Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 55

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Chapter 55 — Worrisome

At four in the afternoon, Qin Jiran finished his work with the stylists and gave Su Yanyi a call.

“Yanyi, are you going to have dinner at home? I’m cooking tonight.”

“Where are you? Are you home yet?” Although the two worked in the same company, their commuting times were different due to the fact that their jobs were different. Not to mention, a good part of Qin Jiran’s work was done outside of the company.

“I just finished my work, so I’m still at the company. Are you? Do you want to go home together?” he asked expectantly.

Although Su Yanyi had agreed to let him pursue her, the truth was that aside from making more delicious food, he didn’t know what else he could do. He had already given her his heart, but he was a beginner at pursuing.

Despite that, their relationship did undergo some changes. With her approval, Qin Jiran became more confident in front of her. When conversing, he would ask her more questions like the one he had just asked. He was definitely not as cautious as before.

“See you in the parking lot.”

Su Yanyi still had a lot of work to do, but that wasn’t anything new. Her workload had always been endless, and therefore, she decisively chose to get off work.

Naturally, they both had a car of their own, and just as Qin Jiran was trying to decide which car they should take, Su Yanyi arrived at the parking lot. Their cars were parked a good distance away from each other, but he was standing closer to hers. When he saw her come in, he quietly put his car keys back into his trousers pocket.

“Let’s ride home together,” he suggested.

“Okay.” She didn’t think much and got into her car. Qin Jiran quickly sat down in the front passenger seat and patiently waited for the car to start moving, but it remained in place. He turned to look at her and saw that she seemed to be thinking about something.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

“You drive.” Since her rebirth, a lot of her habits and preferences had changed. One example was that she no longer enjoyed driving, which was most likely due to that car accident she had in her past life.

“Alright.” Qin Jiran naturally wouldn’t refuse. He immediately switched seats with her and happily drove home.

Leaving work with Yanyi, driving Yanyi’s car, taking Yanyi home… It was an unbelievably warm and wonderful feeling. A smile lit up his face as he drove.

The instant they entered the villa, they saw the little tortoise lounging on the living room sofa. It was lying on a big green tortoise doll, which created an adorable contrast of size. Qin Jiran’s smile grew bigger.

“Stupid tortoise.” Su Yanyi walked over and flicked the tortoise with her finger. She thought about how busy she had been and noted how comfortable the little thing looked.

… She really didn’t like this tortoise.

AdvertisementWhen Qin Jiran saw her flick the little tortoise, he somehow got the impression that she was playing with it, like an indifferent girl teasing her silly pet. So cute… he really wanted to take a picture.

“Yanyi, why don’t you take a picture with Cutie?” he asked as he shrugged out of his jacket and went to take a seat beside them.

Su Yanyi raised an eyebrow and shot a slightly disgusted look at the tortoise before saying arrogantly, ”Who would want to take a picture with this stupid little thing?” She even reached out and flipped the tortoise over on its back as she spoke, satisfied by its clumsy flailing.

Once again taken by how cute she was acting, Qin Jiran agreed indulgently, ”It is a bit stupid, but it’s also pretty cute.”

The “stupid” tortoise tried to flip itself back over, but it could only spin around and around, appearing more and more stupid with every turn.

Later, they enjoyed a lavish dinner. Qin Jiran spent nearly an hour preparing four dishes, soup, and two small plates of dessert. Su Yanyi was extremely satisfied and ended up eating a little too much.

After the meal, she stood up and walked around the villa, but it did little to help alleviate her discomfort. Qin Jiran finished cleaning up and left the kitchen. When he saw Su Yanyi moving around, he suddenly thought of an idea.

”Want to take a walk outside?”

“Okay.” She had just thought of that too.

It was their first time taking a walk together. The night was cold, but fortunately, they had both dressed appropriately. However, Qin Jiran was a little disappointed by this. He wouldn’t be able to play out the classic scenario of removing his jacket and giving it to her to warm her up…

Because they lived in a villa, there were no other people in the area. As they walked, they were shrouded in silence.

Qin Jiran didn’t want her to think he was a boring man, so he racked his brain for something to say, but he couldn’t think with the cool scent of her body filling his senses.

Meanwhile, Su Yanyi was thinking about how dumb he was.

There was such a good opportunity in front of him, but he wasn’t grabbing it. He didn’t even know to hold her hand! If he kept trying to chase her like this, how long was it going to take him to catch up?

She was very worried about Qin Jiran, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to call him out. How could such a decisive man cower like this?

Of course, she could take initiative for him, but she believed that since she had given him the chance to pursue her, she shouldn’t take the initiative too often. If she did, then it wouldn’t be him doing the chasing anymore, it would be her.

But still, she felt a bit dissatisfied.

This man had clearly told her that he liked her and wanted to pursue her, but why hadn’t he made any moves? Aside from making extra food for her, there was nothing else. No dates, no gifts, no sweet talk, none of the stuff described in books. It really worried her.

VIN: I think our dude Jiran is developing a cute filter for Yanyi. Also, this scene will continue in the next chapter.

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