Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 95.1

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Chapter 95.1 — Licking the Screen

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Amidst fluttering flurries, they made their way back Compared to when they’d arrived, it was indeed warmer. Despite the week long-suffering and discomfort in the harsh cold, the crew still couldn’t bear to bid adieu. They took pictures at many numerous places for keepsake.

Su Yanyi leaned on Qin Jiran’s arm and looked at the fading scenery outside the window. Rows of beautiful trees adorned the Northern landscape, as though it was a paradise of illusions.

“If we have time in the future, let’s come here for vacation.” It was rare for Su Yanyi to say this.

“If you want to, we can go somewhere farther. I heard that the Ice City’s Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is pretty good. It’s prettier than here.” He’d enjoyed the time spent with Yanyi these few days. Although he had been busy with work, as long as he thought of Yanyi, he felt blessed.

“Ok.” If she had time, she should go out more often.

It was almost nightfall when Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi returned home. Qin Jiran carried a sleeping Su Yanyi in. He felt bad and didn’t want to wake her up so he carried her into the bedroom. On the way, he saw little Su Nuo running over but he was smart and didn’t make noises. He sensibly followed behind them. He stared brightly at the two people, quite happy upon their arrival.

He placed Su Yanyi on bed and turned around to see little Su Nuo looking eagerly at him. Qin Jiran patted little Su Nuo’s head and he instantly smiled.

He held little Su Nuo’s hand and walked out the door. He softly closed it and went to the kitchen to cook dinner.

“What do you want to eat? This Uncle can cook for you.” On the way back, Qin Jiran had instructed the servants to prep up. He had been thinking about cooking for Yanyi. These few days, Yanyi hadn’t been eating much.

“Whatever Uncle cooks, it tastes good. Nuo Nuo likes to eat it.” Little Su Nuo wasn’t a picky child. The little white tiger tailed little Su Nuo. On his head was the little golden turtle. All three of them were looking at Qin Jiran right now. Their eyes were bright and full of expectations.

When Qin Jiran saw this, wordlessly he made his way to find some food for them. Little golden turtle and little white tiger ate mincemeat while little Su Nuo got some crackers. The happy trio walked out of the kitchen leaving Qin Jiran to concentrate on cooking dinner.

While cooking, his thoughts drifted back to the food Su Yanyi had cooked for him. He’d originally thought that he was good at cooking and would be able to let Yanyi enjoy the food. Who knew that Yanyi’s cooking would be that good? It had really impacted his confidence. Was there anything his beloved Goddess couldn’t do? She was simply too perfect!

When Su Yanyi woke up, the dinner was just done. She sat there, waiting for food as Qin Jiran busied himself for her. For Su Yanyi, this was how a perfect day should be. If she was home by herself, it wouldn’t feel like home.

It was only natural for little Su Nuo to join them for dinner. Not just him, but Su Yanmo came over as well. The four sat together for dinner. Although there weren’t a lot of words, the atmosphere still felt good.

After dinner, Su Yanmo and Su Yanyi as well as Qin Jiran started to chat about the Qins and the Wangs. Although Su Yanyi had been away for a short period of time, there had been a lot of changes within the seven days among A City’s two affluent families.

Su Yanmo described all that had happened within the families. Qin Family’s mess and Wang Family’s tragedy — Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were speechless as they listened to this. It was hard to say if they were happy or not.

“…Since you guys are back, I’ll leave the two families up to you guys to handle.” After he’d apprised them of the situation, he handed the job back to them. Su Yanmo was busy anyway. Although he had been overseeing the situation of the two families, it’s better to let Su Yanyi to be in charge. After all, as the Elder Brother, it wasn’t appropriate to intervene in the Qin Family’s matters.

“Ok, sorry for the trouble, Elder Brother.” Su Yanyi naturally didn’t reject him. She would definitely handle these two families.

