Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 79.3

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Chapter 79.3 — It’s Okay to be Stupid

Edited by: Larkspur


“Yanyi, time to eat. Come.” Qin Jiran had finished cooking. While he brought the dishes out, he called Yanyi too. 


Su Yanyi looked at the remaining two dishes on the table before she helped bring it over too. Qin Jiran immediately accepted it. He arranged the table, saying, “Quickly sit. I can do it.”


Right now, Su Yanyi was extremely obedient. She sat down in her seat, waiting for Qin Jiran to fill her bowls with rice and soup. 


When 001 saw this, it could only helplessly cheer for itself. Cultivating the Queen into a virtuous wife, goes without saying, was a very difficult task. It had a heavy burden. It would continue to work hard! 


However, you need to work hard too, Mr.Master. You did the work of a virtuous wife. You should’ve allowed the virtuous wife to do it! Do you really want the virtuous wife to become a lazy one?!


The happy dinner ended and the two were watching TV on the second floor’s living room. Qin Jiran prepared fresh juice. While Su Yanyi drank, she swept a glance at Qin Jiran. This man looks calm. It seems like he won’t be giving her the presents today. 


Qin Jiran was oblivious to the glances but was thinking about the presents in his heart. When should he give Yanyi the gifts? Although Christmas was tomorrow and that was when he should give the gifts, he felt that his presents weren’t that valuable. If he took it out tomorrow, would Yanyi dislike it? But if he took it out now, it would seem a bit rushed. Moreover, as he thought of the number of things he’d bought, he felt a little embarrassed gifting. 


The two watched TV for a bit before returning to their study to deal with work. These two were quite busy. Although they knew they should allow others to help them with work, there was still a lot of work to do. Especially for Qin Jiran. Right now, he was diversifying into various fields. In addition, the Su Family was slowly assigning him a lot of work . Therefore, he was really busy. 


Seeing Qin Jiran heading to the study room, Su Yanyi looked dazed. 


Tomorrow is Christmas and this man didn’t have the intention of going on a date with her? Or did he think it was enough to just prepare gifts? Or did he not have time tomorrow? But he should be able to make some time during the evening. 


Indeed, was it really because Qin Jiran was too busy? Of course not. A man like Qin Jiran, no matter how busy he was, he would always have time to spend with his beloved. His woman was more important than his career. 


Then, why isn’t there a date? The reason was simple. It was because Qin Jiran had been thinking only about the gifts and forgotten all about going on a date. Besides, in Zhan Minghui’s reminder, he had never mentioned going on a date, ok!


She mulled over a bit. Originally, Su Yanyi was supposed to go to her study to handle some files, but she never went in. She sat in the living room, staring at Qin Jiran’s study. Should she take the initiative since this man didn’t remember to set up a date? Although she’d said that this man would pursue her, he was a bit slow-witted. She should take the initiative too! 


Then, Su Yanyi, made a decision. She stood up and walked towards Qin Jiran’s study. She pushed the door open and walked in. Inside the room, Qin Jiran was looking at a file. Who knew when the small golden turtle had climbed onto the table, lying down and staring at Qin Jiran. 


Once Su Yanyi saw this, without another word, she picked up the small golden turtle and tossed it out. It’s one thing to take a look at her man but quite another to stare at him. Did he think she was non-existent 


Qin Jiran felt a bit weird. He clearly didn’t understand Su Yanyi’s thoughts. Of course, normal people wouldn’t understand Su Yanyi who was jealous of a turtle. He inquired, “What’s the matter?”


“Tomorrow is Christmas.” Su Yanyi felt that she should give Qin Jiran a chance to take the initiative, so she reminded him. 


Qin Jiran was momentarily stunned before replying, “Yes, I know.”


Then, the two fell silent. Su Yanyi scrunched her eyebrows, secretly sighing. This man was indeed a slow-witted person! 


“Do you have something to do tomorrow?” Su Yanyi decided to give Qin Jiran another chance, the reminder more obvious this time. 


“I’m going to the studio to shoot scenes. What’s the matter? You have something to do?” Qin Jiran replied truthfully, not the least bit conscious of the hints. 


For a moment, Su Yanyi had no idea what to say. Maybe she really wanted to take a hammer and knock on this man’s head. She wanted to see what it was made up of, to the point that he was this dense and slow!


Headache! A slow-witted man! 


“When are you going to finish shooting?” Su Yanyi thought that since this slow-witted man didn’t understand how to be romantic, she would do the needful. 


