Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 56

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Chapter 56 — A Bit Dumb

【 001. He’s so dumb, would that count as a secret? 】Su Yanyi felt that 001 was rather useful. At least she could complain to it when she was bored.

【 Mr. Master isn’t dumb, he’s just nervous because he loves you too much and cares about you too much. 】

Maybe it was because a bystander could see the bigger picture, or maybe 001 possessed naturally high EQ, but either way, what it said actually made sense. Su Yanyi was extremely surprised by that, but of course, she paid more attention to the content rather than the speaker.

She turned to stare seriously Qin Jiran, as if she was trying to confirm if what 001 said was true.

He noticed her peculiar gaze and asked with a trace of nervousness,  “What’s wrong?”

“Just thinking that you’re a little dumb,” she answered honestly, and very seriously.

That made him feel a bit wronged. He hadn’t even done anything, so why was Yanyi calling him dumb?

But unbeknownst to him, his lack of action was exactly why she thought he was dumb.

Su Yanyi took in his speechless expression and suddenly thought that, well, being dumb wasn’t such a bad thing. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about being deceived.

For a woman like her, having a sense of trust for her partner was absolutely necessary. She even considered it the prerequisite for love, as she believed that only a relationship fostered by trust could thrive.

She would give up a relationship that only bore love, and not trust. Or rather, it would be more accurate to say that she would destroy the relationship, because admittedly, she was a self-centered woman with an unyielding desire for control, and that desire must be complemented with a sense of trust. If she held the reins but lacked a sense of trust, then the relationship would end disastrously.

However, it must be mentioned that if it weren’t for everything Qin Jiran had done for her in her past life, she would never have thought to appreciate him.

Qin Jiran tried to figure out where he had made a mistake, but to no avail. He had no choice but to ask her, helplessly and sincerely, “Yanyi, what did I do wrong? Tell me, I’ll change.”

Just as she was about to say that he was good and didn’t need to change, she changed her mind and deliberately put on a cold expression before saying, ”Do you remember what you said before?”

“Which?” He had said a lot of things, so he wasn’t sure which one she was talking about. And even though he remembered everything he had ever said to her, mainly because he was always very careful about what he said to her, her question was just too vague.

“You said you want to pursue me, but you haven’t done anything yet,” she reminded bluntly.

Clearly, he had not expected her to say this. He instantly fell silent as his entire face turned red, betraying his embarrassment.

“I, I… “ He didn’t know what he should say. Of course he remembered saying that, and Heavens knew how happy he felt that day, but when it came time to actually do it, he found that it was easier said than done.

When he asked Jiang Xiaobin about how to chase a girl, Jiang Xiaobin had given him a very clear-cut answer, and that was to treat her well. When asked for clarification, his answer could be summed up in two words: dates, and gifts.

Dates? The idea wasn’t new to Qin Jiran, but there was one problem: he was always very busy, and Su Yanyi was too. Plus, they were already living together, so wouldn’t it be weird if he mentioned going on a date? But taking a walk like this felt nice. It should count as a date, right?

And as for sending gifts, he didn’t know what he should send. Aside from eating, he had tried and failed to find what else she liked. Jiang Xiaobin said that girls were fond of flowers and other things like that, but Qin Jiran had a feeling that it wouldn’t work for Su Yanyi.

Judging from the situation he was in now, it seemed that his excessive caution and concern had made her unhappy. Since that was the case, he decided to go ahead and try one of Jiang Xiaobin’s suggestions anyway.

“Then are you free tomorrow? Let’s go on a date?” he asked expectantly. And as for the work he had to do tomorrow… the Great Emperor Qin didn’t care. It wasn’t as important as Su Yanyi anyway.

She glanced at him with a deep smile in her eyes. Unfortunately, the night was dark, so he didn’t notice.

She really did think that this man was a bit dumb, but this kind of dumb was the clumsy slow-witted type that somehow gave her a sense of security, and it even made him seem particularly cute.

“I have to work tomorrow.”

Qin Jiran’s face fell, but her next words instantly cheered him back up again.

”… but we can go out in the evening.”

“Alright, we’ll go out in the evening then!” He nodded vigorously. When it came time to give the year-end awards, he was definitely going to give Jiang Xiaobin an extra share.

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran continued on their stroll, but they never got to holding hands. Even so, the mood between them was especially beautiful. Their shadows blurred under the dim lamplights, but they were in harmony with each other.

Maybe their feelings had not yet reached the point of mutual love, and maybe they weren’t so good at grasping the meanings in each other’s words, but despite the maybes, their relationship was gradually blossoming. Although they were still at the stage of ignorance, clumsiness, and inexperience, they were happy and expectant.

And maybe it was because the mood was too good, or maybe time had flown too fast, but the walk back felt extremely short. As Qin Jiran watched Su Yanyi return to her bedroom, he was filled with reluctance and affection. He was even beginning to consider making more delicious food in the future, hoping that Yanyi would eat a lot every day, because if she ate a lot every day, then he could go out for a walk with her every day.

Thus, from that day on, the Great Emperor Qin became very, very fond of cooking. He poured almost all of his free time into researching for food and pastry recipes, while Her Highness the Queen would happily gobble down the fruits of his labor.

VIN: “Dumb” sounds better than “stupid,” so I’m going to use that from now on.

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