Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 101.1

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Chapter 101.1 — About the Kids…

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Once Old Man Su started to eat, everyone else followed suit. Su Yanyi’s dishes were the most popular ones. One dragon and one phoenix. It held a lot of meaning. After everyone had carefully tasted this, they gave Yanyi thumbs up.

“Yanyi, this dish tastes very delicious. It doesn’t seem like something you would make!” Father Su exclaimed. He really meant to compliment his own daughter, not to degrade her!

“Right, I find it unbelievable that you were able to cook something like this!” Mother Su looked at her as if she was an alien, wanting to learn about Su Yanyi all over again. She never thought that her daughter could cook, extremely well actually. It was incredulous!

“Hahaha. Girl, in the future, you’re going to cook for this grandfather often, otherwise this grandfather will go over to your place to eat.” Grandfather Su let out a hearty laughter.

“Aunty, the food is great. It’s beautiful and tasty!” Little Su Nuo complimented Su Yanyi like the others. Of course, if the others were supposedly even trying to compliment her in the first place.

“…” Su Yanyi felt that the family had come together to bully her!

While the Sus were peacefully and calmly enjoying the New Year Eve’s dinner, the Qin Family had gathered together for an intense debate!

In the Qin Residence, Old Man Qin’s will was written clearly. The residence was given to the oldest son. Maybe this was what respect for seniority meant. In the end, Old man Qin left the main inheritance to the oldest son, but he also said the other two sons were allowed to live in the Qin Residence as well. He even left rooms for his grandsons, as the basis and foundation for the Qin Family.

Everybody was present for New Year Eve’s dinner at the Qin Residence. But in the past years, when Old Man Qin was still alive, there was a peaceful and calm atmosphere. With him gone now, there was an indescribable tension in the air, even smelling like strong gunpowder. It felt like it would explode at any time!

The elders were silent. At least they knew to endure and keep the peace on the surface. But the youngsters didn’t have that concern. They sat at the same table, staring daggers at each other like enemies.

It isn’t strange for relatives to become enemies because of profit. Who let money and power be the most attractive and enticing aspects of society? The value of feelings for one another varies across different people.

“Qin Chu, don’t you have a good relationship with the Su Family? Why not have your Elder Brother bring Su Yanmo out so that we can have a day out together?” She was the only daughter of the third son of the Qin Family, Qin Ying. She had always been interested in Su Yanmo.

“Aren’t you the one who wants to maintain a good relationship with the Su Family? Such obsession! You can’t even marry the one you love. What a joke!” Qin Chu hated people talking about his Elder Brother, especially during this sensitive period of time. Why should he go and find that man? So that he could come back and fight for inheritance as well? He’s not that dumb!

But he wasn’t that stupid. Yet, this didn’t mean that his father wouldn’t. Don’t mention him, even the entire Qin Family knew that his father went to the Su Family. Although they didn’t know what it was about, there were ensuing guesses and rumors. Recently, he had spent restless days.

Qin Chu’s countenance turned gloomy and sinister, even casting his father an unfriendly look. Fighting for inheritance wasn’t just the fathers’ battle, but also theirs!

“Who are you calling infatuated and in love? Humph! I bet you just want to suck up to the Su Family.” Qin Ying looked angrily at Qin Chu. She was the one who wanted to get on the Su Family’s good side. But before she could do anything, her Second Uncle had already contacted Qin Jiran, that illegitimate son. She didn’t know whether they had talked behind her back, but Su Yanmo didn’t bother with her. This was despicable!

But although they couldn’t gain connections through marriage with the Su Family, there was also the Bai Family. Bai Family wasn’t any weaker than the Su Family. Plus, Bai Qing was yet to marry. He wasn’t any worse than Su Yanmo!

But whenever she thought of Bai Qing, Qin Ying couldn’t help but think of that despicable woman, Ling Tianyue. Doesn’t that woman know about her reputation? She dared to steal her man! Delusional!

“Enough! Qin Ying, what nonsense are you blabbering!” Qin Zhenyi interrupted the younger generation’s quarrel. However, it felt like he was making matters worse by trying to conceal this.

Qin Zhenren and Qin Zhenli’s expressions changed. They looked at Qin Zhenyi with even more hostility! From these two brothers’ perspectives, Qin Zhenyi had clearly joined hands with the Su Family. This meant they needed to be more careful. Despite this, these two greedy and selfish brothers had no intention of working together still, because they didn’t trust each other. No one wants a potential traitor on one’s side! It would be more detrimental than having a strong enemy!

Qin Ying unwillingly shut her mouth. Although the families were all fighting, as a younger generation, she wasn’t allowed to retort.