“I don’t have any scenes in the afternoon. Since tomorrow is Christmas, everyone in the crew is strongly asking for a half day’s break. Director Guo and I have agreed…” Qin Jiran suddenly thought of something. His face immediately turned uneasy. He secretly stared at Yanyi, before testing, “Do you have time tomorrow afternoon? Do you want to celebrate Christmas together?”


“Humph! I don’t have time!” Su Yanyi saw that this slow-witted person had suddenly understood her point but she wasn’t that happy either. She proudly humphed and turned around, walking off. 


Qin Jiran was flabbergasted. She sounded angry. But in reality, she was just having a temper. How should he appease her?


Qin Jiran hurriedly rushed out. He wasn’t that slow anymore. He directly pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand, “Don’t be angry. Whenever you have time; I will wait for you until then. Tonight, I will cook a feast for you ok?”


He was openly trying to move and lure her in. Before, he was a stupid slow-witted man who knew nothing about romance. But now, he was smart and sneaky!


Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran. She slightly raised her eyebrows and then her chin, “Then wait for me tomorrow. When I have the time, I’ll come look for you.”


Qin Jiran wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to. He was scared that she wouldn’t let him off that easily once he laughed. He knew that Su Yanyi liked her face a lot. He would definitely be taken to task for laughing at her. 


“Ok. I will go find you after I finish shooting the scenes tomorrow. Whenever you have time, just call me.” Naturally, Qin Jiran let Su Yanyi do as she pleased. He would never put up an attitude with her. He thought that it was extremely cute to see this type of Yanyi. His heart softened and he wanted to hug her. 


Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi with a tint of peculiarity and patience. His hold on her hand tightened.  


“Yanyi…” Qin Jiran whispered before he pulled Su Yanyi in his arms. He gently hugged her. 


Qin Jiran didn’t do this with too much strength or speed. During this process, Su Yanyi was free to fight against or reject him. But clearly, she didn’t have the intention of doing so. On the contrary, she allowed the man to hug her and her hands fell on the man’s waist. 


The familiar smell led them to feel comfortable. It was warm and sweet.


“You’re a slow-witted person.” 


Su Yanyi knew that she was being a bit willful. But in reality, she was unfamiliar with being willful. To be exact, he had agreed but she had had to pretend to be angry. She would never have done this before. This behavior belonged to a young woman. She would’ve felt disdain in the past. Yet, now, she had done the very thing and so naturally. 


Thinking back to her actions, a bashful Su Yanyi’s face slightly flushed. 


Qin Jiran lowered his head only to see Su Yanyi’s pinkish cheeks. His heart raced quickly and his grip around her tightened. He rubbed his head against Su Yanyi’s hair. He took in Yanyi’s smell which was what he had been forever longing for. 


“Yanyi, I’m always so stupid and causing you unhappiness.” Of course, Qin Jiran was a little upset about how stupid he was with even setting up a date. He’d originally wanted to let Yanyi be happy and like himself more, but he was helplessly stupid. He was a bit anxious now. What if Yanyi really disliked how stupid he was one day? What should he do?


Although the man’s voice revealed disappointment, the words spoken were the truth. Yanyi was at a complete loss. Her original motive was to make Qin Jiran anxious. How come he was disappointed now?


“I’m not unhappy. It’s okay if you’re a bit stupid. I don’t need to worry about others stealing you from me.” Seeing the gloomy man, she began to anxiously comfort him. However, she wasn’t used to this and her words sounded funny in a sense.


Qin Jiran felt that he was indeed foolish. But thinking about it, Yanyi said that she didn’t need to worry about others stealing him. Did that mean she cared a lot about whether someone might steal him?


Qin Jiran thought of Wang Zhilin and how that woman was obviously interested in him. However, that was not a pure type of interest. It comprised of of many intricate thoughts. It was intricate to the point that he felt disgusted. Yanyi felt the woman was disgusting too. Was it partially because she also liked him?


Thinking about this, Qin Jiran wasn’t gloomy anymore. He was even a bit happy. Su Yanyi had taken that change in feeling to her heart. She suddenly thought her comforting had an effect on him. She relaxed and felt that the man was easy to pacify. She had spoken casually yet this man became happy. 


Oh, was this a beautiful misunderstanding? Or was this in reality, a truth?


Ri: Thank you for reading <3 Please comment below if you spot any mistakes.


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