Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 88.1

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Chapter 88.1 — Sending Gifts Again

Edited by: Larkspur

It is said that, in this world, nothing is difficult when you place your best efforts towards it. So, what’s so hard about personally making a gift for someone?

Su Yanyi arrived at the company early in the morning and didn’t bother handling the documents. She got to work right away.

Originally, she had planned to start with the easiest first. In other words, the insoles. After pondering over a little, she realized a lot of shoes didn’t need insoles. So, she dropped the idea and decided to make a pair of socks. However, the system hinted that to make things related to clothing, it would require the assistance of a machine. As a result, Su Yanyi had Kang Zhong prepare a work studio. But this required time. So, Su Yanyi could only deal with the documents first.

By afternoon, the studio was set up and it was very similar to a professional designer’s studios. The things she did and didn’t need were all here. And it was right next to Su Yanyi’s office, earning her satisfaction. She ended up spending the whole afternoon there.

In the evening, when he was done with work, Qin Jiran came to pick Su Yanyi. He called her and waited for her in the car. When Su Yanyi was out, he walked over to her. Then, she gave him an extremely delicate black box with a golden rim. It seemed to be of the same style as the one he had received the other day.

“Is this for me again?” Qin Jiran asked in shock. He took it from her hands but didn’t immediately open it. Although he was curious, he was a bit scared too. After all, it’s better not to open the gift in public, what if it were underwear.

“Yes.” Su Yanyi calmly got in the car. Qin Jiran was flattered but also nervous. A rather complicated feeling swept over him.

Even on their way home, Qin Jiran didn’t open the gift. Though, an eager Su Yanyi said, “Open it and see if you like it or not.”

The step after giving him the gift was making sure that Qin Jiran liked it. Although Su Yanyi proudly believed that Qin Jiran would like whatever she gave him, she was eager, nonetheless.

Qin Jiran was at ease when Su Yanyi said this. He first took out the little golden turtle he had been carrying in his pocket before he carefully and seriously started opening the gift box.

He opened the box to see a black thing again. However, this time, its shape wouldn’t lead to any misunderstandings because it looked just like a pair of socks. Oh, no! The gift, although a pair of black socks feels exactly like underwear. Could it be from the same set?

“Do you like it?” When Qin Jiran didn’t say anything, Su Yanyi asked again.

Qin Jiran was quiet for two seconds before solemnly nodding his head. “I like it!”

Su Yanyi patted Qin Jiran’s head in satisfaction. “I personally made this for you. It’s a good thing that you like it.”

“…Yanyi, have you been learning how to design clothes recently?” When Qin Jiran said ‘design clothes’, he looked like he was in a dilemma. Well, aren’t underwear and socks part of designing clothes?

“Sort of.” She did learn from the system.

“It’s pretty nice.” Qin Jiran’s instincts told him that he should expect a whole collection of things like this.

“Then are you happy to receive this gift?” Now that the second step was complete, Su Yanyi believed that it was necessary to pave the way for the third step.

“I’m happy.” Although the gift was a bit out of the ordinary, he was still happy. No matter what Yanyi personally made him, he liked it.

“Then if I were to receive a gift, I would be very happy too.” Su Yanyi said, seriously, not at all making it sound like she was asking for a gift.

Qin Jiran was speechless and for some reason wanted to laugh. A cold faced Su Yanyi asking for a gift was too adorable.

“Yanyi, thank you. I will prepare a gift for you too.” Qin Jiran promised.

Right now, the system and 001 were in a conversation.

The system said, “001, does what the Master said count as a hint? If she gave him a hint, then she is breaking the rules.”

001 responded. “Of course not. It’s just a tactful hint. She is just implying it, ok?”

The system hesitated before it said, “Is this type of hint…really ok?”

Even if it wasn’t ok, 001 would say it?! After all, it supported its Master!

