Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 99.2

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Chapter 99.2 — Paying a Visit

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“…” Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi looked at each other. Why did little Su Nuo’s words feel so strange to them?

“Yanyi, are you going out?” Didn’t she decide to stay at home and rest?

“No, I’m going to the main residence. Call me when lunch is ready.”

After Su Yanyi left, Qin Kiran focused on learning the recipes. But by the time he finished cooking lunch, Su Yanyi still hadn’t returned.

“Where did your Aunty go?” Qin Jiran asked little Su Nuo who was drooling at the table of dishes. He wanted to take a bite.

“I’m going to find your Aunty and when she’s back, we can eat.” Little Su Nuo found the solution to the problem. If he wanted to eat, he needed to find Aunty!

“Be good. Wait here while I go look for your Aunty.” How could Qin Jiran bear to let little Su Nuo go and find her with his short legs? By the time he would find her, the dishes would probably be cold already.

Qin Jiran went to find Su Yanyi. He asked the servants in the main residence and ended up walking towards Mother Su’s studio. The main residence was very big and there were actually numerous rooms in each studio. Before walking in, Qin Jiran knocked on the door because he didn’t know what Yanyi was doing inside. He quickly heard Yanyi calling him in.

He pushed the door to see the whole room filled with fabrics and machines, as well as all sorts of completed and half completed outfits. Qin Jiran took a look and knew what she was doing.

“Yanyi, what are you doing? Lunch is ready. Eat lunch first.” In reality, Qin Jiran was a bit curious. After all, he had received gifts that were personally made by Yanyi. Who knew if she was making him another one now?

“Wait another ten minutes.” Under the system’s instructions, it was quite easy to make clothes. Some finishing touches and the Tang suit would be ready.

In another ten minutes, the dishes would probably be cold…Qin Jiran only dared to say this in his heart because even if he said it out loud, Yanyi probably wouldn’t listen anyway.

Su Yanyi continued her work. Qin Jiran stood by the side watching, curious too. She clearly held an outfit in her hands and it was a Tang suit. But the more he looked at it, the more he thought it was strange. The suit was dark red and originally, he thought that Yanyi had made this for little Su Nuo. However, he quickly realized that this was too big for him and not only wouldn’t little Su Nuo be able to wear it, even Yanyi probably wouldn’t be either. Then the only possibility left was probably him.

But red?! Qin Jiran couldn’t help but think of the happy and lovely Tang suit little Su Nuo wore. Was Yanyi provoked in some way so she wanted him to wear this?!

Qin Jiran was a bit speechless when he imagined himself wearing the same lovely Tang suit as little Su Nuo.

“Is this for Elder Brother?” Qin Jiran tested and asked. It would be lovely if little Su Nuo and Elder Brother wore father and son outfits.

“It’s for you.” Su Yanyi answered without looking up. When she was choosing the fabric, she’d hesitated a bit. She’d originally thought that black suited Qin Jiran the most. However, when she saw red, she suddenly changed her mind. It’s New Year’s so it’d be better to wear more lively colors. If the whole family wore red, it would look very interesting.

As expected, at Qin Jiran’s expression now, Su Yanyi secretly laughed. Don’t think that she hadn’t seen his dumbfoundedness and look of concern even though she hadn’t raised her head.

Qin Jiran touched his nose and stood to the side, not saying a word.

Su Yanyi quickly finished making the clothes. She even compared it against Qin Jiran. It felt suitable so she said, “Try it on. This is my New Year’s gift for you.”

“Let’s eat first. After we are done, I’ll try it on for you. Otherwise, the food will get cold.” Qin Jiran took the clothes over and couldn’t help but remind her. If they weren’t going to eat it anytime soon, he really would have to put the food back into the microwave.

“Then let’s eat first.” The couple brought the clothes back to their building. There were six dishes and one soup on the table. Little Su Nuo was anxiously waiting. He had been going around in circles by the table. Upon the sight of his aunt and uncle, his eyes brightened immediately.

Qin Jiran had especially prepared food for little white tiger and little golden turtle. The two were almost done eating already. Little Su Nuo was very envious of them. He wanted to eat too!
When the two returned, they finally started to eat. Little Su Nuo was enjoying his food. He used both spoons and chopsticks. Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were tempted to follow suit..

Su Yanyi’s eyes brightened as she ate. These dishes were all from the system’s recipes. Now that Qin Jiran made this, it clearly tasted excellent.

“You can even open a restaurant with your skills in the future. You can train the chefs and business will definitely bloom.” Su Yanyi thought of all the recipes in the system and believed it was more than enough to open a restaurant.

“I thought that you wanted me to be the chef.” Qin Jiran believed his cooking skills had gotten better.

