Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 83.1

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Chapter 83.1 — Father and son meet 

Edited by: Larkspur

During dinner, Mother Su had arranged for little Su Nuo to sit on the highchair. The utensils were all kids’ styles and at the same time, she’d prepared a lot of food that little kids liked. It could be said that she’d worked hard on this.

During dinner, Mother Su wanted to personally feed little Su Nuo but he rejected. “Grandmother, I can eat by myself.”

They say kids have the purest thoughts and can easily distinguish those who treat them genuinely. In a few short hours, little Su Nuo already liked this whole family. Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt, and Uncle, they were all nice and truthfully liked him. He was very happy and at the same time, was eager to see his own father. If only his father liked him as much as they did!

Mother had said that his father was an outstanding person and she, naturally, wasn’t wrong. But when he thought of his mother, little Su Nuo was a bit down. In the future, he could never see his mother.

Although the doctors, nurses, and the aunts, said that mother went somewhere really far, he knew that the mother had passed away. Mother had a serious illness that even the doctor couldn’t cure her, so she didn’t leave because she didn’t want him, but because she had no choice but to leave. Before mother passed away, she’d entrusted her friend with him who brought him here, to his father’s home.

He knew about his father ever since he was little. Mother would always talk to him about his father; how he was very capable and outstanding. She would also say how handsome and alike the two of them were and how in the future when he had seen his father, he needed to be like his father and try hard to be a good kid, so that father would like him. Mother also said that after she left, the closest person he would have in this world would be his father.

“Nuo Nuo, why don’t you like? Do you not prefer it?” Seeing that little Su Nuo had suddenly stopped and his eyes dimmed, she didn’t know what he’d thought of. Mother Su patted little Su Nuo’s head as she asked while being extremely kind.

This child didn’t have his father by his side from a young age. Now that his mother had passed away, he should be worried and upset in a very unfamiliar environment. But this child was very clever, didn’t cause trouble, and was sensible. The adults, all felt sorry for the child.

“No, it’s very tasty.” Nuo Nuo wasn’t picky. Mother said that he wouldn’t grow up if he were picky. He had been hoping to quickly grow up so he could take care of his mother. But before he could grow up, his mother was gone.

Su Nuo’s eyes turned red at this thought. He hurriedly lowered his head, not wanting others to see him cry. Mother said that kids who loved to cry were not strong men. Strong men were brave and wouldn’t cry.

Despite how quick Su Nuo was, how could he duck from the gazes of the entire Su Family? Mother Su patted Su Nuo’s head and comforted, “You must be missing your mother, right? Don’t be upset. Your mother will be watching Nuo Nuo grow up in heaven. If Nuo Nuo is happy, your mother will be happy too.”

“Hm, Nuo Nuo is happy!” Little Su Nuo nodded his head seriously and tried his best to eat, despite his red eyes. Even though the mother wasn’t here, he needed to try his best to grow up. That way, he could take care of Grandmother who was as gentle as a mother.

Little Su Nuo couldn’t help but secretly glance at Su Yanyi. Although aunty wasn’t that gentle, she was still very nice to him. Not long ago, she had people send a lot of toys over for him and his room couldn’t handle anymore. So, when he grows up, he would protect aunty too. In regards to Great Grandfather, Grandfather, and Uncle, they were all strong men who didn’t need his protection.

Little Su Nuo then started to eat his dinner seriously. Although he was a bit clumsy, he didn’t make a mess. Even if a grain of rice fell near the surrounding of his bowl, he would pick it up and eat it. But that chubby little finger always had trouble picking up the grain of rice and when he was irritated, he would scrunch his little nose. It was indeed very adorable.

“Yanyi, Jiran, you guys have seen how cute Nuo Nuo is. Stop stalling urgent matters. You guys need to pay attention to this. Plus, your kids can play with Nuo Nuo. Otherwise, when Nuo Nuo is older, he wouldn’t want to play with his brothers and sisters.” Mother Su changed the course of thoughts and placed her attention on the other matter she cared about; that which would make her life complete.

The parents’ wishes were all like this. They thought that their lives would be complete when their kids are married and had kids; happy and blessed.

