Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 69.2

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Chapter 69.2 — The Love Rival Attacks

Su Yanyi raised an eyebrow. Whether or not she genuinely liked Qin Jiran was her own business, and she felt that the answer should only be told to the man in question.

“Is there a point to asking this?” She didn’t want to answer, so she didn’t. But who would’ve thought that Bai Qing would fail to notice her refusal and nod? And very enthusiastically, at that.

She furrowed her eyebrows. There might be no reason to like someone, but there was always a reason to not like someone, like this man in front of her. He was preaching to deaf ears and failing to realize it. It would be strange if she liked a man like him.

A hint of distaste appeared in her eyes. Did going abroad render him stupid? Then if she ever had children, she would have to make sure to not let them go abroad.

Ah, but why was she thinking about children? She must’ve been affected by the others.

“He’s a very good man.” At least, he’s better than you. She left that part unspoken, but the implication was clear.

But once again, Bai Qing failed to notice.

“What part of him is good?” he inquired reluctantly. Su Yanyi wondered if there was something wrong with him and took a step back. Who knew if his illness was contagious?

“He’s good in every way.” Except for being a bit dense sometimes, he really was good in every way.

Bai Qing looked like he had been choked.

“Better than me in every way?”

“Of course!” 

She gave him a deep look and thought that he had to be seriously ill to ask that kind of question after years of not seeing her. One was a friend, and the other was her husband—obviously, she would pick her husband!

Finally, his expression turned ugly. He shifted his attention Qin Jiran only to find him chatting happily with the people around him, seemingly unbothered by Su Yanyi’s absence.

“Doesn’t he care that you’re talking to me?” he asked, directing her attention to Qin Jiran too.

“Why would he?” She looked at Bai Qing weirdly. Although this friend of hers seemed a bit off today, he was still just a friend, and what could go wrong with talking to a friend? Why would Qin Jiran care? She wasn’t going to get lost.

“You’re with another man, but he doesn’t feel jealous, which means he doesn’t care about you very much,” Bai Qing explained very seriously. He actually wasn’t trying to cause trouble, as he was expressing what he truly thought.

If he were Yanyi’s husband, he would always keep a close eye on her, place her as his number one priority, and stop any man from approaching her. To him, that was how a man in love should act.

Qin Jiran, on the other hand, seemed to care only about himself. He had not spared Su Yanyi a single glance and even ignored a love rival. Certainly, he was not in love with Su Yanyi.

Bai Qing felt that even as a friend, it was difficult for him to approve of Qin Jiran. Su Yanyi deserved better —at least, better than him— and he did not think that Qin Jiran, an actor, was any better than him.

Dumbfounded, she stared at him.

“Did you forget to take your medicine today? Su Yanyi asked uncertainly.

If Qin Jiran got jealous every time she spoke to another man, then wouldn’t he have drowned in the vinegar pot already? She preferred a man who was cultured and reasonable over an easily jealous one. In her opinion, Qin Jiran’s attitude was a manifestation of trust.

Although his expression darkened a little, Bai Qing answered just as seriously as before, “I’m not sick, I don’t need to take medicine.”

Hearing this, Su Yanyi couldn’t help but sneer.

“There are cultural differences between here and overseas. If you can, you should go see a doctor.” She didn’t regard her words as sarcasm because she believed that she was just telling the truth.

This time, Bai Qing was not so stupid as to miss her meaning. His eyes darkened, but he still refused to give up. “If you are genuinely happy, then I’ll give up, but Qin Jiran is just an actor. He’s not suitable for you.”

“I don’t think love has anything to do with career.” Aware that her EQ was a little low, she had done some research on love. Therefore, she was able to say something like this. Of course, it would be better if her EQ was this high around Qin Jiran too.

“But the Su family is not an ordinary family, it’s only right that you should marry someone of equal status!”

Then since your mentality is off, it’s only right that you marry someone who’s the same! She thought but didn’t say. After all, only fools would try to reason with someone who was mentally ill, and she wasn’t a fool.

Instead, she said, “Bai Qing, I think it’s time we end this conversation. I know best whether or not he’s good to me, and whether or not he’s suitable for me.”

Bai Qing could be considered a friend, but that was it. A friend had no right to interfere in her love life.

Actually, she knew that Bai Qing was unhappy because he had lost to Qin Jiran. But her feelings for Qin Jiran had been shaped by the experiences from both her past life and present life, from life to death, and death to life, making them impossibly unique.

“Yes. You are willing to be with him, just as you were not willing to be with me. It has always been your own choice.” Bai Qing wasn’t stupid, but he couldn’t help but feel disappointed and depressed. He just wanted to know why the woman he liked didn’t like him back. He wanted to know how the man Su Yanyi liked was better than him.

“Yes—my own choice,” Su Yanyi carefully repeated. Her own choice, not to be affected by the opinions of others.

“Then are you happy with him?” he asked.

Happiness? What is happiness? She thought about it.

Living with Qin Jiran made her feel warm. There wasn’t much excitement or dramatic ups and downs, and life was calm… but not in a bad way.

Qin Jiran was a dense man, and his usual coldness would often melt in front of her. His careless smiles always filled her with warmth, and for some reason, she liked to tease him and make him speechless.

Everything that came to mind was a trifle. She thought of his exemplary skill in the kitchen, the times he helped her wipe her hair, and his flustered expression whenever she teased him. A life like this was simple, but it was… happy, yes.

“Of course,” she concluded. Yes, she was happy. She had married a man who loved her deeply, a man who would not only never abandon her, but also always take care of her. If that wasn’t happiness, then what was?

This realization adorned her face with a small smile, and it was this smile that made Bai Qing stop asking.

Words could deceive people, but smiles were different. In her smile, at least, he saw genuine happiness.