During dinner, the servants from the main villa were sent to ask the two over. But Su Yanyi flatly turned it down. Qin Jiran was personally going to cook for her, so the two had dinner by themselves in their villa. After dinner, Qin Jiran prepared two desserts and ordered a servant to send one to little Su Nuo. The rest was eaten by Yanyi.

After dinner, Qin Jiran went to his bedroom to find a pile of gifts. He remembered that he had bought a white scarf that would suit Yanyi. Perhaps, this was a good time to give it to her.

When Qin Jiran found the scarf, Su Yanyi coincidentally walked over. Not only did she see the scarf, but also the pile of gifts that were unopened. Even if she didn’t look carefully, she could tell that most of the items were for women, especially the boxes that seemed to contain jewelry. It really didn’t look like things that Qin Jiran would use.

“What’s all of this?” Su Yanyi asked, a little uncertain. Although she had an answer in her heart, she felt that the answer was strange. If Qin Jiran had really bought all of this for her, why hadn’t he given it to her yet?

Feeling awkward, Qin Jiran looked first towards Su Yanyi then at the pile of stuff. His ears secretly turned red.

The crimson ears didn’t go unnoticed by Su Yanyi’s sharp eyes. She raised her eyebrows and teased. “Are you being shy? You’re embarrassed to give me gifts?”

Although Qin Jiran was being teased, it didn’t seem like Su Yanyi disliked it, so he sighed in relief. He answered honestly. “I bought all of this for you, but I was scared that you may not like it. I was thinking of giving them to you one by one, slowly. Since you have seen it already, pick the things that you like.”

Su Yanyi was a bit displeased when she heard this. He wasn’t showing sincerity when giving her presents. Who would give someone piles of presents at once? If this was called giving gifts, then couldn’t she just buy a mall for him?! Would she need to rack her brains in order to complete the system’s mission?!

“You bought all of this?” Since she was unhappy, she needed to make it known. Therefore, Su Yanyi made her disdain evident in her tone.

Qin Jiran nodded his head, confused. He didn’t know why Yanyi was suddenly unhappy.

“I personally made the gifts for you. Personally. Made. Them. Do you understand?” People might say that Su Yanyi was narrow-minded, but she had personally made the gifts for him, so she clearly expected Qin Jiran to do the same for her. She reluctantly looked at the gifts bought with money. She definitely wasn’t satisfied with this.

“I understand!” How could he not understand when Su Yanyi had said it so clearly? But because he did understand, Qin Jiran was a bit bewildered. He raised his eyes and glanced at the two black gift boxes he had placed high up on the shelf — one was underwear, the other a pair of socks. So, if he were to personally make a gift for Yanyi…

No, no, no. He definitely couldn’t base the gifts on the presents he received. He should think hard and give her something else.

“If you understand, then be well-prepared.” She had racked her brain thinking about the gifts. Now that there was another chance, she clearly wanted Qin Jiran to experience this as well. After all, this was called ‘sharing blessings and misfortune together’.

Qin Jiran reached over and held Yanyi in his arms. Yanyi was too cute, saying this with a cold face. He couldn’t control himself in doing something to her.

Qin Jiran kissed the corner of Yanyi’s lips before he let her go. He held the scarf next to Yanyi and said, “Although I didn’t personally make this, I personally chose it for you. Why don’t you try it? I feel like it suits you very well.”

Su Yanyi didn’t reject him. She took the scarf and wrapped it around her neck. At the same time, the system rang.

Congratulations to Master for completing the Level Three mission for the first time! One point will be added. Now, you currently have 21 points. Please continue to work hard!

Su Yanyi gifted Qin Jiran a pair of socks. Qin Jiran gave Su Yanyi a scarf and he clearly liked the gift she gave him. The first gifting mission was complete.

Su Yanyi was pleased with the result. The pair of socks she put so much hard work into, hadn’t gone in vain.

Su Yanyi was in a better mood and kissed the corner of Qin Jiran’s lip as well. “It looks pretty good.”



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