Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 79.1

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Chapter 79.1 — It’s okay to be stupid

Edited by: Larkspur

Heavenly Sea Charity Show was held two days before Christmas, a western holiday. This holiday was gaining popularity in the east. Perhaps, they didn’t need to care about it in the past. But off late, as people fell in love, many had started paying more and more attention to this holiday.

Qin Jiran was shooting scenes the day before Christmas. Jiang Xiaobin, who was in charge of his phone, on seeing the text message, couldn’t resist a laugh.

“What are you laughing about?” Once Qin Jiran was done with his shot, he looked over and found Jiang Xiaobin laughing brazenly as he stared at his phone. He took his phone from his hand.

[Brother Qin, tomorrow is Christmas. In order to prevent you from forgetting this holiday, I sent this notice! You have to remember to give sister-in-law a gift. Otherwise, you might be driven to the living room to sleep!]

Zhan Minghui had sent this text. At the end of the text, he’d used a series of symbols to create a smiley face which looked cheekier than Jiang Xiaobin’s.

“Brother Zhan speaks reasonably. Brother Qin, have you prepared the gift? We’ve to always give presents at Christmas.” Jiang Xiaobin added.

Qin Jiran scrunched his eyebrows. He’d never thought about preparing gifts. In the past, he’d never even thought of Christmas. Let alone this type of foreign holidays, he had never found Chinese New Year special. After all, he was all alone. Was there a point in celebrating?

“What would be suitable to gift?” Those without experience could only ask a bystander’s opinion.

“Naturally, you have to gift woman flowers and jewelry. President Su will probably like it too.” Jiang Xiaobin replied with certainty. The moment he finished his words, Qin Jiran turned around and left.

Asking someone else what to gift their beloved was extremely stupid. He would naturally know what to gift his sweetheart. Why did he need to ask someone else‽

Qin Jiran thought that gifting flowers and whatnot were highly unreliable. President Su liked bonsai!

How about gifting her a bonsai? However, this thought lasted but for a moment before being trashed. It’s not romantic at all!

Usually, Qin Jiran didn’t have scenes to shoot in the afternoon but he would still stay with the crew to watch over. After all, he held the title of the co-director as well. Yet this afternoon, Qin Jiran left. When Jiang Xiaobin was driven away by Qin Jiran, his look seemed to say ‘I should’ve done this a long time ago’.

Needless to say, Qin Jiran went to buy gifts. But, he hadn’t thought of what to buy yet. So, he headed to a hugely popular mall to casually shop around.

It was Christmas Eve and the mall was brimming with a festive mood. All sorts of Santa Clauses appeared. Many shops prepared promotions and discounts for Christmas. The mall seemed lively and bustling as many people came and went.

A man like Qin Jiran, had caught many people’s attention as he shopped around. Although he wore a cap and scarf, his upright figure and surrounding aura were hard to miss. The passers-by couldn’t help but shoot an extra glance at him.

Despite the risk of being recognized at any moment, Qin Jiran still picked gifts for Su Yanyi.

Qin Jiran looked at the mall directory and decided to go to the women’s clothing section. He had never bought clothes for Yanyi before. He might as well give it a try.

Being the entertainment circle’s Film Emperor, Qin Jiran had made the right decision. This mall was a confluence of popular luxury brands. Qin Jiran walked around a few stores before finding suitable clothes for Su Yanyi. However, he didn’t find just one, but rather many…

This white shirt, Yanyi could wear for work. She could match this with her other work clothes.

Yanyi would probably like this body-hugging black pants. 

This blue skirt matches Yanyi’s style. He remembered that she had a blue cloak. She could team this with that.

This bag is very beautiful too; it’s small and cute, suitable for Yanyi. Maybe, she could use this somehow.

As he kept on picking, Qin Jiran discovered that he couldn’t hold the many things he’d picked! Big and small bags piled up. This brought him trouble.

However, it was no big deal. Qin Jiran found a store and bought a couple more items. Then, he took the car keys and let people bring it to his car. These types of top-notch specialty stores did deliveries.

Without the fear of trouble, Qin Jiran was satisfied with his shopping. Clothes, pants, cloaks, jackets, hats, scarves, shoes, and bags. As long as he liked it, he bought them all. If he was unsure of the size, he would buy a size up and down. In any case, one of them would be fit Yanyi. Of course, Qin Jiran couldn’t promise that Yanyi would like them all. Therefore, he thought of buying more. In the end, there would be something that she would like. Even if it’s just one or two items, it wouldn’t be a waste.

Qin Jiran shopped in the women’s section for almost three hours. Although he was a bit tired, he was still unusually excited. He didn’t want to walk anymore. He deliberated a little before going over to the jewelry section. Even though he thought he shouldn’t listen to Jiang Xiaobin’s words completely, he could still take it into consideration.

What types of jewelry should he buy? Yanyi obviously didn’t lack any of this. It’s a matter of thoughts.

Qin Jiran was hesitant and decided to just walk around first. However, his gaze landed on a pair of rings. As a thought suddenly struck him, he turned despondent.

Though he and Yanyi were married, they had nothing besides a marriage certificate!

They had no wedding, banquet or a wedding dress, not to mention wedding rings. In the past, he didn’t think much about it. After all, he and Yanyi married due to contract. Even if they had these things, it would’ve been just fake. He didn’t think much about it. But now, it was different. He and Yanyi had feelings for one another. More than likely, Yanyi liked him too. Even though she might not love him yet. He was obviously unable to compare their feelings. But, at least he could prove that they could uphold this marriage!

With the pair of rings before him, Qin Jiran was lost in thoughts. If he were to gift Yanyi a ring, would she accept it? Would she wear it?

If it were possible, Qin Jiran really hoped that he could put a ring on Yanyi. Even if it wasn’t the so-called wedding rings. Of course, he hoped that they could also wear the wedding rings that symbolize their status of being married.

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