“I don’t have any thoughts right now.” Su Yanyi was indifferent, not moved at all. Nuo Nuo is cute but that didn’t mean she should give birth to one.

Mother Su softly sighed in her heart, knowing well Yanyi wouldn’t easily grant her wish. But though Yanyi didn’t like kids, Jiran seemed to rather like them. If this was the case, one to two years should be fine. She was just scared that Yanyi still didn’t like kids and if this influenced the married couple’s feelings for one another, that wouldn’t be good.

Mother Su thought a lot in her heart and there was a trace of worry on her face. Though she didn’t immediately voice her worry, she decided to have a talk with Yanyi in private.

At this time, Nuo Nuo asked eagerly, “Nuo Nuo will have a little brother and little sister?”

Little Su Nuo’s eager look made Grandmother Su want to blame Yanyi. How come she didn’t know that she should give birth to a child early on so that Nuo Nuo could have a playmate?

“Does Nuo Nuo like little brothers and sisters?” Mother Su asked.

“I like them, and they are very cute!” Su Nuo nodded his head hard. Because he was young and his mother was the only one raising Su Nuo, he lacked playmates, so he naturally looked forward to this.

“Then you need to please aunty and if aunty is happy, maybe she will give you a little sister.” Mother Su teased Su Yanyi but she saw the calm look on her daughter’s face.

“Can’t I have both?” Su Nuo raised his head, asking a bit confusedly.

“Oh, little Su Nuo wants both brothers and sisters. It’s not like that isn’t possible. This is based on your aunt’s ability.” Mother Su actually liked twins of mixed-sex. One boy and one girl. Good things would come in pairs… this was definitely fine!

Su Nuo secretly glanced at Su Yanyi again and he seemed to have gathered the courage to talk to Su Yanyi, “Aunt, can Nuo Nuo play with little brother and sister?”

Hearing little Su Nuo’s words, Mother Su laughed out loud. Even old man Su and Father Su smiled, but only Su Yanyi’s face was still cold, though, she knitted her eyebrows.

There were no little brother and sister in sight. How could they play with him? Did he want her to conjure up the kids out of thin air to play with him?

Su Yanyi was silent so the little Su Nuo thought that he was rejected. He’d just then felt better but now he was down again. He dropped his head and when Qin Jiran saw this scene, he thought it was quite funny.

He comforted, “If Nuo Nuo wants to play with little brother and sister, you’ll have to wait a bit since they’re not born yet.”

At this time, Su Yanyi suddenly thought that if they really had kids in the future, Qin Jiran would definitely be a qualified good father. Su Yanyi couldn’t help brooding more over this.

She really hadn’t given a thought to the issue of kids but Qin Jiran clearly liked them. Then, would he want a kid that belonged to him?

Once they grew up, many orphans wished to have a family of their own; a wife/husband and their children. Especially for some, they placed a lot of importance on children because for an orphan, they would be the only ones sharing the same blood as them. It was someone they had wished for and looked forward to since a very young age.

Of course, Qin Jiran’s situation was different from orphans, but he liked children just as much as the orphans would. Su Yanyi had no choice but to consider this more so.

After dinner, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi stayed for the night. The main point was that everyone was waiting for the Elder Brother’s arrival and wanted to see Su Yanmo’s attitude towards the child.

Su Yanyi didn’t reject this. After all, this wasn’t the first time she and Qin Jiran had spent the night here. But before she could retire for the night, Mother Su called her over for a talk.

Advertisement“Mother, what do you want to say?”

Su Yanyi knew that there must be something going on which was why she would talk to her. Seeing her worried face, she had no idea of what she was about to say.

“Have you never thought about kids?” Mother Su didn’t disguise this and went directly to the point.

“…Thought of.”

Originally, she hadn’t but she had no choice but to after the scene on the table.

Mother Su’s eyes brightened and immediately asked, “Then, what do you think? What was the result? Do you want kids?”


Though she had thought about it, she hadn’t come up with any conclusions or the decision to have a child. Plus, can she just have a child whenever she wants to? She and Qin Jiran were still in the stage of pursuing each other. Pursuing! Even if they were on the same bed, they wouldn’t do anything.

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