Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 104.1

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Chapter 104.1 — Worth it or Not?

Edited by: Larkspur

Everybody enjoyed the meal. It felt like they were about to shoot each other over food. While protecting Su Yanyi, Qin Jiran also had to protect little Su Nuo. He ended up not eating much, making others feel embarrassed. But they couldn’t blame them. Who let Mr. Qin’s cooking skills be superb?


After dinner, Su Yanyi coldly told them to leave. After all, they’d already sparred, ate, and gathered together. To her, this was enough. 


The five knew Su Yanyi’s personality so they didn’t stay any longer. But before they left, they all left them words of blessings. 


“Although this may be too late, Elder Sister and Brother-in-Law, I still need to say this. I hope you guys will be together forever and have a wonderful marriage!”


“Thank you.” Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi’s hands and responded sincerely. 


“Nuo Nuo, this Aunt will be going now. I’ll come play with you in the future.” After everyone bid farewell to Su Yanyi, they said goodbye to little Su Nuo. He also waved his chubby hands, politely saying goodbye to them. 


After everyone left, little Su Nuo tugged on the hem of Qin Jiran’s clothes and weakly asked, “Uncle, are you full? You didn’t eat that much and you even ate less than Nuo Nuo.”


Qin Jiran patted little Su Nuo’s head and said kindly, “Uncle is full. Is Nuo Nuo full? Do you want to eat some crackers? Uncle can make some for you.”


Qin Jiran really pampered a well-behaved child like him. 


Su Yanyi pursed her lips, deciding not to argue with a child. Qin Jiran loved herself the most! 


“Thank you Uncle. Nuo Nuo doesn’t need to eat anymore. I’m full and I can’t eat anymore.” Although little Su Nuo rejected his offer, he clearly wanted to eat the crackers. His expression was cute. 


“If you can’t eat anymore right now, wait until you can. Uncle will go and make crackers for you now. Yanyi, what do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you as well.” As Qin Jiran said this, he made his way into the kitchen. 


Su Yanyi knitted her eyebrows and asked coldly, “You’re going to make food for me while you’re at it?”


When he heard this, Qin Jiran paused. He turned around and looked at Su Yanyi, not knowing whether to laugh or cry at her words. Why did he feel like her words were off?


“Yanyi…” He dragged the “yi.”


Pft. In reality, little Su Nuo didn’t know what the two were saying either, but he found it to be very funny. 


“Quickly go. I want to eat custard pie.” Su Yanyi stopped making things difficult for Qin Jiran. So what if he was just making food for her while he was at it? She’d endure this.


But Qin Jiran walked back and kissed the corner of Su Yanyi’s lips. He said in a low voice, “Why would I do something for you while I’m at it? I’ll make whatever you want to eat.”


Cough, quickly go.” Su Yanyi stared at little Su Nuo who was looking at them with eyes wide. She softly coughed and shooed Qin Jiran to the kitchen. This man was getting slicker with sweet talks. 


After their break had ended, everybody returned to work. The same went for Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi. 


Qin Jiran was busy with the final preparation and publicity work before the movie was to be released. He looked at the product produced by Guo Zekai from working overtime and he thought it was pretty good. At the same time, he was very eager to see the audience’s reactions after the movie was released. 


Qin Jiran didn’t care about box office or awards, but rather the audience’s praise and comments. Although he wasn’t eager to go into an acting career in the beginning, since he was a part of it now, he poured his heart to make it his best, wanting to earn the people’s approval.


They had started promoting the movie since the previous year. The other members of the cast had attended numerous shows in order to shine a light on their movie, especially Fang Ling’er, the female lead. She was the main member who worked on this, but it was forced. Who let Qin Jiran, the male lead, to vanish during these events. It was up to her, the female lead, to play the leading role even in real life. 


But there was a live show on January 7th. Guo Zekai had called Qin Jiran seven times in a row and after thinking about it, the man in question had finally agreed. He took it as contributing to promotions.


In the afternoon, at the appointed hour, Qin Jiran went straight to the TV Station with Jiang Xiaobin following along. Guo Zekai and Fang Ling’er were there along with two other members of the cast. The men and women were in pairs now. The man was Zhen Hongpeng, acting as a police officer while the woman was Lu Yun’er, who was a villain in the movie. 


The variety show was a popular one in the country and it had been doing live broadcasting for several decades now. No matter the ratings or popularity, it was quite high. 


The smartly dressed host was a woman who was in her late thirties. 


