Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 86.2

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Chapter 86.2 — Becoming Stupider 

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“Does the underwear fit well? Do I need to change it?”


Did he really need to answer this question? He’s already wearing it, so it naturally was a fit!

At the same time, the expected system’s voice rang as though it’d received its answer.

Congratulations to the Master for completing the upgrading mission. You are on Level Three now. Upgrading begins…

After a short wait, the system’s voice rang in series.

Congratulations to Master for reaching Level Three. The points mission for Level Three is to gift Mr. Master ten gifts that have been personally made you. The mission requires you to be involved in over 50% of the process of making the gifts and Mr. Master must like the gifts you give him. In addition, Mr. Master would have to give you a return gift each time and while you may hint at it you cannot say it out loud.

Congratulations to Master for reaching Level Three. Now, you have 20 points and all of the system’s Level Two functions will be upgraded to Level Three. This includes the space function, tracking function, cooking function, medical function, resources function, special assisting function, and a hidden mission function still exists.

Level Three space function has expanded the storage from ten cubic meters to 50 cubic meters.

Level Three tracking function allows for ten more people to be tracked, including Mr. Master. You can be certain of thirteen people’s location.

Level Three cooking and medical functions includes a larger variety of rare and precious ingredients and recipes. Master, please take this seriously and learn from it. It can also be used for business purposes.

Level Three resources function gifts Master two stage plays, two TV drama scripts, and 50 songs. At the same time, the function to alter all sorts of scripts is now available.

Level Three assisting function now expands the boundary for assists and can satisfy more of Master’s requirements. However, it is still limited to one assist each day. Master, please treasure the chance and don’t waste it on trivial situations.

The hidden mission is still available in Level Three. When Master completes the hidden mission, you will be rewarded heavily. Please work hard.

The introduction to Level Three system functions is complete. Once you upgrade to Level Four, the system will increase the effects of the other functions. Please pick the upgrading reward right now. Good luck to Master!

Picking an upgrading reward…Congratulations Master for receiving a magical seed. You can plant this in a vast area and this seed has already been placed in your space storage bag. Please use it ASAP.

The ringing of the system’s voice made Su Yanyi dizzy. Yet, she analyzed her current situation and besides a few more functions, there weren’t that many changes. Of course, this was also because the chances of her using the system weren’t that high, so when she leveled up, the system couldn’t help but remind her. For example, the cooking and medical functions included knowledge that could establish two business empires. Yet, Yanyi had never bothered with it. The system was indeed disappointed in her.

With regard to the changes in the system, Su Yanyi was still satisfied since she didn’t require much. What she cared most about was what the resources function had given her. She almost immediately wanted to take it out from the space storage and leave the useful ones with Qin Jiran.

“Jiran, wait for me. I’m going to get something.” As she said this, she jumped out of Qin Jiran’s arms and nimbly ran out barefooted. Qin Jiran was helpless at this sight. Who knew that the normally calm Yanyi could also be so lively, like a grown child?

Su Yanyi returned as quickly as she’d left. She basically walked in a circle in the study and came back. She held a pile of papers and dozens of scripts in her hands. Although she remained calm, she delivered this to Qin Jiran, looking eagerly. “Look, are there any that you like? If you do, you can keep them.”

This scene was extremely familiar. and Qin Jiran was moved by the many scripts Su Yanyi held. Although he was gratified, he was curious too. Where had Yanyi obtained these scripts from that contained diverse genres? He hadn’t heard of the company hiring a screenwriter or something. The original famous screenwriters hadn’t come up with new works either and these works weren’t even signed by anyone. Qin Jiran felt that this was strange.

“I will look through it seriously but where did you get all these scripts from?” Qin Jiran was confused.

Naturally, Su Yanyi couldn’t mention the existence of the system. She thought over before she said, “These are perhaps rewards for something I had done.”

Su Yanyi considered this to be close to the truth since she did obtain the rewards after completing the system mission and leveled up. However, this wasn’t sufficient to get rid of Qin Jiran’s curiosity.

“Reward?” Qin Jiran stared strangely at Su Yanyi. He really couldn’t think of anyone who held the right to give Su Yanyi rewards!

Su Yanyi clearly sensed Qin Jiran’s suspicion. She thought about it before she said, “This is a secret. I might tell you one day but not right now.”

Actually, Su Yanyi could’ve found numerous reasons to answer Qin Jiran’s question and quell his suspicions. But she didn’t want to because she disdained the idea. She and Qin Jiran would be together for a very long time. If there were lies right at the beginning of the relationship, then wouldn’t there be even more lies later on? If that were to happen, what was the point of them being together anymore? Why not just break it off early on? This would stop them from suffering and being in a marriage full of lies.