At last, he was battered out of his senses, and Su Yanyi walked back to Qin Jiran’s side. He turned to look at her, his eyes soft and so warm that it enveloped her.

VIN: So, I’ll be dropping this after chapter 75 or so because school is starting to take up too much of my time and energy.

And now a (frustrated) comment on my part:

I’m okay with SYY’s responses to BQ’s questions, but the things she was thinking were so rude, and it sounds even worse in the original Chinese. Those jabs at his “mental illness” were unnecessary when he’s different from the Wang family or the Qin family and has really done nothing wrong, it really left a bad taste in my mouth.

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21 thoughts on “Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 69.2

  1. Getting jealous is perfectly normal. That’s fine. Talk to your partner when you do. Communicate and it will help make things more clear. (And hopefully more secure.)

    Being overly possessive and obsessed is not normal.

  2. I think it’s fine, the questions are kind of rude, the guy might have had a chance before but she’s married now. Why should she be interrogated without any bickering comebacks? And uhh isn’t he a little too possessive?

    As for dropping this, I feel sad but it’s OK. ;w; Always prioritize real life. Hopefully someone else can take over this novel. And thanks for your work so far!

  3. Why does she have to be nice? She’s under no obligation to answer his questions, regardless if he was pleasant about them or not. (Regardless if they’re friends.)

    Or let’s think in the other direction. Let’s say she took his concerns seriously and addressed them. Would BQ not take her willingness to respond as an incentive to continue pursuing her?

    As a character, I like that she draws hard boundaries. People who matter and are concerned about her, she addresses what they’re saying. People who don’t matter and are for some reason invested in her choices? She pushes aside. It’s refreshing to read instead of white lotus FMC who invite all people to have a say in their life.

    1. please.. dont drop this novel… we always waiting the next chspter…
      thanks alot for translating and updating this novel

  4. Thanks for the chapter!
    Jealousy is a sign of insecurity: you feel that others might steal your partner, which means that you don’t trust yourself, your partner or the relationship.
    Wanting jealousy from your partner is also a sign of insecurity. It means that you want your partner to care more, aka, they don’t care enough & back to the relationship & trust issues we are!
    & in the end, if you truly believe in the freedom of choice, then your partner or you are free to leave at any time & it is your mutual affection that keeps the relationship going. If someone is looking elsewhere, it means that the relationship itself has issues which can be solved or not. One can only do their best, treat the other with care & respect, the rest is up to the heart.

  5. It’s normal to be ruder with a friend than with a total stranger (enemies don’t count of course), provided it’s not malicious and not all the time. Friends are supposed to bear with you when you’re speaking your mind, and not expect you to be totally PC or whatever.

    That said, in this case, this is a guy that Yanyi had previously rejected romantically, but still hasn’t given up despite the fact that she’s married and has publicly indicated that she’s accepted the marriage as a real thing. With that kind of person, not being forceful in her response would just be giving him hope and leading him on, which would do neither of them any good.

    1. “Do you genuinely like him?”/”What part of him is good?”/”Better than me in every way?”
      These are not malicious questions. Knowing Su Yanyi, she probably didn’t tell Bai Qing why she rejected him. Think of it from this perspective: Their families are close, they’re childhood friends, and he’s probably liked her since they were kids. He doesn’t know why she rejected him. “Do you genuinely like him?” is a question several others have asked. “What part of him is good?” is Bai Qing trying to get an idea of the type of man Qin Jiran is so he can find where he himself is lacking, at least in Su Yanyi’s eyes. “Better than me in every way?” is a continuation of the previous question.

      Then he talked about how Qin Jiran wasn’t getting jealous. So? That doesn’t mean he was trying to break them apart–heck, even the author said that “he actually wasn’t trying to cause trouble, as he was expressing what he truly thought.” He was criticizing Qin Jiran’s behavior based on his own beliefs. Is that wrong? No.

      And finally, “Are you happy with him?” That’s obviously a genuine question of concern. Bai Qing is not a bad guy (not from we’ve seen so far, at least). If he was, he wouldn’t have stopped asking questions after he saw Su Yanyi’s happy smile.

      What made me mad has nothing to do with how she turned him down, because I approve of that. I mentioned that what I disliked was Su Yanyi’s thoughts. Thinking that he’d become stupid from being abroad. Stepping back because that stupidity might be contagious. Sneering and telling him he should go see a doctor. Regarding him as being mentally ill. If she was referring to the Wang family or the Qin family, then that’s understandable. But Bai Qing, what did he do to deserve these harsh thoughts? That’s what made me mad.

      1. The implication is Su Yanyi thinks he has become stupid to think he has the right to ask her these questions but she’s entertaining them because he’s her friend.

        I agree with her. The audacity to come in and try to nitpick her choices and ask why the other is better is not something you can do. She doesn’t owe him any answers at all and her initial thoughts and words state that.

        This is the entitlement you see so often in men. That women owe them answers for questions they shouldn’t even be asking in the first place. Also they act hurt if the answers aren’t what they want to hear. Very annoying. In other cases they may lash out as well.

  6. I didn’t really find her all that rude. Rather, I found the guy to be kind of a pushy dick here. If anything, her normal personality would’ve dictated her to be far more venomous in her retort if not for the fact that he is apparently a friend.

  7. I think Su Yianyi’s response to Bai Qing is fitting actually? I’d say pretty much the same thing as her if I were in her position. This is a man who refuse to back down even when she clearly states that she isn’t interested in him that way. Instead, he clearly intended to drive a wedge between them, the best way to deal with these sort of guy is to tell him with no uncertain term that he has absolutely zero chance to be anything more than a friend much less stood a chance to “compete” with the man she is with.

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