Su Yanmo left with little Su Nuo. As little Su Nuo was about to leave, he first climbed on Qin Jiran’s lap and shyly kissed Qin Jiran. He said, “Uncle, goodnight.”

Then he looked eagerly at Su Yanyi, wanting to kiss her too. But he was afraid.

Qin Jiran smiled at this scene and placed the little boy on Su Yanyi’s lap. She hadn’t expected this and hurriedly caught him. Little Su Nuo, however, was very happy. He hugged Su Yanyi’s neck with his short hands and kissed her face. He said in a soft voice, “Aunty, goodnight. Sleep soon.”

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows but didn’t dislike it. She nodded her head calmly. “Ok, you should sleep early too.”

After Su Yanmo and little Su Nuo left, Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi in his arms. He breathed in her familiar scent, as though he finally had the whole world in his arms.

“What are you thinking about?” Though Qin Jiran asked, his eyes were full of mirth. Yanyi’s expression when she was kissed by little Su Nuo was very funny.

“You already know!” Did he think that she couldn’t see the smile in his eyes?

“Heh, kids usually talk cute. You like Nuo Nuo a lot and he likes you equally.” Qin Jiran didn’t explain. He never tried to hide his thoughts in front of Yanyi. While he was eager to get to know Yanyi more, at the same time, he wanted Yanyi to be eager to know him better as well. Only when they would understand each other, would there be no misunderstandings.



That night, a host of Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s pictures appeared on the internet. The majority of the pictures had a snow backdrop. The series of photos that attracted people’s attention was of the two of them building snowmen.

No one knew who invented the word PDA but Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi had illustrated this time after time. Many fans started to drool while looking at the pictures.

Why were they drooling? Because they were envious and jealous!

In the past, I was very envious of Film Emperor and Queen’s PDA but I also wish for them to be happy and blessed. But why do I feel like they’re being despicable now? Why so much PDA? They even built snowmen. Aren’t Film Emperor and Queen in A City? Where did all the snow in A City come from? So did you guys go on vacation? What you guys are doing will incite public anger!

Hahah, calm down, person above. We should be used to Film Emperor and the Queen’s PDA.

Speaking of which, where is this place? It looks very beautiful. I wanna play in the snow now!

This is really PDA. It’s so sweet and romantic of them! Please take me next time!

They did not going on vacation. They went to film. Revealed the secret! Queen went to visit Film Emperor but I feel like this was more romantic than going on a vacation together. Queen clearly cares about Film Emperor a lot.

Right! Queen followed Film Emperor to his outdoor shoot for his new drama. He was not even away for two days! They’re always together. But I heard that it was tiring to film the scenes this time. Film Emperor even got sick. You need to take care of yourself otherwise the Queen will feel bad!

Ah? Film Emperor is sick? As expected, being an actor is an exhausting job.You have to take care of yourself, otherwise the Queen will feel bad and then we will all feed bad!

Licking the screen. Do not disturb!

Following this, all sorts of comments about the fans’ heartaches appeared. Film Emperor’s fans all cared about his health and on Su Yanyi’s Weibo, most of the comments were like this too. What was different from Qin Jiran’s comments was that these comments were more interesting.

Queen-Sama, you pay very close attention to Film Emperor. It’s not good to accompany him the entire time, even when he’s working!

Person above, why do I feel like you’re saying the opposite?

Hah! Look at our Queen and Film Emperor’s PDA. Look at the snow. It’s really beautiful. I really want to build a snowman with my boyfriend now…

Heavens! The Queen is actually sliding down the sled. This really tips my impression of her. And the Film Emperor… Do you really need to look at our Queen with such passion and love? Haven’t you seen enough of her every day?

How could we have enough of this? How is that possible? Watching our Queen is the Film Emperor’s hobby…

Another two samas have blinded our eyes with their PDA!

I agree with the person above. Blinded my eyes +1

PDA blinded our eyes. We’ll draw circles and curse you guys!

Calmly expressing how used to it they are!

Ri: 6/9~

Countdown: 12


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