“Then I’ll wait.” Although Su Yanyi hadn’t given him the answer he’d hoped for, he was still satisfied with this response. He admired her the most for she wouldn’t lie and plainly explained things for what they were.

He didn’t know if beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but no matter what Yanyi had done, it was worth the praise in Qin Jiran’s heart. Even if it was only a small detail, he felt good about it.

“Hm.” Seeing that Qin Jiran had easily accepted her explanation, she was pleased and her mein took a gentle turn.

Qin Jiran turned tender when he saw Su Yanyi smiling. He tugged at her hand and held her in his arms. The two were back to how they were in bed before-entangled.

“Yanyi, sleep in my room tonight. Ok?”

To Su Yanyi’s ears, Qin Jiran’s incomparably soft voice felt magnetic; she was unwilling and unable to reject him.


It sure sounded ambiguous. But in reality, no matter whether it was Qin Jiran or Su Yanyi, they knew its meaning was simple. They just wanted to rest. But, in a way, it wasn’t simple either. If Su Yanyi had really agreed, it meant that their relationship had advanced to the next step!

In the Su Residence, the two shared one room and it was the same in the villa. But they were in their home where each had their own room. In the past three years, there was clearly a barrier between the two, like a forbidden ground. But this barrier had now broken down and the two weren’t as unfamiliar with each other’s rooms anymore. But as a married couple, it was a bit strange for them to sleep in different rooms.

Of course, their relationship wasn’t normal. There were some people who went on dates even after getting married. Not only did these two do so, but they had also started dating after being married for three years.

Qin Jiran was grinning ear to ear and hugged Su Yanyi as though he was hugging the whole world. That soft consent from Su Yanyi held a heavy weight in his heart. No matter whether it was Qin Jiran or Su Yanyi, they both understood that their relationship was really different. In other words, the two, finally and truthfully, went into the married couple mode.

That night, Su Yanyi slept in Qin Jiran’s arms. In the beginning, since she wasn’t used to it, she planned on staying awake until the morning. She thought that she couldn’t fall asleep and it was different now that there were two people sleeping on the same bed. She wasn’t comfortable with this intimate position.

As she thought about it, she gradually fell asleep, unknowingly. She stretched her arms and hugged Qin Jiran as though she were hugging a pillow. Slowly, half her body was on top of Qin Jiran’s.

In the beginning, Qin Jiran was stiff all over. He was really afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself as beauty was in his arms and it was someone he loved. Slowly, this thought faded away. Instead, he felt satisfied, a feeling of warmth spread throughout his body, occupying all of his thoughts. Yet, he slowly fell asleep too. Before he was deep in sleep, he felt the change in Su Yanyi’s body. Their inseparably close position made Qin Jiran feel at ease and comfortably fall asleep.

This night, the two of them were in deep sleep, experiencing peaceful rest in an intimate position only a couple could have.

When morning came, Su Yanyi was used to herself lying in the man’s arms. Who let her wake up to this position every time?

“Morning.” Qin Jiran’s gentle voice rang and a beautiful day began.

Su Yanyi climbed on Qin Jiran and pulled the blankets on their bodies up before revealing just her head. It was enough for her to see Qin Jiran.


At this moment, Qin Jiran felt his heart softening, as though it were a puddle of water. He really couldn’t resist such a cute and adorable Yanyi.

Qin Jiran hugged Su Yanyi tightly, like hugging a child and moved her up. That way, the two faced each other and then he kissed the corner of Su Yanyi’s lips.

“Today, the little white tiger will be brought back. Do you want to take a look?”

The little white tiger that little Su Nuo had been expecting was finally going to be brought over and he wanted to know if Yanyi wished to take a look. He remembered how Yanyi didn’t really like it back then.

“Then let’s go.” It seemed like it was time to head back. She hadn’t seen her nephew in a few days and didn’t know if he was used to the Su Family now and whether or not the father and son were on better terms. After all, Elder Brother had been busy with work abroad.

“Do you want me to pick you up in the afternoon?” He needed to shoot scenes in the morning and originally, he didn’t have time in the afternoon either. So that he could go to the residence today, he had been working overtime for the past two days. It wasn’t until yesterday’s celebratory banquet that he squeezed some time out.

“Hm.” Su Yanyi was used to Qin Jiran picking her up. Most of the time, whenever Qin Jiran was available, he would drive her to work and pick her up, giving Kang Zhong some respite.

Thus, a trip to the Su Residence in the afternoon was decided. Before they could even have their breakfast, their phones consecutively rang.

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