Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 — The Press Conference

There was still half an hour before the start of the press conference, but Resplendent Entertainment’s main conference room was already packed with reporters from various media outlets. They were all immersed in exchanging information and opinions with each other.

“Why do you think President Su decided to have this press conference? To specifically deny having relations with Qin Jiran? Wouldn’t that backfire and expose them instead? President Su isn’t someone who would do that,” said a random reporter, who was acting as though he was very knowledgeable about Su Yanyi. God knew this reporter had probably never seen her face before.

“How do you know it’s to deny? I think President Su and Film Emperor Qin are very suitable for each other. The man is capable, and the woman is beautiful—wait, no, no, no. The woman is capable, and the man is beautiful. Who said that the press conference has to be for denial?” A nearby reporter retorted unhappily, with an elated expression in his eyes.

“The woman is capable, and the man is beautiful? Now, that’s where you’re wrong. President Su is indeed capable, but her looks are top-notch too. Back when she first took over Resplendent Entertainment, she went with some artists to attend the Starlight Award Ceremony, and countless reporters thought she was a new artist. Later on, to their shock, they found out that she was actually Resplendent Entertainment’s new president. Tut-tut, President Su’s looks can definitely rival Film Emperor Qin’s looks.”

A third reporter spoke loudly and attracted plenty of attention to himself as he recounted the tale. He was putting on the airs of an old-timer.

“Right, right. President Su is really beautiful. Unfortunately, she’s too cold. Even from afar, I wouldn’t dare to stare straight at her. I’m afraid I’d get frozen.”

“Look at you people, so pitiful. Su Yanyi is my idol, but I always thought she was single. I didn’t expect her to be in love with Film Emperor Qin, what a surprise.” The one who said this was a female. Her voice oozed with excitement a the mention of Su Yanyi.

“Tch, what love? Didn’t you see the reports? Queen Su is keeping Film Emperor Qin. The entertainment circle is so messy, ‘love’ is something only the ignorant would believe in.” The reporter who said this sounded awfully jealous and displeased.


Reporters all possessed sharp tongues. Someone immediately retorted, “That’s going too far. Film Emperor Qin is a first-rate actor, and President Su is both talented and beautiful. Why would she need to keep someone? I reckon the people who spread those rumors are purposely trying to defame her and Film Emperor Qin. Tch, that’s just sour grapes.”

Right after this discussion ended, the press conference finally began. Kang Zhong appeared first and settled in the host’s spot, followed by Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. They got on the platform and sat down facing the reporters.

“The press conference will now begin. I would like to invite President Su to speak. There will be 20 minutes for questioning after she finishes.”

Su Yanyi displayed her usual indifference as she started, “The media industry works to share information and facts to the masses. It is not a megaphone used to spread lies. I know all of you are very attentive to my relationship with Qin Jiran. I have always thought that it was unnecessary to announce this to the public, as I had assumed it was our own private business. However, now that it is threatening Qin Jiran’s identity as an actor and many false rumors are being spread around the web, we can no longer do without convening a press conference. Therefore, today, I will declare what my relationship with Qin Jiran is.”

It was rare for her to say so much at once. Her words were sharp, and she did nothing to conceal her obvious condemnation. Many of the reporters present choked on her words, but none of them could speak up for themselves. They all held a guilty conscience.

Evidently, Su Yanyi was quite skilled in the art of speaking. After saying that much, she deliberately paused, letting silence wash over the room as the reporters waited with bated breaths.

Then, she rose and pulled Qin Jiran up to stand next to her. Moreover, it was the kind of pull that linked their hands together. This sent the audience into an uproar.

“Qin Jiran and I are already married. Our relationship is very good. Henceforth, you all will no longer be needed to feel troubled and concerned over us.”

Standing on the stage with her head slightly tilted, her tone brimming with piercing iciness and arrogance, the current Su Yanyi represented the perfect epitome of a queen. Looking at her, several people couldn’t help but feel awed.

Beside her, Qin Jiran also felt her arrogance and power. His heart was racing. She had looked like this when he first saw her too. She had grabbed all of his attention and made it so that his heart could only ever contain her.

EzoicThis version of Su Yanyi was one-of-a-kind, and just a single glance was enough to leave a lifelong impression on anyone.


The audience was shocked beyond words. They were either cursing her in their hearts or staring wide-eyed at her. Dumbstruck, they were all acting as though they were looking at aliens.

Already married? Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin were already married? When did this happen? Why didn’t they know about it? How could they not know about it?!

“President Su, when did you and Mr. Qin get married? Why is it announced only now? Have your families agree already?” An impatient reporter started shooting questions.

“Film Emperor Qin, is it true that you and President Su are married? Do you genuinely like President Su? How long have the two of you been together?” Another reporter joined in.

“President Su, did your family approve to your marriage with Mr. Qin? When do the two of you plan on having a child?”

“Film Emperor Qin, did the two of you already intend to disclose your marriage, or were you forced? Do you think your fans will be disappointed by this piece of news?”

“President Su, what do you like most about Film Emperor Qin?”

“Film Emperor Qin, President Su, who pursued who, and who proposed to who?”

All of a sudden, a flood of questions came crashing down on Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, rendering them speechless. What kind of nonsense were these reporters asking?

Kang Zhong cleared his throat and interrupted to restore peace to the conference room, “Please take turns asking, otherwise it will only waste time. There are only 20 minutes for questioning, starting now.”

The reporters were sensible enough to cooperate and eventually finished asking their questions one-by-one. Su Yanyi was the first to answer.

“Our families naturally approved of our marriage. We have a close and harmonious relationship. Jiran is an outstanding person: hard-working, talented in acting, and he is also an exceptional cook. I feel very safe and comfortable with him.”

With that, she answered most of the questions and ignored the ones that she didn’t want to answer. Then, it was Qin Jiran’s turn to answer.

“I like Yanyi a lot, and being with her makes me very happy. To be able to marry her is my greatest fortune. Thank all of you for your concern, but from now on, I would like to ask you all to refrain from prying into my life with Yanyi. We are very happy together, thank you.”

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