Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 75.2

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Chapter 75.2 — Keep Laughing and I’ll Bite You

However, Su Yanyi was not only strong, but she was also aggressive. When she was young, her skills were lacking so she was defeated by friends of the same age. The defeat was too humiliating so whenever Su Yanyi trained for something, she never slacked off. But after she defeated friends who were the same age as her, she began challenging older friends. Due to this, she could never slack off. She would assign training and assignments to herself. This was how she had walked her path. No words would be enough to describe her entire life.

But Su Yanyi felt that her hard work and investment were worthwhile. At least she would always win in the end and the ones who would suffer a loss would always be other people.

When Su Yanyi reminisced about her childhood, she couldn’t help but think of her little group of friends. Now they are living all over the world, doing various kinds of work. Some of her friends murdered for money while others helped the dying and healed the injured. However, they were all powerful people. It’s been a few years since they met so she doesn’t know how they have been doing. Maybe she should find a
chance to let everyone meet up.

Thinking up to this, a flash of inspiration had hit Su Yanyi. She suddenly remembered that she didn’t need to look for a chance for everyone to meet up. It will be New Years in two months. Every year, the Su family would host a big gathering. The gathering would always happen during New Years unless an unusual circumstance prevented it. As long as they belonged to the younger generation of the Su family, they would all return and participate in the gathering. At that time, those people will naturally return home. It seemed like she should train her skills more. Otherwise, she would be overtaken by those people.

She naturally needed an opponent in order to practice her skills. Su Yanyi’s line of sight couldn’t help to land on Qin Jiran. Rather excitedly: “In the future, when you go out for morning exercises, call me up too. Let’s do this together.”

Qin Jiran was unable to understand how Su Yanyi’s train of thoughts jumped from whether it was tiring or not to morning exercises. But Su Yanyi’s suggestion clearly made him very happy. He immediately agreed: “Let’s practice together.”

Qin Jiran’s moves were developed at a young age. But from the beginning, he started off wild or the so-called fighting around. Who let him be an orphan and lived in the orphanage at a young age? Fighting and whatnot were a common occurrence. If you don’t bully someone, someone else wanted to bully you. In order to not be bullied, you have to understand how to fight back. Therefore, Qin Jiran gradually became more powerful through the fights. After he grew up and went to school, he then planned out to learn the different types of wrestling techniques until he had the money to ask a teacher to teach him. This is how his pretty good skills came from.

The two chatted while the movie continued to play. But their heart wasn’t there. The two were unable to feel the romantic mood around them like how normal couples would. From time to time, people would let out a gasp of shock which made it harder for them to enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

Although that was the case, the two were in a pretty good mood. They looked at each other helplessly and couldn’t help but to laugh. They felt connected at a deep level, possessing a faint sense of comfort. They were like those married couples, though not romantic, but still equally happy.

People said that being romantic was something extra on top of the romance. Happiness, however, was the little details in romance. The latter was more important.

After the movie was finished, the two walked out with linked hands. Because they wore hats and scarves, they were like a normal couple and hadn’t brought attention to themselves.

“Want to walk for a bit?” Qin Jiran looked at the time and felt that it was still early. He took the initiative to invite her.

“Hm.” Why would Su Yanyi reject him? She agreed rather happily.

Outside the movie was a small park. The two walked in. Although it was a bit cold, there were still many people strolling around. Some were grandpas or grandmas while others were couples or married ones. They walked together in groups of two or threes. Under the contrast of the street lights, it appeared to be rather bustling with activity. There wasn’t the melancholy winter type of feeling.

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran shuffled through the crowd, not really chatting. However, the corner of their lips lifted into a slight smile as though in a great mood.

Regarding those people who were normally busy or even trying to outwit one another, it was an extremely pleasant matter to be able to walk within a crowd normally without care. They seemed to completely relax and even breathing appeared to be extremely delightful.

“Let’s walk around often in the future. It feels very nice.” Qin Jiran felt Su Yanyi’s joyful mood and his own feeling of longing emerging from the bottom of his heart.

“Okay.” Su Yanyi really enjoyed this feeling. Maybe the meaning of rebirth to her, besides living for revenge and being moved by Qin Jiran, she needed to add another statement: It’s great to be alive!

Feeling the warmth whilst being an ordinary person and enjoying the happiness within led one to think of the phrase: to be satisfied with one had. This held a lot of reasoning.

The two returned home quite late. After their walk, Su Yanyi was a bit hungry. She blinked her eyes, staring at Qin Jiran: “I’m hungry. I want to eat.”

At this moment, Qin Jiran felt the softening of his heart to be at its extremes, where it was about to leak of water. He was unable to withstand such a cute Yanyi!

Qin Jiran rushed to the kitchen without even changing his clothes yet. He was scared that he might end up starving Yanyi had he walked slowly. He prepared a bowl of noodles quickly, only using about twenty minutes or so. He gave Su Yanyi a huge and full bowl of noodles before letting out a sigh.

“Quickly eat, don’t starve yourself.” Qin Jiran’s tone was filled with care. Feeding Su Yanyi became one of his most favorite activities.

Su Yanyi originally wanted to laugh from seeing the man’s nervous look. But she had no idea why she wanted to cry a bit now. But how can the cold Queen cry? As a result, she concentrated on eating her good, almost burying her head into the bowl.

She couldn’t even joke about the man for caring for her in such stupid ways. She was very moved by him. How could this man be that good to her?

People needed to know that mother Su and father Su, even grandpa Su who liked her the most and brother Su who protected her, would never be that gentle, considerate, and delicate like Qin Jiran. Despite the fact that the family loved and cared her, they weren’t like Qin Jiran who feared that she might be too cold or too hot and might be hungry or thirsty, as though every single mood was that important. It was to the point where he placed her in his heart and made her, who was normally heartless, clear of his feelings toward her.

