Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 82.1

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Chapter 82.1 — Little Bun: Su Nuo

Edited by: Larkspur

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were showing off their love in the target practice room. Somehow, those cold and ruthless guns had turned especially warm and comforting now.

It was almost four in the afternoon when Qin Jiran’s phone suddenly buzzed. Jiang Xiaobin had sent a simple text. He hoped he’d be allowed to upload a picture of Su Yanyi and him onto the internet as a ‘little something’ for the fans on Christmas.

Qin Jiran didn’t reject this but still asked Su Yanyi for her opinion first. Since showing off their love would infuriate Wang Zhilin, she naturally didn’t reject this. However, Su Yanyi suggested taking more pictures of themselves holding rifles. This was much more creative, and they could share it on each other’s Weibo.

But these were Su Yanyi’s thoughts. The users and fans, on the other hand, felt there was some sort of appeal in this.

At the same time, two pictures appeared on Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin’s Weibos. One was a picture of them together – looking indifferent and not close at all, yet seemingly harmonious and quite well-matched.

People had a different impression when they looked at either of the Weibos than when they looked at both the same time. They found it more interesting this way.

On Su Yanyi’s Weibo was a picture of Qin Jiran adeptly holding a gun. He looked handsome but cold; calmly gazing ahead. People wanted to scream at the sight of him!

Yet, on Qin Jiran’s Weibo, the angle in which Su Yanyi held the gun was different from his. Hers was a side profile that made her appear more refined and nonchalant. With that slightly raised chin, she gave off the Queen’s vibe. She really brought out a murderous aura around her when holding a gun, just like a female assassin.

Once the three pictures were uploaded, the comments section began to explode!

Qin-Sama is too handsome! Are they trying to shoot a gunplay film and is Queen Su a part of it? It’d be great then! I’m definitelylooking forward to this…

It seems like they’re playing in a shooting club or someplace like that. Today is Christmas, so they probably went to celebrate and took pictures of their PDA to make us envious. Right, Qin-Sama?

I support the person above. I think they’re basically going on a date in public! They must be having an affair!

Why the PDA during Christmas‽ What should I do with my kid who’s still in school‽ He’ll cry himself to death!

Even if they are showing off their love, I’ll endure it. They are a perfect match together!

Brother, the way you’ve held the gun is very accurate. You must’ve learned this before, and I was once a soldier who used this type of gun before. You are worthy of being my idol. In the future, you should act in more gunplay films since you’re so strong in all aspects. I’m willing to watch it!

This was a male fan who had come in randomly.

Above was the gist of Film Emperor Qin’s Weibo comments. Now, let’s look at Queen Su’s Weibo comments.

Queen, you’re my idol forever. I’ll always love you!

Why is there such a cool woman‽ How are all the women in the world going to live now‽

Film Emperor Qin is very handsome and Queen Su is very cool too. They are really a perfect match, looking exactly like a seasoned couple!

This tomboy is really envious that the Queen knows how to shoot. I really want to see a real gun too!

This is a real gun, right? Are they at a shooting club? As expected, Film Emperor Qin and Queen Su are rich people. I am genuinely jealous that they can go to such a special and advanced place for their date!

Huh, are they showing off their love‽. While Film Emperor Qin posts a photo of the Queen on his Weibo, the Queen does the same for him too. Isn’t it too obvious they’re showing off love?

No matter the news on the internet, the two planned on leaving the training gym after uploading the pictures. Then again, Qin Jiran’s phone buzzed with Jiang Xiaobin’s text. There were only three words: Boss, you’re amazing!

His eyes twitched on reading the text and he followed Su Yanyi along.

The two casually strolled around and most of the times, Su Yanyi was the one explaining about the different places and their purposes; such as the training room, combat room, surveillance room, arsenal, and wild training grounds. Because the place was too large, they just took a look from the outside. When the day gradually grew darker, the two planned to return too.

The two watched the old man who sat down with a peculiar expression, unable to guess if he was mad or happy.