After the opening introduction, Guo Zekai and Qin Jiran brought their team on stage. They sat down on the sofa and began this interviewing episode. 


“I’m very happy that we are able to invite the cast of 《Strife for Power》to our show. Now, please introduce yourselves and greet our audience…”


“Hello everyone, I am Guo Zekai, the Director of 《Strife for Power》. It feels very nice to be here.” In reality, Guo Zekai rarely attended public events such as these. But this interview would have a huge impact on their movie. Plus, they’d even specially invited him to attend. After considering every aspect, he’d accepted the offer. 


“Hello everyone, I am Qin Jiran. I am very happy to be here.” Qin Jiran remained handsome and indifferent like usual. He was worthy of being an Icy Film Emperor. 


“Hello everyone, I am Fang Ling’er…”


After the cast had introduced themselves, they began the interview. The host, Moyi was eloquent and demonstrated a good sense of control. She didn’t just pay too much attention to Qin Jiran that she neglected the others. But despite this, Qin Jiran was still interviewed the most. Who let the audience be most curious about his life? Plus, there were a lot of interesting points about him, especially his and Su Yanyi’s relationship. 


“Film Emperor Qin, heh. Everyone calls you the Icy Film Emperor. What do you think about this name?” Moyi asked, interestedly.


Qin Jiran took a moment before replying, “It’s very interesting.”


“Heh. Is Film Emperor Qin satisfied with this? Then how about President Su’s nickname? Many fans have been addressing President Su as Queen online. There were even some who declared themselves as the Queen’s fans. Do you think President Su is satisfied by this nickname?” Moyi hadn’t come up with these questions on the spot as they were given to her by the Director. 


“I think she’s quite satisfied as well.” At least in his heart, Su Yanyi was worthy of being a Queen. 


“Heh. Right. President Su acts like a Queen as well. Truth is, I have admired President Su for a while. If I get the chance, I would really like to interview President Su. Of course, it would be best if I can interview both of you together. Have a couples’ episode or something. Borrowing the popular saying nowadays, it would be full of love.”


“I’ll let her know.” It would depend on Yanyi in the end. But if anything, it’s probably difficult to have her agree to this. 


“Haha. Even if you don’t tell her, it’s fine. Since Film Emperor Qin has attended our show, no matter what, President Su would most likely watch this episode. Right, Film Emperor Qin?” Moyi continued to tease him. Of course, she was taking the roundabout way to say Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi had a great relationship.


Qin Jiran didn’t answer this question because he knew she didn’t expect him to answer either. 


As expected, Moyi continued, “Director Guo, Ling’er and you guys, I’ve heard multiple times that President Su visited the set while you guys were filming. Are there any interesting moments that you guys can share with us?”


“Heh. There are a lot of interesting stories but everyone seems to know most of them. I’ve already seen the pictures online and it speaks the truth.” Guo Zekai said and laughed. Every time Su Yanyi went to the set, it was all over the internet. What was there to say? Everyone knew already. 


“There’s something that I reveal, however, it has nothing to do with President Su’s visits and I’m not sure if anyone wants to hear it.” Fang Ling’er purposefully flashed a mischievous smile, while speaking in a mysterious tone. 


“Of course we want to know. Ling’er, don’t hide this from us. Quickly tell all of us.” Moyi acted excited and eager to find out as well. 


“Jiran’s scenes are usually in the morning and afternoon unless there’s a night scene required. Otherwise, he rarely filmed scenes at night. Do you guys know why?” Fang Ling’er still maintained that mysterious air, building up the curiosity. The audience was looking forward to her next words. 


“Ling’er, stop making us guess. Quickly tell us why. I’m pretty sure everyone is quite curious.” Moyi rushed her, herself curious. 


“Jiran, do you mind me telling everyone the reason why?” Fang Ling’er playfully asked Qin Jiran. 


At this time, how could Qin Jiran reject them? He knew what Fang Ling’er was going to say anyway. He didn’t mind since it wasn’t something that couldn’t be exposed. 


“It’s fine.” Qin Jiran shook his head and said politely. 


“Then I’ll tell you guys. The reason why Jiran does this is that he needs to go home and cook dinner for President Su. Heh. Every time I see him rushing home to cook makes me think of how unfair the world is. Why is there a man like him? How are all the other women besides President Su going to live now?” Fang Ling’er said, exaggeratedly. But it was clear that she admired him. 


However, there were some sincere and insincere parts, the skills of an actress. 



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