Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 96.3

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Chapter 96.3  — A Warm Gift

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Gradually, Su Yanyi broke into a smile and continued to look at the photos regardless of jealousy and possessiveness. In the end, all that mattered was that he cared about her. She found that she wasn’t averse to this feeling. She even faintly approved. This man was hers and she was his woman. She was possessive about him so it was natural for him to feel the same. It was normal.

While Su Yanyi was looking at the pictures, the system prompted.

<blockquote> Congratulations to Master for completing level three mission once. Another point is added. Now, there are a total of 23 points. Master, continue to work hard!</blockquote>

This time, Su Yanyi didn’t feel as happy as she had before. It seemed like the chances of her being happy for completing the mission didn’t exist anymore. Instead, a feeling of deep warmth was surrounding her heart. This time, Su Yanyi finally understood the system’s hard work.

Perhaps, she needed to work harder to become a virtuous wife but the system’s existence contributed deeply to her learning to get along with Qin Jiran.

“Actually this isn’t really a gift. I just made this because I thought it could be a souvenir or some sort. In the future, let’s save all the pictures we take together, ok?” Qin Jiran looked seriously at Yanyi, knowing that she hadn’t dislike the idea either. Thus, he’d decided to propose his idea. In reality, he wanted to record every moment that he was with Su Yanyi. Especially the faint smile. Every smile belonged to his pride and glory!

“Ok.” Su Yanyi had the same thoughts too. She too wanted to record the moments of them together. They didn’t really mean PDA. However, the more they did, the more addicting it was.

Time passed by quickly. In less than ten days, it would be Chinese New Year. To the Sus this was very important. Every year, Mother Su would personally prepare the merchandise to be sold for Chinese New Year. Of course, this was a pleasure. She enjoyed having her son and daughter prepare it along with her. Of course, there was an addition to this year’s outing. Little Su Nuo became one of the members of the outing.

Qin Jiran wanted to tag along too, but he was too busy. The new movie was expected to hit the theaters during the New Year. It was best if it was screened right after New Year’s. But they were really behind schedule. So, the release had been pushed forward to around the Lantern Festival. However, it was time for the promotion though. Qin Jiran was so busy and disoriented that he wished he could do four different things at once.

On this day, Su Yanyi was hesitating to go shopping with Mother Su. As she was dilly-dallying, her phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, her face immediately became cold.

“What’s the matter?” Su Yanyi asked, icily. Whenever it had to do with Wang Zhilin, she was never happy. That despicable woman probably wanted to make a move now. She had been waiting for many days!

“Miss, we already settled the deal and got the evidence. They’re on their way too and although they prove to be harmless, please be careful!” Lin Mu’s voice rang. There was clearly a result regarding the matter.

“Ok.” She calmly hung up. Su Yanyi looked coldly ahead. She thought about it before calling her Elder Brother.

“What’s the matter?” To Elder Brother Su, whenever Su Yanyi called, she must have something important to say. Therefore, he asked directly.

“Send some bodyguards over but don’t have them reveal themselves. They just need to hide in secret.” She might be dominant and overbearing but she wasn’t impulsive. She would play games but that didn’t mean she would be reckless. Since she knew that someone had hired an assassin to kill her, how could she allow herself to be in danger?

“What happened?” Su Yanmo wasn’t stupid. It wasn’t a good sign when his sister wanted bodyguards from him.

“Wang Zhilin wants to hire an assassin to kill me.” Su Yanyi didn’t conceal this from him. Even if she had chosen not to tell him, if her brother wanted to know, he had ways to find out. The two men who were sent to soothe and trick Wang Zhilin were Elder Brother Su’s elite subordinates.

“Why bother making it complicated? I’ll find someone to end her directly.” Su Yanmo said, in a murderous tone. Don’t mention Wang Zhilin, even if it was the entire Wang Family, it was all just up to his order. Why was it necessary for Su Yanyi to place so many thoughts over it? At the same time he thought it was too problematic, he also felt a bit worried. This style didn’t fit his sister’s personality.

“Don’t! I have spent so much effort in getting her out of jail. How can I finish her off so quickly? I’m not done playing with her yet.” Needless to say, Su Yanyi was a bit abnormal in the way she treated Wang Zhilin’s matter. But who let her be a human vegetable in bed for two years? She probably had an abnormal state of mind.

“You’re just finding things to do when you don’t need to.” Su Yanmo concluded with certainty.

“Heh, maybe.” Although Su Yanyi was laughing, it was a sneer. There was no smile in her eyes.

Usually, Su Yanmo connived Su Yanyi. How could he reject her request? The moment he hung his phone up, he sent the strongest military group stationed in A City to Su Yanyi’s side to protect her. There were a total of ten people and each of them had skills like elite special forces soldiers. Don’t mention protecting one person, even if they were sent to protect a country’s leader, it would be more than enough.

When this group arrived, Su Yanyi started playing a fishing game- one that involved herself as bait. Su Yanmo who had received his subordinate’s report knitted his eyebrows. He’d especially reminded the group before allowing Su Yanyi to wander outside.

Qin Jiran was very busy and didn’t know much about Su Yanyi’s whereabouts. He never thought that something so dangerous would happen to Su Yanyi. So when heard that there was an assassination attempt on Su Yanyi from Jiang Xiaobin, he was shellshocked!

But Qin Jiran reacted quickly. He immediately interrogated. However, his icy face was really frightening. Everyone near him didn’t dare to breathe.

“What exactly happened? Is the news online reliable? Is it true or false?” As he shot questions in rapid succession, he took out his phone and directly dialed Su Yanyi’s number. At this time, he probably wouldn’t believe anything from anyone. He wanted to hear it coming from Su Yanyi in order to believe this.

“Jiran, you also saw the news, right? I’m fine. Don’t worry.” The moment Su Yanyi picked up the phone, she comforted.

Qin Jiran was momentarily silent. It was unclear if he was processing the information or calming down his violently thumping heart.

Qin Jiran held the phone tightly in his hand. He pretended to be calm and suppressed his emotions. “Are you really fine? Are you injured in any way?”

“No, nothing happened.” Su Yanyi said, confidently. She had arranged everything. How was it possible that something would happen to her? The moment the assassin rushed over with a knife, the surrounding bodyguards had subdued them. In hindsight, she thought that having the special forces soldiers protect her when the assassin himself was incompetent, was unnecessary. Otherwise, why else would the choice of weapon be a knife? Were they joking? Absolutely no dedication to one’s profession!

“…Then can I come and find you now? I want to see you.” He wouldn’t be at ease unless he personally saw her.

Why was there an attack? Who wanted to kill her? How did this happen? There were numerous questions in his mind. However, in the end, he asked none. What he wanted to do the most right now was to look at Yanyi and see if she was actually fine!

“You’re done filming?” For the past few days, they’d improvised and ate dinner by the main building. Su Yanyi understood really well the level of work Qin Jiran had to endure.

“…That is not important. Where are you now? I’m coming over there.” Compared to Yanyi’s safety, filming and whatnot held no values.

“I’m at home. Come over.” Su Yanyi didn’t continue to ask. Regarding the man’s persistence, she was clear. She also knew how important she was to the man. If he didn’t personally come back to take a look at her, he probably wouldn’t feel comforted.

“Ok, I will come back right now.”


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