Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 76.3

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Chapter 76.3 — Support of the Fan Squad


Edited by: Larkspur


The musical duo was about the same age, in their forties. That said, Qin Jiran was naturally the younger generation.


“Jiran, we collaborate again! This time, you’re singing. I think highly of you.” Qu Yao held a couple of music scores in his hand, clearly satisfied with them. He’d taken out a few of Su Yanyi’s songs.


“The song is great. Let me hear you sing it first.” Tian Xiao was much more direct and was still assessing Qin Jiran. He admired his acting skills and held some opinions about his singing techniques.


In reality, Qin Jiran was to sing only one song during the charity show. As long as it was passable, he didn’t really need to be too professional. After all, everyone knew him as an actor and not a singer. But, the problem was that Tian Xiao was a person with strict standards. Especially with great songs his expectations soared. He believed that good songs were meant for good singers. Otherwise, it would be an utter waste.


The songs that Su Yanyi had given him were indeed worthy of being great songs. The manner in which some of the tunes were handled was novel to him. He was mightily impressed just by looking at the scores. Obviously, his expectations from Qin Jiran went a few notches higher. However, knowing well Qin Jiran wasn’t a professional he held some misgivings.


Qin Jiran didn’t stall either. He’d already studied the song. Right then, he began singing.


Two hours later they’re through with the training. Qu Yao and Tian Xiao were extremely pleased with the result. However, the pair held slightly different expressions. While Qu Yao’s said “as expected”, Tian Xiao was clearly surprised.


“If you are willing to become a singer, I can compose an album just for you.” Being the golden producer, Qu Yao thought it was a pity if Qin Jiran didn’t sing. He was well aware that Qin Jiran had a deep and mesmerizing voice. But now, he was so inspired by his rendition that he couldn’t let go of him. He really wanted to pull Qin Jiran over to the music industry.


“I can also compose songs for you.” Tian Xiao interjected timely. He was a person who enjoyed music to the extent of going crazy. Since he was able to find a young scion, he had naturally formed some opinions.


“Thank you. If I need anything, I will find the two of you for help.” Qin Jiran preferred to remain non-committal. Who knew what the future held? Perhaps, he’d really broaden his sphere to the music industry. Also, Qin Jiran was brooding over something right now. He was contemplating his new song, the one to be played between the opening and end credits. He’s considering singing it himself. This way, not only would they conserve the funds, but it would also serve as a tool for promotion. He would benefit from this in multiple ways.


They’re still a week away from the Heavenly Sea Charity Show. The show was being promoted in a big way. Although Qin Jiran was the highlight, a few popular celebrities were also in attendance. It was being touted as a grand affair and many were looking forward to it.


Of course, Qin Jiran was in high demand. Several of his fans had stated that they’d weather all odds just to be present to show their solidarity. Whilst many could watch Qin Jiran, the Film Emperor, on screen; it was extremely rare to see him off screen. Unlike the other celebrities, he never had gigs. Ergo, Heavenly Sea Charity was the most awaited show.


Many fans hailed Qin Jiran on his official Weibo. In his free time, Qin Jiran went through the comments and found them rather interesting.


[Can Qin DaDa bring the Queen to the charity show? I wanna see you guys put on a public show of affection in front of me.]


[Thumbs up to the person above. I totally support your idea. I’m looking forward to seeing the Queen. I am a fan of the Queen!]


The Queen’s fans were a special group amongst the Qin Jiran’s fans. The group expressed their fondness for the Queen and Film Emperor Qin. They supported the Film Emperor and the Queen. They supported their togetherness!


At the onset, there were only a few Queen’s fans. Gradually, Su Yanyi’s accomplishments were revealed and the number of fans grew rapidly. They actually seemed to function as an individual entity, instead of just relying on Qin Jiran’s fans to grow. They’d become the cornerstone of the forum.


[I am also the Queen’s fan. I am looking forward to the Queen’s arrival! Queen, please grace us with your presence!]


[Hey, hey, hey. The person above and above and above, please remain calm. The Queen is the Boss. She usually doesn’t appear in such small occasions.]


[Why won’t she show up? Qin Jiran is coming so the Queen should come as well. It is the Way of the King to make a public display of affection. Let the single dogs and cats all be jealous of you guys!]


[Speaking of which, are you all the Queen’s fan? Did you know that the Queen’s created a Weibo? However, besides some basic information on the Queen, there isn’t anything else. I am very disappointed. However, returning to my works, the summary was quite scary. She helmed an entertainment company when she was in her teens and slowly brought it to the top in this entire nation. It’s incredible! Only the Film Emperor would’ve dared to marry someone like her. The Film Emperor is formidable!]


[Ah, the Queen’s a weirdo. How can I, being the Queen’s fan, not know? This is definitely not happening. Immediately move out. I will go check it out now!]


[Thumbs up to the person above. I will go check out the Queen’s Weibo too. It is necessary for the Queen to know my name in the first moments!]


[Person above, stop being under a delusion. The Queen would only know the Film Emperor’s name. She wouldn’t want to know yours!]


[Cough, cough. We are off topic. Let me bring us back on topic. I support the presence of the Queen. Queen, please go attend the charity show. I will be there waiting for you! Of course, to watch the Film Emperor too. You guys better put on a public show of affection!]


[Thumbs up to person above. There better be +10086 and the I.D. number!]


More people left comments. When Qin Jiran saw this, his eyes brightened and he followed in the fans’ footsteps to check the Queen’s Weibo!


Qin Jiran was undoubtedly the Queen’s top fan. How could he not know of this matter? This was not supposed to happen!


Su Yanyi’s Weibo was created by Kang Zhong. Obviously, couldn’t really upload the pictures of affection. Therefore, he’d just picked a couple of meaningful ones and published it on Weibo. He helped set up Su Yanyi’s eminence before giving her the account number and password.