“Since when did my girl blabber nonsense? Since some people have done it, they should just admit to it.” Seeing that his daughter was scolded, Qin Zhenli spoke out immediately and mocked.

Qin Zheny’s face turned gloomy but said nothing. Who knew if this was a tacit concurrence or not.

Actually, the Qin brothers all knew how to scheme others. However, each had their own weaknesses. Like Qin Zhenyi’s arrogance and rigidity. This was something that would contribute to his failure.

Qin Zhenyi really wished to collaborate with Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi. He needed funds right now. He’d already talked to two other shareholders about plans of purchasing, but he lacked the money. It wasn’t a small amount either. He needed around five billion and right now, he had only at most three billion. Regarding the rest of the money, he thought of the Su Family. Who knew that the conversation would end badly?!

Although Qin Zhenyi hadn’t gotten enough money, he had another idea. He wanted to raise funds by purposefully making others think that he had collaborated with the Sus. As long as he raised two billion, he would be able to purchase the shares of the two shareholders’. Plus, he had two other supporters. His shares would surpass Qin Zhenren by then and he would become the next Chairman of the Qin Company!

Right now, in Qin Zhenyi’s heart, power was of top most priority!

The New Year’s Eve at the Qins was spent under each other’s scheming. There was no warmth or emotions. It was cold and icy, like a group of strangers gathering together. No, it should be said that they weren’t even strangers.

At the same time, the Wang Family was even more tragic. Although their family was yet to be destroyed, it was extremely tragic as wives and children were separated.

Wang Pinde and Wang Zhirou were in prison serving sentences leaving many shocked by the rapid turn of events. Wang Zhilin was locked in prison too. Lawyers went in and out for her case, but still couldn’t manage to bring her out. Meanwhile, Wang Zhilin was tortured in prison and looked less and less of a human. She would always be kneeling on the ground like a dog. She barely had a full meal and would be trembling in the cold. She couldn’t even sleep peacefully as she would be beaten up by the two female delinquents at any time. This made Wang Zhilin look older and incomparably thin and pallid. She seemed like an elderly woman in her fifties, barely looking like a wealthy young miss anymore.

After Wang Zhilin came in this time, the two men who always revolved around her didn’t even come and visit her. This made her even more restless. Thankfully, there was a lawyer who busied himself with her case. It seemed to be heading in the direction she desired too.

Actually, Wang Zhilin’s plan wasn’t that complicated. However, she just wanted to highlight the fact that she had a mental disorder. The lawyer had been preparing evidence for her. This was the reason why she wasn’t desperate yet, despite enduring all the torture. She believed that she would get out of prison one day.

The more petty and low one lived, the more they would look forward to light. The more tragic Wang Zhilin’s torture was, the more she wanted to grab ahold of this chance. Therefore, she cooperated with the lawyer’s suggestion, waiting for him to save her!

Lady Wang who was by herself was clearly much better than the rest. She’d returned to her mother’s house. Although she wasn’t liked in the family, at the very least, she was clearly taken care of. It wasn’t as bad to the point of becoming homeless. This made her satisfied.

After New Year Eve’s dinner, Mother Su began to make dumplings. Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were taken to the kitchen by Mother Su. Meanwhile, Su Yanmo held little Su Nuo’s hand and brought him to the kitchen. Only Father Su and Grandfather Su were outside watching the Chinese New Year’s Special.

“Grandmother, see if Nuo Nuo is making this correctly.” Little Su Nuo was focused on learning to make dumplings. The dumplings looked quite appealing, but it was a bit small.

“Nuo Nuo is very smart. You learned it quickly, better than your father.” At the same time Mother Su complimented her grandson, she didn’t forget to attack her son. After all, the dumplings her son made were much uglier than her grandson’s!

Although Su Yanyi had entered the kitchen too, she only watched with interest while holding a cup of black tea. She didn’t have the intention of helping out. On the other hand, Qin Jiran made the dumplings efficiently and quickly, becoming the leader of the dumplings team.

In reality, Su Yanmo didn’t want to work either. However, because his son wanted to see him make dumplings, he had no choice but to accompany his son. He disliked his son looking at Qin Jiran in admiration.

Therefore, Su Yanmo learned to make dumplings too. But because he really had no talent, he couldn’t make a single appealing dumpling. He pinched back and forth, making the dumplings into meat pies in the end. Even little Su Nuo chuckled silently at the side, thinking that his father was quite stupid.

Su Yanmo, who was laughed at by his son, really wanted to say something to Qin Jiran when he looked at his skilled actions: As a man, can you not be skilled in all areas? At least give the women some work. Can’t you see that your woman has been drinking tea leisurely?

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