Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 67.1

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Chapter 67.1 — More PDA

Since the hospital was located near the filming site, Su Yanyi dropped Qin Jiran off on her way to Resplendent Entertainment. One person from the crew saw them, and before long, everyone in the crew knew about it. Then someone released a picture of him getting out of her car on Weibo, eliciting a great deal of admiration and envy from the netizens. When the couple in question found out about this, they were rendered speechless.

And at the same time, Jiang Xiaobin, who was in charge of managing Qin Jiran’s official webpage, found himself bombarded by comments from dissatisfied fans.

[ Demanding the official webpage to keep up with the news! Demanding the official webpage to release the latest updates on Qin-dada1! Demanding the official webpage to give us fanservice! ]

[ Agreed ^ +10086! ]

[ +1! ]

[ +1! ]

[ I agree too! The official webpage doesn’t have pictures, news, PDA, or anything! ]

[ Yeah, why are all the news from other sources and not the official webpage? We know that the webpage isn’t managed by Qin-dada himself, so to the dada who is in charge: can’t you be more diligent? We don’t want leftovers! ]

[ Qin-dada, please come out and fix up your webpage a little. We’re always eating leftovers, and those leftovers don’t taste good at all! ]

Jiang Xiaobin felt aggrieved and immediately went to protest.

“Brother Qin, look. I got yelled at by your fans! Don’t you think we should add some fanservice to the official webpage too?” Jiang Xiaobin complained with a bitter but expectant expression.

Qin Jiran swept his gaze over and responded, “No selling meng.”

At this, Jiang Xiaobin couldn’t help but sigh. He decided to not argue with the Film Emperor. Resuming his usual expression, he said, “Brother Qin, I’m serious. I’m not asking for much, I just want to put up some pictures of you and President Su, and maybe some segments of your daily lives too. That isn’t much, right?”

Jiang Xiaobin really didn’t want to be yelled at by the fans, the feeling was terrible.

Qin Jiran looked at the comments on the screen and couldn’t help but recall the previous episode where Yanyi dropped him off at the filming site. Yanyi had responded with a few words that made him speechless: Let’s go see her again in a few days.

Just how much did she hate Wang Zhilin? He almost felt sympathetic for the woman. But of course, he was still going to accompany Yanyi.

“Hello, Brother Qin? Can you hear me?” Jiang Xiaobin broke his train of thought.

“Do as you see fit,” Qin Jiran agreed. In the entertainment circle, it was the support of his fans that got him to his current stage. Occasionally, he liked to interact with them and share some snippets of his life, so he was more than happy to fulfill their wishes this time.

Having gained permission, Jiang Xiaobin immediately went on the official webpage and posted a message and a picture of Film Emperor Qin.

[ With the consent of Qin-dada, there will be more fanservice on the official webpage from now on. So please don’t yell at this little one anymore, this little one is just an errand boy! ] The last part was a personal message from Jiang Xiaobin, and it didn’t take long before the replies came flooding in.

[ Little one? Little dada, may I ask which dada are you? Agent-dada? Or assistant-dada? ] The fans were curious about not only Film Emperor Qin, but also the people around him too.

[ Little dada? That’s a good name. Little dada, please identify yourself! ]

[ Please identify yourself! +10086 ]

Then came rows upon rows of comments asking him to reveal who he was. Jiang Xiaobin broke out in a cold sweat. After all, Film Emperor Qin’s fans were really scary… Jiang Xiaobin was afraid that if he told them who he was and then messed up in the future, they would drag him out and beat him. Therefore, he decided to play dead and ignore their comments!

That evening, Qin Jiran returned home with a mission. At Jiang Xiaobin’s strong request, he was to take a homely and preferably intimate photo with Su Yanyi. “The fans demanded it, it has nothing to do with me,” Jiang Xiaobin had justified.

Qin Jiran’s response had been noncommittal, but he was planning to use that as an excuse to take a “family photo” with Yanyi. With the little golden tortoise, their family of three was definitely a cute one.

Speaking of, Film Emperor Qin, does Her Highness know that you consider the tortoise as a family member?

After dinner, he finally asked, “Yanyi, later can we take a picture together and post it on the Internet? My fans are looking forward to it, and it won’t lead to anything negative.” He looked at her expectantly.

“Okay.” She didn’t mind, especially since it was for positive publicity. Kang Zhong had also informed her about what was happening on Qin Jiran’s official webpage.

“How about we add Cutie too? It’s pretty adorable.” He picked up the tortoise as it waved around its tiny limbs.

She tossed the turtle a disdainful look. Such a stupid-looking tortoise was adorable? His aesthetic sense was a little off!

As if noticing her disdain, the little tortoise tried its best to stretch out its neck as far as possible and blinked its round eyes at Su Yanyi. It seemed to be saying, “Look, look, I’m really cute!”


“So dumb.” No matter how many times she looked at it, she still couldn’t see what part of the little tortoise was “cute.”

However, she agreed to let it be in the photo. It was just a tortoise, after all.

Soon, the family photo was posted. A handsome man, a beautiful woman, and a cute tortoise. The photo immediately attracted the attention of countless squealing fans, and the caption Qin Jiran had typed made them squeal even louder.

[ Her Highness’s gift. Isn’t it cute? ] In the photo, Qin Jiran was holding the tortoise in his palm. The little tortoise was brandishing its limbs, and its shell glittered like a chunk of gold, making for quite an eye-catching sight.

[ Oh my god! What species is that tortoise? I’ve never seen one like that before! ]

[ Upstairs, aren’t you missing the point? This is a picture of Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin together, you know? So lovey-dovey! ]

[ Upstairs, Upstairs, and Upstairs, you’re all missing the point! Film Emperor Qin personally posted this, right? Did nobody notice that he referred to Queen Su as “Her Highness?” Too cute! ]

[ Upstairs, you’re right. This is a photo of Film Emperor Qin and Su Yanyi, and Film Emperor Qin also called her Her Highness. The queen and her loyal dog, that’s my fluff point! ]

[ Hey, hey, hey! Queen Su is indeed a queen, but how come Film Emperor Qin is a “loyal dog”? Clarification please! ]

[ Isn’t it obvious? The queen’s partner has to be a loyal dog! It’s like that in every cliche! This is essential! ]

[ Hey, did no one notice that Film Emperor Qin said the tortoise was a gift from Queen Su? I’ve always felt that Queen Su was quite loving. The tortoise is so cute, please share! ]

[ +1 ]

[ Speaking of, what kind of tortoise is that anyway? It looks like the pet of a rich tyrant! ]

[ Rich Tyrant’s Tortoise, what’s your name? Please disclose it! ]

As he read through the flying comments, Qin Jiran couldn’t help but smile. It was a very interesting spectacle. Su Yanyi was also reading, but her expression was different, and she seemed to be holding back something.

What “loving”? What “cute tortoise”? What “please share”? Hmph, no way!

But aside from that, she felt like the fans were pretty smart. The queen and her loyal dog? How cute! She looked over at Qin Jiran. Indeed, he did have potential and could be trained…

Then all of a sudden, her phone rang. It was a call from Mother Su.

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