“How could I?” Su Yanyi rejected without hesitation. He was her exclusive chef. How could she let him cook food for someone else?!

“You don’t like it.” Su Yanyi had rejected so quickly that Qin Jiran felt it too.

Su Yanyi stared at Qin Jiran and said in a dominant tone, “You can only cook for me!”

“That dominant?” Staring at Su Yanyi’s dominant expression, Qin Jiran’s eyes brightened but he still teased.

“Don’t you know this already?” Su Yanyi answered calmly. It wasn’t like she just became dominant. She didn’t believe that this man had just found out.

“Right. Not only do I know, I also like this side of you.” One couldn’t help but say that Film Emperor Qin was getting smoother with his words. Of course, he was saying the truth anyway.
Smooth words that were the most sincere would be the easiest to move someone.

“You like me being dominant?” This was the first time she’d heard something like this. Su Yanyi looked curiously at Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran smiled and said, “I like it.”

“What else do you like about me?”

“Everything about you…have soup.” Qin Jiran answered seriously while filling a bowl of soup up for Yanyi. It would be better if Yanyi ate some more.

“Aunty, Nuo Nuo likes you a lot too.* At this time, little Su Nuo blinked his huge eyes and spoke in a soft voice.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi broke out into laughter together. The little golden turtle scratched the table anxiously. It had been eating on the table but after the female master returned, it was thrown on the ground. It was really worried about its treatment!

Little white tiger lay lazily on the sofa and slightly squinted its eyes. It looked elegant and noble.

After eating this luxurious lunch, Qin Jiran obediently went to change his clothes. It was red with black embroidery on the sleeves. It was suited him well and although he didn’t appear indifferent as usual, he looked more cheerful. It made him seem more gentle.

The Tang suit was quite comfortable to wear. The fabric was extremely soft. Although the color was too bright, whenever he thought of how Yanyi had made this for him, he wasn’t really against it anymore.

Qin Jiran walked to Su Yanyi and kissed the corner of her lip. Then he held her left hand and kissed the finger wearing a ring. “Ok, I’ll wear this for now. I’ll wear whatever you’d like me to wear.”

“Then continue to wear the turtle pajamas tonight. I like that one.”


Chinese New Year was approaching and Su Yanyi happily gave herself a vacation. Qin Jiran had been resting at home lately and although they didn’t interact that much, there was a different feeling despite them doing their own things in the study. The two were in love with this life style and the warm feeling.

However, the calm and relaxing life was interrupted. Originally, based on Su Yanyi’s plan, nothing should be happening these few days. After all, they regarded the New Year’s highly. They wouldn’t choose to work on a day like this either. But reality and expectations were different. Two days before Chinese New Year, the Qin Family or to be more accurate, Qin Zhenren went to find Qin Jiran again. This time, he dared to come straight to the Su Residence to find Qin Jiran!

When Qin Zhenren found him, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were discussing a script. Su Yanyi had given him numerous scripts and after nit-picking, in the end, he had chosen four. It wasn’t that the rest weren’t good, but that Qin Jiran really didn’t have that much time and energy to film that many.

When the servants came to report that Qin Zhenren was outside the door wanting to see Qin Jiran, the two were taken aback, even thinking that something was wrong with their ears. Otherwise, that old-fashioned and despicable man would never have done something that lacked in manners. He didn’t even make an appointment and dared to pay them a visit!

Su Yanyi had a cold face but didn’t say anything. She quietly decided to give Qin Jiran the freedom to choose. After all, the man came looking for Qin Jiran. If he came to look for her, she definitely wouldn’t see him.

“Since he came looking for me, he probably knows that I’m at home.” Qin Jiran didn’t think that Qin Zhenren would come looking for him if he didn’t know ahead of time.

“Humph. I’ll go and see him. Weren’t the two in the Qin Family suspicious that there’s something going on between us and him? Then let’s confirm this. The internal strife in the Qin Family should up another level, otherwise, it wouldn’t be that interesting.” Su Yanyi knew that since he was here, others would think the Su Family was afraid of him if they didn’t allow him in. Plus, looking at Qin Jiran’s attitude, it wasn’t like he wanted to avoid him either. But after all, they should know what Qin Zhenren wanted.

“Then bring him to the living room and have him wait.” Qin Jiran understood Su Yanyi’s point too, so he naturally wouldn’t reject him.

Although Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi agreed to see him, they didn’t immediately go to the living room to see him. They waited for a while, taking their time before looking at each other in tacit understanding. Then they headed for the living room together.

Once Qin Zhenren was brought to the living room, he sat there by himself. Once the servant served him tea, they quickly moved out of his way. Qin Zhenren’s face became worse by the moment. But thinking of his motive for coming here, Qin Zhenren told himself to endure this, time after time!

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