servant knocked on the door, Qin Jiran had just gotten off Su Yanyi. There was a thin layer of sweat on him, but he looked incomparably energetic. He hugged Su Yanyi while she lazily squinted her eyes, not really wanting to wake up.


The two heard the knocking and just remembered that there were things planned for today. Every first day of the New Year, the entire Su Family would go to the temple and pray. It wasn’t that they believed in superstitions but it was an ancient belief. In the past, Su Yanyi didn’t think this mattered. But ever since she was reborn, she believed in it.


Her life was already so extraordinary and magical. This was a huge world. What other magical matters could there be?


“We know and we will come down in a while.” After Qin Jiran dismissed the servant, he carried Su Yanyi to the bathroom. This wasn’t the first time he’d carried Su Yanyi, but it seemed like the first time he’d carried them there while they were both bare.


Su Yanyi felt a bit strange. There were a lot of muscles on Qin Jiran’s arms and he felt relaxed while carrying her. However, Qin Jiran’s expression was very serious. He was careful as if scared that she might fall or bump into something.


He couldn’t see her expression and she’d snuggled up to him. After imagining this in her head, she couldn’t help but smile. It was a faint smile but her eyes were smiling too. She had a contagious smile and he smiled too.


This wasn’t the first time he’d bathed Yanyi, but this was the first time he had done while she was awake. Whether it was Qin Jiran or Su Yanyi, they were both a bit uncomfortable. But the two didn’t reject this.


Their marriage had truly begun not too long ago. They needed time to get used to a lot of intimate matters. This type of bashfulness and shyness was a very beautiful part of marriage. The two needed to focus on experiencing this.


Gradually, Su Yanyi got used to this feeling. She comfortably laid in the bathtub, allowing the man to wipe her body with a towel. Sadly, the man had to suffer from this. One needed to know that men are visually stimulated. Qin Jiran, tragically realized that his body had a reaction again after this intimate interaction. But this time, he could do nothing. The elders were waiting downstairs, so he had to endure this!


He finally helped Su Yanyi finish showering and took a cold shower himself. Su Yanyi looked teasingly at him and he couldn’t help but peck her again until his body reacted once again. He let go of Su Yanyi unwillingly.


Then the two quickly dressed and linked hands to meet up with the elders in the main residence.



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