Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 81.2

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Chapter 81.2 — Honest people learn to be wicked

Edited by: Larkspur & Tattaro

This was a training gym. Inside there were about twenty-something people wrestling with each other. Old man Su sat down as he drank his tea and watched others fight. He was in a rather relaxed mood.

“Grandfather!” The two walked over and greeted the old man. When he saw them together, he was both shocked and relieved.

The Su Family had long accepted Qin Jiran. They had even disclosed some information about the Su Family businesses to him, hoping he’d be familiar with them and take part in some family affairs. Qin Jiran was still unfamiliar with the secret powers behind the Su Family, not because they didn’t want him to know but because it was rather a complicated topic to explain. Also, Su Yanyi wasn’t interested, so she didn’t know much.

But since Su Yanyi brought Qin Jiran here now, it showed that she had accepted him. She even brought him to the core of the Su Family’s secret powers, which gave the old man much comfort. There weren’t many people from the Su family, such that many of their businesses needed to be managed by their most-trusted people. Even though Qin Jiran grew within the entertainment circle, the Su Family was optimistic about grooming him for the job. However, it would still be up to his choice and ability.

“Since you guys are here, walk around and familiarize yourselves with the place. You could come here and train when you have time in the future. It would help you a lot,” Old man Su said meaningfully. There were a lot of things for these two to see.

“We’re here on a date,” Su Yanyi understood what her grandfather meant, but she still had to remind him she didn’t have any intention to train here. She enjoyed being a queen but not a female bandit of some sort.

“Oh! A date… How creative!” Old man Sun was amused and was in the mood to tease the two younger generations.

Su Yanyi didn’t want to be teased further by her grandfather. She pulled Qin Jiran’s hand and started to go, “Jiran and I will walk around to take a look to see.”

The old man waved his hand, not minding Su Yanyi’s rebuff.

Qin Jiran had to hurriedly bid goodbye, “Grandfather, we’ll be going.”

“Go, go! Be careful. Don’t let Yanyi bully you,” the old man continued to tease. Still, he meant what he said. Yanyi was raised here and no matter how they play, Jiran would sure be the one to suffer.

Qin Jiran paused in his tracks and said helplessly, “Grandfather, Yanyi won’t do that.”

AdvertisementSu Yanyi had already walked to the door when she heard their conversation. She pursed her lips and said, “Grandfather, Jiran’s skill is quite good too. How could I bully him?”

“Ok, ok. Go quickly, you two! Stop with your PDA in here.” The old man may be kind and funny, but he’s well updated with modern times. He knew how to go online, chat, and check social media posts, from which he’d learned much about the couple and even words like ‘PDA.’

Su Zexing had an attendant follow the two before walking off. A lot of things had changed in this place during the years Su Yanyi had not come.

Su Yanyi brought Qin Jiran to an indoor shooting range. There were professional trainers who wanted to come over and practice, but they all moved back once they saw Su Yanyi.

A young lad, playing with a gun beside his trainer, was confused when he saw his trainer retreat. “Brother Zhang, why aren’t you going over? Those two don’t look familiar, probably new ones.”

“Stop blabbering! They are the Young Miss and the Son-in-law!” Brother Zhang, who was the manager of the shooting range, glared at the young lad. Then he turned to the newcomers and spoke in a respectful tone.

“Young Miss and Son-in-law? Is it really the rumored Young Miss?” His voice was loud enough for the surrounding people to hear including Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran.

The rumored… Young Miss? This description wasn’t simple.

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi and agreed that this description fit her quite well.

The manager didn’t want to disturb them but still had to greet them. “Young Miss, Son-in-law, it’s been a while. Are you here for shooting practice?”

“Brother Zhang.” Su Yanyi nodded her head in acknowledgment.

“Do you need me to prepare anything for you? The first room has been empty.” The first room was reserved only for Su Family’s use.

“No, you can go back to work.”

Su Yanyi led Qin Jiran into the first room, leaving a few people gawking outside.

“Brother Zhang, can I watch the Young Miss play gun? I just want to look and see,” the young lad eagerly asked, without taking his eyes off the first room.

“Xiao Gong, pay attention and be quiet.” Brother Zhang glared at Xiao Gao, but it was not firm enough to stop him. It turned out, he was not the only one; a few young men were also waiting expectantly to see a good show.

It was now time for these people in the shooting range to finally meet the couple. They just came to this base a year or two ago. The oldest wasn’t even 18 and the youngest was only 15 or 16.

All of them looked at Su Yanyi with curiosity and respect. Although she had not visited the base for quite a while, her reputation was widely known among the people. She was very competitive when she was young, and beat everyone up in her game. She, along with her few brave friends, had accomplished feats that could make people laugh or cry.

People had talked about how Young Miss had great abilities, but her strongest suit was marksmanship. They heard that she could hit bullseye before she turned 10; she’d even created a series of marksmanship records for children of her age. However, she started to visit this place less frequently as she grew up, leaving behind her outstanding reputation.

Many of the children who came here for training heard Su Yanyi’s story and would often make her their idol or goal. That’s why they got really excited when they saw her.

“Brother Zhang, please. Just let us see the ‘goddess of guns’. We couldn’t see her in the past but since Young Miss is here, please ask her to let us have a look!” Xiao Gong and the others were giddy and couldn’t control their excited expressions.

“Let’s wait and see. The Young Miss doesn’t have a good temper. Now that the Son-in-law is here, why would she pay attention to you guys? Quickly go to practice and stop wasting time, or I will fail all your test scores.”

With this warning, Brother Zhang finally drove the young men away. In the gun room, Su Yanyi naturally took on the trainer’s job as she instructed Qin Jiran the basics, including how to pick a gun.

Qin Jiran was familiar with guns and he didn’t hide this fact. He quickly loaded the gun and held it in a proper position which surprised Su Yanyi. Although Qin Jiran still had some areas for improvement, he learned quickly and already got a score of 93, on his first round of shooting.

“Compared to dating, you have a talent in shooting,” Su Yanyi remarked. Qin Jiran, who was feeling cool about himself, suddenly felt awkward.

Yanyi’s compliment left him speechless. Or was it really a compliment?

Qin Jiran laughed bitterly and held onto Su Yanyi’s hand, “Thank you for bringing me here.”

“You’re part of the Su Family so you can naturally come here. If you like, you can come often,” Su Yanyi said straightforwardly. Since she had acknowledged Qin Jiran as part of the family, he could go anywhere that belonged to the Su Family.

“Hm, okay!” Qin Jiran liked this.

Men, like normal warm-blooded beings, loved combat, weapons, and marksmanship. In the past, he would visit other clubs to practice his shooting as a hobby. But it’s different here since everything followed the standards.

Sneak peek:

Although she had no idea why this man hugged her so passionately, this type of passion was filled with a familiar scent. But this was what Su Yanyi liked. What she liked, she would never let it go. 

Even though it was winter and the two wore quite a few layers, it wasn’t obvious to feel. Even though Qin Jiran pushed Su Yanyi away in the first moment, she still felt a change in Qin Jiran’s body. 

Cough, I’m going to the restroom.”



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