Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 — Disclose It Then

Once again, the atmosphere at breakfast was strange. However, this strange feeling was slowly becoming familiar. After the meal, Su Yanyi went upstairs to her room and changed her clothes before returning downstairs. She saw Qin Jiran seated in the living room, reading a script. He seemed to have no intentions of going out.

Su Yanyi asked, “You’re not going to the company?” She had planned to leave together with him.

“I’m going to stay here and study the script, so no. If possible, I would like to arrange my own cast and crew. What do you think?”

The script was from Su Yanyi. He liked it very much, and serious contemplation, he’d decided to try setting up his own cast and crew. This idea actually wasn’t new to him; he had started making plans for his future a long time ago.

After all, acting was not a lifelong career. Retiring from the front stage to the backstage was inevitable. He’d already begun to educate himself a bit on directing and producing. Now, there was such a great opportunity in front of him; how could he let it pass?

“As long as you like it, it’s fine. You can talk to Kang Zhong if you need any help.” Su Yanyi also approved of his decision. This way, he would be able to develop himself more.

Afterward, she left, and Sun Minyi was still the one picking her up. The past two days had not been good for the assistant. It was as if she was being kept in the dark about a secret that everyone else knew. She felt like Su Yanyi and Kang Zhong were distancing themselves from her.

Did something happen? Sun Minyi had wracked her brain to no avail.

Right before they reached the company, Su Yanyi’s phone rang.

“President Su, there are reporters crowding the company entrance. They all want to ask about you and Mr. Qin, and I explained to them already, but they still refuse to go. I feel that it’s odd, as though someone deliberately had called them over.”

Kang Zhong’s tone was a bit heavy. The reporters were very annoying; they just had to stick their noses into Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s private affairs. So annoying.

“Suppress them. Tell the reporters to behave, unless they want to be blacklisted by both Resplendent Entertainment and The Dragon’s Emissary!” The Dragon’s Emissary was Mother Su’s company and the leading enterprise of the media industry. Although a few rivaling companies did exist, none of them would be willing to cross swords with Su Yanyi. Therefore, the warning would force most of them to give her face and retreat.

However, a problem was still a problem. Su Yanyi’s unyielding attitude was prone to offend some people, but she wasn’t afraid. She had always been the kind of person to forgo all courtesies whenever there was someone trying to cause trouble for her.

Now then, as for the culprits behind this incident… who else would it be, if not the Wang sisters?

Su Yanyi reckoned that exposing her relationship with Qin Jiran was a gamble made by Wang Zhilin. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were at a variance—this actually was not a secret. They’d tied the knot in a simple and crude manner, with no wedding banquet or notice, and very few friends knew about it.

Furthermore, Su Yanyi seldom brought Qin Jiran home. With Wang Zhirou acting as a spy, it was naturally impossible to hide these things from Wang Zhilin.

It seemed that Wang Zhilin had chosen to make this move because she was convinced that Su Yanyi would not admit to her relationship with Qin Jiran. Her denial would furthermore hurt the relationship and cause the couple to become more distant from each other.

This was all in line with Wang Zhilin’s intentions.

However, Su Yanyi felt like Wang Zhilin was doing a bit too much! Even if she hadn’t been reborn and didn’t know that Qin Jiran was good to her, she definitely wouldn’t deny the “truth” anyway!

Most likely, she would have divorced first before claiming that she and Qin Jiran had no relations to each other. That way, it wouldn’t be considered a lie.

The current her obviously wouldn’t choose to go down that route. In other words, Wang Zhilin’s move this time was not only futile, but it was also detrimental to herself! With this, Su Yanyi now had something on her.

Wang Zhilin and Qin Jiran used to be classmates. Their relationship could —grudgingly— be considered decent, just like two ordinary friends. If they were to meet in a gathering, they might take the initiative to greet one another and exchange a few words.

They weren’t close, but they weren’t distant either.

In her past life, Su Yanyi never paid heed to it because she didn’t care about Qin Jiran at all. Even if she had known that Wang Zhilin liked him, Su Yanyi wouldn’t have thought much about it.

However, things were different now. Regardless of how negligible Wang Zhilin and Qin Jiran’s relationship was, just thinking about everything that woman had done to her made Su Yanyi want to hire a hitman and dispose of Wang Zhilin already!

In fact, it wasn’t that she hadn’t thought of hiring a hitman to kill off her enemies; only, she felt that this method was too lenient. A simple death could not wipe away the hatred from the endless turmoil and frustration she had been subjected to in her past life. What she really wanted was to make them lose everything and taste the flavor of helplessness.

In many cases, living was more painful than dying. This was exactly what she wanted them to experience!

By the time Su Yanyi reached the company, Kang Zhong had already managed to drive away most of the reporters, but there were still some stubborn ones remaining. Unfortunately for them, they could only catch a glimpse of the car Su Yanyi was in before it disappeared into the parking lot area.

However, that wasn’t much of a problem. Entertainment news was actually a very marvelous field. Most of the time, the reports would not require the participation of the person in question.

Su Yanyi had just settled down in her office when Kang Zhong walked in.

“President Su, another photo was released. It shows you and Mr. Qin getting out of a car in front of Su Manor. I assume it’s a candid taken last year on Mr. Qin’s birthday.” Kang Zhong was very clear on this because the driver that day had been him. Only, the person had been sneaky enough to escape his notice.

“What about the contents?” The purpose of the photo was simply to verify the truth of the rumors. She didn’t believe the other party would stop there.

“The location was blurred out. It only says that you took Qin Jiran to attend a private banquet and interacted intimately with him, once again speculating about your relationship with Mr. Qin. Several parts suggest that you are ‘keeping’ him.”

Su Yanyi listened as her expression darkened. Wang Zhilin… what an annoying woman.

“There will be a press conference this afternoon, go invite the media reporters. Use me and Qin Jiran as bait, tell them to come if they want to know the truth.” Su Yanyi made a swift decision.

Yes, she wanted to take Qin Jiran’s opinions into consideration; however, she would not hesitate if making the choice herself was necessary. Wasn’t it just a marriage relationship? What did that count for? Disclose it? Sure!

VIN: “Keeping” is like having a sugar mommy/daddy, btw.

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