Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 77.2

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Chapter 77.2 — Posing for Another Photo

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Su Yanyi and Jiang Xiaobin’s thoughts were in the same vein. In the end, she too felt that it was inappropriate for Qin Jiran to deal with the Qin Family in any way. After all, he was related to them by blood. Therefore, it was best that she’d handle it for him.


No sooner than she had spoken, Qin Jiran knew Yanyi had found out about Qin Zhenyi’s phone call. Most likely, it was Jiang Xiaobin, that spy, who’d snitched. However, he didn’t mind. He knew that these people cared about him and only wished the best for him.


“Ok.” The feeling of being cared felt really good.


He’d felt that he couldn’t love the woman who was before him any more than he already did. But with each passing day, he seemed to be falling in love with her deeper and deeper. Her simple yet caring words, the gentleness that she hid beneath her indifference revealed the warmth she had towards him. Now that he had experienced this warmth, he felt both, extremely blessed and frightened at the same time.


What if one day Yanyi wouldn’t be like this anymore?


No, no, no, He should stop thinking nonsense. What he needs to work on is to treat and pursue Yanyi to the best of his ability. He needs Yanyi to like him more. That way, she won’t leave him. Naturally, Yanyi will be nice to him too.


Humans are greedy creatures. When they don’t have something, they want it. But when they obtained it, they want it even more. That’s exactly how love is. Once they fall in love, they would think of ways to be with them. And after they’re together, they hoped that the person they love will reciprocate their feelings. That said, even though he was not satisfied, it was still a beautiful wish. It would be a blessing if it were to be fulfilled.


“Yanyi, I followed you on Weibo. Would you like to follow me too?” Although Qin Jiran had asked casually, he was still looking forward to her response. He’d followed only Yanyi and hoped that she would do the same. Then, it would really be like what the fans said – Putting on a public display of affection.


In the past, Qin Jiran felt that he should stay low-key whenever he could in society. He never liked to publicize his personal life. But ever since he and Su Yanyi were together, he enjoyed putting on a public display of affection. He wished that everyone knew that he was happy and blessed to be together with Yanyi!


Although it’s a tad childish thought, perhaps, everyone who’s in love was like this. For the two people who had been married for three years but had just starting to fall in love with one another; it was the same.


“Ok. Let’s take another picture together.” Su Yanyi was not opposed to his idea and was only reminded of the Weibo she’d created on an impulse. She felt a picture was due for show-off.


“Ok. I will take it!”


Qin Jiran had been waiting for just this moment. As he prepared to take a picture he realized they’re both in their pajamas. Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind; if only they wore ‘couple pajamas’. A pity they didn’t have any. He made a mental note to prepare a few for the future.


The two took a picture and under Qin Jiran’s suggestion, they decided to include the small golden turtle in the next. As they got ready, Qin Jiran hesitated for a bit before placing his hand on Su Yanyi’s shoulder. Then he tilted his head slightly towards her. This way, they looked rather close.


Since the second picture included the small golden turtle, Su Yanyi was dissatisfied with the way the picture had turned out. So, Qin Jiran placed the ‘lightbulb’ (the small golden turtle) on his face when they retook the photo. Although she appeared impassive in the picture, she cheerily uploaded the two pictures to his Weibo.


On the bottom, she inserted a caption.


Under the first picture, there were only three letters: PDA.


Under the second, she wrote much more. However, the feeling of dislike was very evident. Yet, people still smiled at her thoughts: This is my family’s lightbulb who has gained the Film Emperor’s fondness. Even when we are taking pictures, he insists on bringing it along. I am confused.


[Hey, hey, hey! Dear Queen, not only are you making a public display of affection but are also acting cute. This doesn’t match your ice-cold image!]


Seeing the captions under the two pictures, the fans were immediately restless. They were overwhelmed by the couple’s cuteness; their undisguised show of affection and also how their Queen tried to act cute with that indifferent expression of hers.


[Queen, don’t you think it’s unsuitable for you to act cute with this indifference?]


[Queen, is this really you? Is this for real? How come I think there’s something wrong? This falls short of the Queen that I know of. I can’t accept this!]


[Is the Queen naturally cute or black-bellied? Please teach me!]


[Queen, quickly. Come to take a look, your Weibo has been hacked!]


[The Film Emperor and the Queen are both wearing pajamas! They are trying to show off!]


[The small golden turtle revealed itself again. Gives a thumbs up!]


[Is this the rumored small golden turtle? He is really cute but the Queen is cuter! This is a black-bellied type of cuteness. Not going to explain why!]


[Why do you guys only care about the Queen? Why don’t you guys pay more attention to our male idol? Look at how badly the Film Emperor was bullied. He couldn’t even show his face in the picture. His status at home is probably lower than the small golden turtle. This is really miserable. Film Emperor, don’t lose hope. You have to work hard and try to pass the small golden turtle’s status in the house!]


[Upstairs, you don’t understand this. The Queen is obviously jealous. How is the small golden turtle’s status higher than the Film Emperor’s? Obviously, the small golden turtle’s status is higher than the Queen’s. She is basically envious of the small golden turtle! Queen, stop being so proud, ok? Your subjects can’t take this!]


[Upstairs and up upstairs, both of you don’t understand what’s going on. They are basically showing off their love. The small golden turtle has already been called a lightbulb. What status would it have? Probably, the Queen dislikes it. Oh, poor small golden turtle. This person is a fan of cute animals. I really want to raise a golden turtle of the same breed. But how come I can’t find it?]


This was not the first time that the small golden turtle appeared in everyone’s line of sight. Not too long ago, the couple had uploaded a picture of the small golden turtle, leading many to become the small golden turtle’s fans and even surpassed a few C-listers. The number of fans even passed a few of the C-list celebrities. Many couldn’t help but sigh at the power of cute animals.


Amongst these people, there were naturally many people who loved turtles and wanted to own one. It was cute and visually attractive. The most important factor was that it was of a color that was most popular with the general public: pure golden. However, many people failed to find one such pure golden turtle. Not to mention the golden eyes and the confused and quick-witted look. Many were actually disappointed.


After the fans of the Queen appeared within Qin Jiran’s fan group, there was another group of fans of the cute animals. Due to this, they even created a couple of groups. The group names were extremely cute.


[Queen, are you going to the Film Emperor’s charity performance? We are all looking forward to it!]


[Yes! I’m hoping that the Queen will appear. I want to see them show off their love in front of me. I hope the Film Emperor and the Queen will come together!]


[I support upstairs!]


[If you support upstairs, +10086!]


[Take pity on the Queen’s fans who have never seen the Queen in real life. Resplendent Entertainment is also collaborating with the charity show. So, it should be suitable for President Su, the president of Resplendent Entertainment to show up. She should attend the charity show so we can worship her!]


The fans’ comments overlapped one another. In the beginning, it was about showing off love. Towards the middle, it was dedicated to the small golden turtle. Now, in the end, it was all about begging the Queen to show up. These comments appeared throughout Qin Jiran’s Weibo and the various fan groups. Soon they spread to Su Yanyi’s Weibo. It was safe to assume that this was what the audience was looking forward to.


“Yanyi, are you going to the charity show? The fans are all expecting you.” Qin Jiran looked at the comments and was a bit moved. He really hoped that Yanyi would go as well.


Su Yanyi naturally saw this. She thought about it before replying, “Ok, I’ll go.”


The Queen will be granting her presence? He felt it would be quite interesting.

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