It’s on a sudden impulse that she’d created a Weibo. She’d only wanted to scroll through it and didn’t have the inclination to upload anything yet. Therefore, she’d left it blank and intended to upload something in the future when she was in the mood.


Despite being reclusive and keeping a low-profile, Su Yanyi’s Weibo was still noticed by some of the hawk-eyed netizens. Then, one passed to ten, and those ten passed it onto a hundred. Thus, the number of people following her Weibo rose. Of course, this included the fans who commented on the Queen’s Weibo, requesting to see “a public display of affection.” The level of amazingness was in no way inferior to Qin Jiran’s Weibo.


“Brother Qin, you’re looking at the Weibo too? The comments left by the fans are getting more and more interesting now. Look at the comments under the Weibo. They are real fans!” Jiang Xiaobin moved closer to take a look. He did notice that it was a profile page but failed to identify the person. So, he teased.


Right now, they were at the studio. Qin Jiran was done shooting his scenes. He sat on the side, looking.


“In the future, you need to be mindful of Yanyi’s news. You don’t even know that she was on a Weibo. You’re too slow.” Qin Jiran rarely visited his Weibo. He just checked occasionally so it was normal that he didn’t know Su Yanyi was on Weibo. However, Jiang Xiaobin basically was soaked on the internet every day. How could he not know? This shouldn’t happen!


“Ah! President Su opened a Weibo‽ Why don’t I know‽ How could I know‽ I’m going to see!”


As Jiang Xiaobin spoke, he took out his phone and logged in to Weibo. After a while of searching, he found Su Yanyi’s Weibo. He immediately followed her then inquired, “I’m following President Su. Do you want me to do the same on your Weibo? You guys are married so you guys should follow each other.”


Qin Jiran had just thought about following her. He didn’t answer Jiang Xiaobin but followed her, himself. After that, Qin Jiran’s Weibo displayed the first person he followed!


Qin Jiran, himself, rarely went on his Weibo. Jiang Xiaobin, being his assistant, naturally wouldn’t follow anyone randomly. Qin Jiran who was the entertainment idol had attracted many people’s attention. Besides his friends within the entertainment circle, it wasn’t proper to expose his other friends. Within the entertainment circle, there was no one worthy enough to be followed by Qin Jiran. Therefore, the first person Film Emperor Qin followed was President Su.


This update some of the keen-eyed caught on. Right then, they let out cheers of joy.


[I dislike people putting on public display of affection but how come I am never annoyed with this! Film Emperor, you can try harder to show off next time.]


[I am never tired from seeing the Film Emperor and the Queen being affectionate with each other. I want to find someone to love me too!]


[Following each other’s account and whatnot is an example of showing off. The only following I will be doing is my loving heart for you. Queen, did you receive the Film Emperor’s heart? Please answer when you do! You need to follow back!]


[He only followed the Queen. So much love! I also want to be followed but I guess there is no hope. Then, can I beg the Queen to follow the Film Emperor back? Otherwise, the Film Emperor will be upset!]


[It is, as expected, the rhythm for putting on a public show of affection. Let me go create a Weibo and follow myself. I won’t follow anyone else! Humph!]


Qin Jiran stared at the comments that popped up instantly. He let out a soft laugh. He was never the one to mind prying eyes. He had been an orphan since young and was looked down upon many times. If he was really mindful of each of those looks, he would be the one hurting in the end. Therefore, he learned to ignore from a young age. If he didn’t care, then he wouldn’t hurt!


But ever since he became a celebrity and gained a fan following, he was truly happy from the bottom of his heart when he saw the fans’ supports and follows. He did not mind the nasty comments, but he was grateful for his fans’ positive ones. After all, to him, it was a type of approval and solace.


Right now, seeing that the fans still supported him steadfastly, and even blessed him and Su Yanyi, Qin Jiran was even more touched. Emotionally, he even believed that he was really lucky to have these fans!


He never cared about the negative comments. However, being with Yanyi he was unable to do so. If today, this hadn’t happened and no one supported him and Yanyi, he might as well exit from the entertainment circle. If his fans didn’t admire Yanyi but rather snubbed her, he would still do so, because he wouldn’t let her become a target!


Therefore, he was grateful and touched.


[Thank you for your support. Yanyi and I are good. You guys will be blessed too!]


Really, rarely, did Qin Jiran leave a comment on his Weibo. To top it, he wrote such moving words that many sensitive eyes welled instantly!


[Film Emperor, we will always support you! You must be blessed too!]


[Seeing that the Film Emperor is so happy, I’m not worried anymore!]


[We are all blessed. The Queen and you will definitely be blessed! Otherwise, we won’t be happy!]


[Qin DaDa, don’t speak such emotional words. I can’t stop crying! Who is going to pay the money to buy tissues!]


[Openly displaying affection and whatnot. My eyes are blind. However, I will get used to this. Who lets the Film Emperor and the Queen do so every day? All the magazines in my house are about the two of you. All sorts of happiness really lead one to become jealous!]


[That’s right. I am jealous in all sorts of ways!]


[Aii, the Ice-Cold Film Emperor should change his name. How about we call him Love-Struck Film Emperor. All the females are crying. Film Emperor, you must be happy. Otherwise, we will be saddened…]


All sorts of comments appeared before Qin Jiran. These were all people who cared about him. Although there were several people who were a bit upset that he was married, the fans’ hearts were kind and forgiving. After their brief episode of sadness, they truly blessed him. Now that Film Emperor Qin exclaimed these words, they were all incredibly touched. Each one of them spoke words of blessings. Qin Jiran was even more moved.

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