“Don’t stare at it stupidly. You can eat too.” Su Yanyi grabbed some of the side dishes and placed it in Qin Jiran’s bowl with her chopsticks. Did this man think he could be full from just staring at her foolishly?

Qin Jiran then smiled and started to eat. Who let Yanyi eat so happily that he was in a daze?

Qin Jiran ate noodles quickly. He finished before Su Yanyi and continued to stare at her eating. This made her a bit uncomfortable, taking in large bites and shoving the noodles in her mouth. She finally couldn’t help to glare at Qin Jiran.

“Eat slowly. Are you full? Do you want me to grab you more? There’s more in the pot.” Qin Jiran wanted to laugh. Su Yanyi was too cute.

She quickly swallowed the noodles, replying a bit mad: “Only pigs eat that much,’

Qin Jiran chuckled out loud this time. His laugh was faint but deep, making people drawn to his voice. It had the ability to lure people in.

Su Yanyi’s face was slightly red but she squinted her eyes. She disliked being teased about the most. This man always laughed at her while eating. He should be punished!

Su Yanyi quickly got up and pulled Qin Jiran over, harshly biting on his lips!

It’s a bite, not a kiss! That speed, strength, action, was utterly direct and efficient. She was too domineering!

Qin Jiran faintly scrunched his eyebrows from the pain but the eyes mostly held a pampering and helpless look. It was a type of happiness to be bitten by Su Yanyi. Just a while ago, this image was what he looked forward to the most. He was able to laugh happily with Yanyi and this led him to feel blessed in his heart.

“Keep laughing and I’ll bite you!” Su Yanyi exclaimed with a cold voice, attempting to threaten with an exquisite face on. But if he looked carefully, he could see that Su Yanyi was smiling. She wasn’t even mad.

Qin Jiran wanted to laugh even more after seeing Su Yanyi’s face. He couldn’t help to tease: “Yanyi, I have an injury on my lip. Everyone will ask about it when I go to shoot my scenes tomorrow.”

“So what if they ask?” Humph, she didn’t care. Anyway, he’s the one losing his faces not her. This is called acting for oneself and suffering the consequences!

“If they ask about it, I will tell them you bit it.” Qin Jiran exclaimed innocently. He was saying the truth. He just didn’t know how the audience would react to this. Would they think Yanyi was valiant or that he was forcibly kissed? No matter what, he felt that it will be very interesting.

Put on a public show of affection and whatnot. Film Emperor Qin expressed his fondness over this.

Qin Jiran’s eyes reflected a smile and Su Yanyi saw this. She naturally knew that he was joking with her. However, she believed this wasn’t that bad either.

She liked interacting with Qin Jiran, without being restricted or nervous. The atmosphere was nice and she was really happy.

“Humph. Say it. I’m not afraid.” When the time comes, everyone would know this man was hers. Those who wanted to steal him all had to stand to the side. It’s best if they uploaded a couple of pictures to the net and let Wang Zhilin, that woman, see this. It’d be even great if she fainted from seeing this!

Dear Queen, everyone knew that Film Emperor was yours even if you didn’t do this. You really didn’t need to stamp this. People would be jealous of such an obvious show of affection!

The next morning, the two went for morning exercises together. But after Qin Jiran got out of bed, he hadn’t seen Su Yanyi. He thought about it before going to knock on Yanyi’s door. After a couple of times, there was still no response. He looked at the time and this led Qin Jiran to be a little anxious. Could it be that Yanyi wasn’t awake yet? Should he go in and call her up?

Qin Jiran recalled back to how Su Yanyi walked into his room directly without even knocking on the door. He wondered if he should try doing this too so he attempted to open the door. Then, unexpectedly, the door was actually open.

Ok. Not locking the door when sleeping within the house was a good habit. Not only did he had this habit, but it also seemed like Yany did too.

Qin Jiran softly coughed. He opened the door and walked in carefully. He tried his best to control himself from looking around randomly, especially the bed!

But, he didn’t have a choice to not look there. His mission was to call Su Yanyi up. But…how come there was no one on the bed? Where did she go?

Qin Jiran was only puzzled for a moment because he heard the running water within the bathroom. As it turned out, she was taking a shower. Qin Jiran sighed and couldn’t help to look around. Although this was not the first time he came in, he dared not to be too presumptuous. It’s time for him to glance around some more now that Yanyi wasn’t here. Who let this room to be like a restricted existence to him?

At this time, the water stopped. Qin Jiran violently snapped out of his trance. Without thinking, he turned around and wanting to leave. Yet, he had no idea since when he had walked to the middle of the room. He turned around to see Su Yanyi who walked out of the bathroom!

Su Yanyi only had a towel around her. It covered her from the chest to the legs. She walked out with her hair still dripping. She raised her head to make eye contact with Qin Jiran. She raised her eyebrows, answering like she understood everything: “You’re here to wake me up? Wait a bit. I’ll be done soon.”

Su Yanyi wasn’t someone that favored one and discriminated the other. Since she was able to go into Qin Jiran’s room without knocking, she naturally wouldn’t mind Qin Jiran doing the same to her. Therefore, she reacted calmly to the point she didn’t even have any reaction. She seemed to feel as though nothing was wrong with her just walking out with a towel on. Qin Jiran didn’t know what to say!

Qin Jiran wanted to remain calm too but seeing this beauty walking out of the bathroom, he was a bit uncalm. Did he really need to see such an exciting scene early in the morning?

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