Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 87.3

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Chapter 87.3 — A Certain Room 

Edited by: Larkspur

“Yanyi, why did you think of giving me that gift?” Qin Jiran voiced his curiosity into Su Yanyi’s ears.

Su Yanyi blinked her eyes and decided to refuse to answer this question. Her way of refusing was to bite his lips and then the bite turned into a kiss, blocking the words the man was about to say!

Don’t think that only you can use this method. She could use it too!

This night, the two of them had moved back to the Su Residence and actually into the same room. They held each other as they drifted into dreamland.

The next morning, Qin Jiran was the first to wake up. He suddenly opened his eyes and instinctively wanted to sit even when he was pressed down by the weight on top of him. This movement woke Su Yanyi up as well.

“Don’t move.” Su Yanyi didn’t open her eyes but instead patted Qin Jiran’s shoulders from within the blanket.

Qin Jiran laughed bitterly. He didn’t want to move randomly either, but he’d suddenly thought of something. “Yanyi, we forgot to bring the little golden turtle…”

At home, the little golden turtle was a free animal. It’s the kind to appear at will, and disappear as it wished. Because they were really busy while moving and hadn’t seen the little golden turtle, they had forgotten about it.

“Heh. Just let it stay here.” Su Yanyi smiled with her eyes closed. It’s great that the little golden turtle isn’t here.

It was obvious that Su Yanyi was smiling. Qin Jiran was speechless by how happy she was. She was the one who had given him the pet. Why didn’t she like it?

“After breakfast, I’ll go back and look for it, then bring it over. Nuo Nuo would like it a lot.” Although the little thing could look for food on its own, who knew if it would starve from being left in the villa alone?

“As you wish.”

After breakfast, Qin Jiran went to find the little turtle which was sleeping on the sofa. It didn’t even feel like it was abandoned by its masters. Seeing this, Qin Jiran was at ease. He brought the turtle to the set and handed it to Jiang Xiaobin to take care.

“Could this be the rumored little golden turtle? It’s one rich turtle.” Jiang Xiaobin’s eyes brightened at the sight of the golden turtle. He picked up the phone and took a few pictures before he uploaded all of them onto his Weibo.

Being the assistant of Film Emperor Qin, Jiang Xiaobin’s Weibo had some fans. Seeing Jiang Xiaobin and the turtle’s picture together, it immediately attracted numerous cheers. Comments begging for pictures immediately flooded his Weibo. However, what made him jealous was that they wanted pictures of the little golden turtle and not him! He couldn’t help but sigh, believing that he was worth less than a turtle.

Liu Liu, being the makeup artist, was on the set as well. Once he saw the little golden turtle, his eyes brightened.

“Hey, what are you doing? Go away.” When Jiang Xiaobin saw Liu Liu walking over, he immediately exploded. He carried the little golden turtle and moved back a few steps, guarding it as though from a thief.

“You fool, stop playing around. Give me the turtle so I can take a picture with it.”

Obviously, Jiang Xiaobin resisted and was even more obviously suppressed. Liu Liu grabbed the little golden turtle and took many pictures, before uploading to his own Weibo.

If it was just Film Emperor Qin’s assistant’s pictures with the little golden turtle, people might not think much about it. But now that even the makeup artist had pictures of it, a sharp mind guessed goings on.

Liu-Sama, are you guys at the set? Even the little golden turtle is brought there?

The little golden turtle appeared on the set? Film Emperor Qin actually brought a pet to shoot scenes? Why do I think it’s strange? This doesn’t seem like the Film Emperor’s style.

Quickly tell us what happened. We want the truth!

These comments felt abnormal even to Liu Liu. He looked at Jiang Xiaobin who had a bitter face. “Why did Brother Qin decide to bring the little thing to the set?”

“Who am I supposed to ask if you ask me?” Came Jiang Xiaobin’s curt reply. He had never thought about this, ok!

“Go ask Brother Qin!” Liu Liu retorted.

“Why don’t you go ask?”

“You’re his assistant, not me. You should be the one looking after him.” Liu Liu revealed an innocent expression, but it seemed evil.

Jiang Xiaobin glared at Liu Liu and said, “Ok, I’ll go ask. But if I get an answer from him, I won’t tell you.”

‘Giggle’. Liu Liu laughed. This Jiang Xiaobin was becoming more and more interesting.

At this time, Qin Jiran just finished shooting a scene and came over to see his assistant sporting a red face busy getting bullied. He felt that Xiaobin really didn’t learn his lessons. Every time he got bullied, he just didn’t know how to keep a distance from Liu Liu — the fox.

“Brother Qin, why did you bring the little golden turtle to the set? This doesn’t seem like your style?” When Jiang Xiaobin saw Qin jiran, he couldn’t help but blurt out the question. Considering his IQ, he clearly couldn’t think of this question. But since someone mentioned it, he couldn’t help but be curious.

Liu Liu was smiling wide on the side. He thought that Jiang Xiaobin was a bit dumb.

“I moved and forgot to bring it. I went to look for it today and am planning on bringing it back.” Although Qin Jiran’s answer was simple, it shocked the bickering duo.

Moved? How could they not know of this huge event?!

“Brother Qin, did you say you were going back to the Su Residence? Why did you suddenly move houses? Where did you move to? Did President Su move with you?” Jiang Xiaobin fired the questions in one breath. Of course, the last question seemed to be the most important one.

“Nonsense.” When Qin Jiran heard the last question, he levelled a cold glare at Jiang Xiaobin. Didn’t this person know how to speak positively? How was it possible that Yanyi wouldn’t move with him?!

“Cough, cough. Am I not just concerned about you? Tell me. What happened?” The impulsive Jiang Xiaobin did realize he had said something he shouldn’t have. He immediately changed the subject.

“Yanyi and I moved back to the residence. There is a building beside the residence, and we are living there.” Qin Jiran explained to Jiang Xiaobin. Being his assistant, he should know where he lived. Though, Jiang Xiaobin had been to the Su Residence with Qin Jiran, it was only once.

Jiang Xiaobin was in an intense shock. Still uncertain, he asked, “Why have you moved back there? It’s huge and there are a lot of elders there. Is it suitable?”

It’s not that Jiang Xiaobin didn’t feel good about the Su Family, in fact, he respected them a lot. Jiang Xiaobin was terrified of the thought of living in the rich and powerful families. If he lived there, he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep well.

“The Su Family is very good. Don’t worry.” Qin Jiran comforted, knowing that Jiang Xiaobin was just worried for him. The Su Family was really good, and he felt more at home when he lived there. Plus, he and Yanyi were in the same room. Although this was a test of some sort, he was willing to endure this sweet torture.

“Good. I’m just worried that you might not be used to it.” Jiang Xiaobin was actually concerned about him.

“Why are you worrying? That is President Su’s house and also Brother Qin’s. Why wouldn’t he be used to it? You’re just worrying for no reason.” Liu Liu listened on the side but understood more than Jiang Xiaobin. With Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s relationship right now, there would be no issue in living in the Su Residence. Plus, he had seen the Su Family and they were friendly.

“You make it seem like you know the most! So, what if I’m worried for him? I am showing my true feelings for him.”

Liu Liu pursed his lips and didn’t bother to argue with Jiang Xiaobin. He naturally knew that Jiang Xiaobin was worried for Qin Jiran. His eyes couldn’t lie, and this made him envious in some way. The two did not have blood-ties, yet they were like real brothers. This type of relationship was rare.

Ri: And…the golden turtle is back, yay!

Larkspur: And…do you think it missed us?!


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