Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 — LEVEL 2

That evening, Qin Jiran was held back by problems with the production team and returned home late. He thought Su Yanyi would be in her bedroom or study and didn’t expect to see her as soon as he stepped through the door.

Su Yanyi was reading documents in the living room. When she saw him enter, her eyes immediately lit up, almost making him believe that she had been waiting for him.

“Have you eaten? There are leftovers in the kitchen,” she asked before he could say anything. Dinner had been prepared by Wang-jie. Since it didn’t taste too bad, Su Yanyi had deliberately kept some leftovers for Qin Jiran.

This was something she’d decided to do after seeing that he had been returning home later these days, and even so, he had to cook for himself.

Therefore, this time she had decided to be considerate and told Wang-jie to prepare an extra serving.

“Okay, I’ll go get it.”

Without bothering to change out of his work clothes first, he headed directly into the kitchen. He really was quite hungry. Su Yanyi stared at his back as he walked. She’d planned to make coffee for him tonight, but seeing how utterly exhausted he was, she decided to do it tomorrow instead.

For now, it would be better to let him have a good night’s rest.

After taking the food out of the warmer, he sat down alone at the dining table and started to eat. Su Yanyi watched him from her seat in the living room, and only when she saw that he was almost done did she go over to him and say, “Rest early, don’t stay up too late.”

Although her tone was icy cold, it did not impede the meaning of her words. She was concerned for him. Qin Jiran couldn’t misunderstand even if he wanted to.

“Mhm, I will,” he said, his lips stretching into an obvious smile. He wasn’t certain, but he felt like his relationship with Su Yanyi had changed. 

That day she said to push back the divorce was the beginning, it seemed. At first, it wasn’t obvious and only made him feel like she was acting strange, but after so many more changes, especially when they shared a bed, he started to suspect something.

It seems like Yanyi doesn’t hate me anymore!

Based on his understanding of her, he knew that she was someone who would never allow herself to hold the short end of the stick. If she liked someone, then she liked someone. If she disliked someone, then she disliked someone.

She would not go out of her way to care for someone she disliked. Let alone eating together and sharing a bed, she wouldn’t even allow Qin Jiran to appear in front of her so often.

Therefore, he was quite certain that she no longer hated him. In fact, he felt like her impression of him was slowly changing, as she was caring about him and getting along with him. There was even a trace of friendship present in their interactions.

Of course, this made him extremely happy and excited, but at the same time, seeds of greed were beginning to sprout.


Since he could wipe away her dislike for him and advance towards friendship, then could he also hope that one day, through his hard work and perseverance, he would be able to make her accept his feelings?

He suddenly felt the urge to confess to her, but he held himself back. The time was not right. He had to be patient. He had to bring their relationship closer first, and then he would confess with confidence.

AdvertisementEzoicQin Jiran was an exceptionally patient man, especially when it came to the woman he liked. With Su Yanyi, he had fallen in love at first sight, and he was set on her for the rest of his life. To him, waiting longer was not a problem.


The next morning, Qin Jiran was making breakfast in the kitchen. Su Yanyi walked in, surprising him. The kitchen was a place she usually stayed out of. Then, he saw her do something even more surprising—she started to make coffee!

“Yanyi, I’ll make the coffee. You should go rest,” he prompted. As far as he knew, she didn’t know how to make coffee.

“Are you looking down at me?” She shot him a glance as her hands moved about. Although she was unused to doing it without the System helping her, she could manage.

“Of course not, I just don’t want to trouble you,” he smiled, relishing in a new discovery: Su Yanyi’s temper was just like a child’s. He wouldn’t look down on her for something so trivial. He was just worried because he had never seen her make coffee before, though looking at her fluid movements now, she clearly knew what she was doing.

Relaxing, he turned back to cooking breakfast. Occasionally, he would glance over at her.Ezoic

The two stood together in the kitchen, busy with their own tasks. Although it was quiet, the atmosphere was serene. Seeing Su Yanyi so engrossed in preparing coffee, Qin Jiran’s heart warmed with gratification.

After breakfast was all set, she completed the meal by carrying out two cups of coffee. She placed one cup in front of herself, and one cup in front of him. The delightful aroma of fresh coffee pleased her quite a bit, while Qin Jiran felt very flattered.

“Thank you!” He thanked her excitedly. After all, he was holding a cup of coffee from Su Yanyi in his hands. She’d made it herself. Just thinking about it moved him, and he was almost unwilling to drink something so precious.

“You’re welcome. Try it.” She stared at him, somewhat anticipative. This was her first time letting someone taste her craft.

His gaze softened. Although he actually couldn’t bear to drink it, her expectant gaze prompted him to raise the cup and take a sip. He did so in a very serious manner, and as the first sip crept over his taste buds and down his throat, his eyes filled with contentment.

The cup of coffee far surpassed his expectation. Clearly, Su Yanyi had put great effort into it.

“It’s delicious, really good,” he praised generously, right before the System sounded.


You have completed the Upgrade Mission for LEVEL 1 to LEVEL 2.

Starting upgrade…

After about a minute, the System beeped again.


You have upgraded to LEVEL 2.

New Accumulation Mission: Discover 10 of Mr. Qin’s personal habits/secrets.

You may not inquire about the task, and each habit must be discovered through solo effort.

NOTE: The points will only count if the habits/secrets are ones that five or fewer people know of.

And again.


Points: 10

All LVL. 1 functions will now be upgraded to LVL. 2!

Unlocked: Hidden Missions

[Lvl. 2] Space Dimension

Size increased from one cubic meter to ten cubic meters.  

[Lvl. 2] Pinpoint Location

Slots increased from 1 to 3 total.

[Lvl. 2] Culinary Arts

Catalog increased.

[Lvl. 2] Medical Prowess

Catalog increased.  

[Lvl. 2] Resources

The Host receives 5 scripts and 20 songs.

[Lvl. 2] Auxiliary Assistance

Expanded scope of assistance.

Hidden Mission: ???

The Hidden Mission is not disclosed. Rewards will be granted once the mission is complete.

LEVEL 2 Upgrade: Complete!

VIN: I guess this is the beginning of a new arc?

RELEASE SCHEDULE: 1x a week, and 3x every other week.

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