Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 102.2

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Chapter 102.2 — The Playmates

Edited by: Larkspur

“Brother-in-Law, I am Su Yun. Very happy to meet you!” Su Yun seemed to be the youngest woman of the group. From her expression and tone, one could tell how playful and lively she was. She looked curiously at Qin Jiran.


“I am Chu Xiaowen. Hello!” Chu Xiaowen seemed to be around the same age as Qin Jiran. He was reserved and had a rather built figure.


“I am Su Zhixin. Mr. Qin, I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.” Su Zhixin faintly smiled and greeted Qin Jiran. However, it felt like a scheming smile, one where a sly fox would smile at you.


“I am Su Jiaojiao. Hi Brother-in-Law.” The last woman who greeted Qin Jiran seemed to be around the same age as Yanyi. She appeared to be polite, like a white-collar worker. She wasn’t as delicate as her name claimed to be.


“Hello, I am very happy to meet you guys.” Qin Jiran took these names and distinctive features to his heart. They were Yanyi’s friends so it was worth the time for him to treat them sincerely. Looking at them, it seemed like they had great skills and also the targets Yanyi had been looking for since she came here.


“Now that you guys have met each other, let’s start!” While everyone was introducing themselves, Su Yanyi stood to the side and watched them. When introductions were done, she coldly said this, exposing her desire to spar!


The rest of the people had different expressions but the majority knew this was going to happen. After all, whenever they met this Elder Miss, they would always spar with her.



“Let the fox go first. He’s the weakest.” Su Yun smiled and called him out. The fox smiled at her and didn’t reject either. He directly walked to the empty space by the side.


The Fox was clearly Su Zhixin. Although he was a man didn’t want to admit being the weakest of the group, it was the truth. Whenever they fought, he would be the first one out of the combat. His role was basically to use up Su Yanyi’s energy. He was already used to this treatment!


Su Yanyi didn’t talk nonsense either. She followed him over and the two looked face to face. IT was clear that they were preparing to spar. Numerous people gathered around to stare at the show. Qin Jiran had a cold expression and stared by the side too. But only Su Yanyi was in his eyes.


He knew that he shouldn’t be too worried. It was just a spar between friends. He could feel how close she was with these people. But he would still be worried. Whenever he sparred with Yanyi, he didn’t dare to even hit her harshly. Watching her spar with someone else now, he felt more and more sullen!


Will Yanyi be hurt? That sly fox is vicious and didn’t intend on showing her mercy at all. Qin Jiran felt an itch in his body, wanting to go over and join the sparring. At the very least, he wanted to punch him once so that the sly fox could feel pain!


Qin Jiran expressionlessly watched them. There were all sorts of emotions surging in his heart!


The sparring, however, was very interesting and amazing too. Although the fox was the weakest of the group, compared to ordinary people, he was extremely powerful and valiant. In the beginning, it felt like they were equal matches and people enjoyed watching the spar. But as time progressed, the difference in their skills became more obvious. Su Yanyi’s crafty and cruel moves made it hard for Su Zhixin to resist more and more. In the end, Su Yanyi successfully choked him. Su Zhixin became the first one defeated!


Even though Su Yanyi won, she also used up some of her energy. There was no problem in her skills and moves, but her strength wasn’t as good as compared to the past. Right now, it was due to the fact she had trained recently, otherwise, she would’ve been even weaker than now.


“Sister, you’re still as powerful as before. But it seems like you don’t have as much strength anymore. Is it because you’re older now?” Only Su Yun dared to talk to Su Yanyi like this.


“You want to try?” Su Yanyi confidently provoked her. Although her strength wasn’t as good as the past, she had no problem dealing with this girl!


“Ok, let me try then.” Su Yun wasn’t scared either. In reality, according to habit and strength, it was her turn to go anyway. After all, she was the second weakest here!


This order was based on their habits and sparring order that they had followed in the past. Because Su Yanyi was too powerful and no one was her match, they decided to take turns weakening her. When one was defeated, they would send the next person in. If they hadn’t made a plan, the five of them would lose in the end. Therefore, they started to scheme. Under the fox’s plan, they would order themselves from weakest to strongest. The first few people were considered as the cannon fodder. Their only goal was to use up Su Yanyi’s energy. The last one would have the most hope in defeating her.


Don’t blame them for being too crafty and devious. It was sincerely because Su Yanyi this Elder Miss was too valiant.


But looking at this situation, the others were doubtful and wondered if Su Yanyi could persist to the end! When they imagined Su Yanyi losing to them, they were all excited. They looked at each other and mutually revealed devious smiles.


Once the farmers have been suppressed for a long time, it was finally their time to flip the tables over!


Su Yun was shorter than Su Yanyi and she was quite agile. After a few minutes in their sparring, everyone saw the same issue. Both of them had similar skills and were both quick and harsh in their moves.


“The two are alike. Xiao Yun is younger than the rest of us so she is like our sister. Young Miss had taught her quite a bit and Xiao Yun regarded her as an idol. Therefore, no matter what she learned, she would try to mimic the Young Miss out of her habit. As a result, she became like this. In reality, it wasn’t wrong to say that Young Miss was Xiao Yun’s teacher.” Seeing that Qin Jiran was confused, Su Zhixin explained.


Qin Jiran looked at him and saw the corner of his lips turning purple. You deserved it. He calmly nodded and said, “Thank you.”


“Hah. There’s no need to be polite. Everyone knows this. We should be the one saying thank you.” Su Zhixin laughed like a sly fox as usual. But, he was an injured fox.


“Thank me?” Qin Jiran didn’t feel like he had done anything worth the fox to thank him.


“Thank you for marrying our Young Miss. Hahah. When we were young, our topic of discussion would always be about Young Miss and who she will marry in the future. However, despite our discussions, we would never come to a consensus. That’s why we’re really worried that Young Miss would not find someone. Now that she married you, we are all at ease now.” Su Zhixin said the truth. When they were young, they thought that a woman as valiant as the Young Miss wouldn’t be able to find someone to worry. Who knew that she was the one to marry first amongst the group. It was unbelievable!


“She’s very good.” Qin Jiran understood Su Zhixin. At least, he thought that he was saying that Su Yanyi was overly outstanding and it was rare to find a man who could match her. He might not even be a good match for her. But he was just lucky enough to be able to stand by her side. Therefore, he didn’t need anyone to thank him. He should be the one to feel gratitude. He was grateful at the world for bringing Yanyi into his life.


“Yes, she’s very good.” Su Zhixin had been staring at Qin Jiran. Seeing that he firmly and seriously said this, a glimpse of satisfaction flickered in his eyes. Young Miss’s taste was great as expected. This was a good man. He was at ease now.


They all grew up with Su Yanyi. Although they were boss and employees in name, they were like siblings in reality. They were friends and family and they had a deep relationship.


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