Since Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were both puzzled, she took the initiative, “Grandfather, what’s the matter?”

The old man looked at the two and replied meaningfully, “Someone sent your brother a pretty special Christmas gift. I plan on bringing the two of you to take a look.”

Su Yanyi’s expression turned cold, she had a bad feeling about this.

The Su Family had been around for several hundred years and had many friends. Naturally, it had lots of enemies and opponents as well. There hadn’t been a day when they didn’t want the Su Family’s lives. From time to time, they would cause trouble and naturally, Su Yanyi thought that someone was causing trouble for her elder brother now that old man Su had put this way.

But then Su Yanyi denied her guess right after. If they came to cause trouble for elder brother, grandfather wouldn’t tell her unless it was extremely serious. However, looking at his expression, he didn’t seem to be worried but rather a bit confused.

“What gift?” Su Yanyi didn’t understand so she asked for clarification. What gift was worthy of grandfather’s current expression and necessary for her and Qin Jiran to take a look? Was it really that special?

“You’ll find out once you guys see it. Let’s go. Everyone’s left already.” Although Grandfather Su was a bit strict and stoic, Su Yanyi thought that he seemed to be a bit happy for some reason.

This was so strange. What gift exactly had elder brother received that the old man’s expression looked complicated? Su Yanyi became curious by the moment since she couldn’t think of why. She looked at Qin Jiran and followed grandfather back to the Su Residence.

On the way back, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran rode grandfather’s car. Although Grandfather Su was old, the car was still pretty valiant. It was a stretched Hummer that looked very imposing. The three sat in the back and Su Yanyi started to ask Qin Jiran, without minding her grandfather’s presence, “Jiran, what do you think the gift is?”

Grandfather Su couldn’t help but glare at Su Yanyi but didn’t say anything. He seemed to have the intention of letting them guess.

Qin Jiran shook his head and said, “I can’t guess it.”

In reality, Qin Jiran had almost the same conjecture as Su Yanyi. He thought that the old man’s attitude was a bit strange. If people were to say he was angry, it didn’t look like that either. But if people were to say he was unhappy, he seemed a bit excited. From time to time, he would knit his eyebrows, but his eyes would smile too. This made him believe that this gift suited the old man’s taste.

“But I think that grandfather probably won’t reject this.”

Although Qin Jiran said he was unable to take a guess, he could still read the old man’s intention. He naturally could see through people’s expressions and mein since he was an actor. The old man didn’t put a guard up with him, so it made it easier to guess.

The old man looked at Qin Jiran after he said this while Su Yanyi looked at the old man, seemingly observing her grandfather’s expression.

“Jiran’s words are reasonable. Grandfather doesn’t seem to be mad.” Su Yanyi naturally understood her own grandfather. These words were a certainty.

Seeing the two young people talk like this, the old man didn’t keep a serious face on anymore. He immediately smiled, “If this gift was real, I would naturally like it. I have been thinking about this gift for a long time and I’m just scared that it’s fake.”

Real or fake? Could it be an antique?

Su Yanyi thought about it but the possibility wasn’t big. Although the old man liked antiques, he wasn’t obsessed with it. She had never heard that Grandfather Su hadn’t gotten something that he wanted. After all, based on the Su Family’s status and connections, there weren’t many things that the old man couldn’t obtain.

Then besides antiques, what else could it be? Why would there be real or fake ones?

“Grandfather, just tell us. Why must Jiran come home to see it as well? Are you trying to trick us home to eat with you?” Su Yanyi looked suspiciously at the old man. Her grandfather made it unnecessarily complicated. Could she and Jiran be fooled by him? This was really something her grandfather would do.

Since childhood, Grandfather Su liked Su Yanyi and enjoyed teasing her. Especially when Su Yanyi wore a cold face, he wanted to see her expression change. However, his granddaughter dodged it each time, so he didn’t feel accomplished at all.

Sneak peek: 

“I disdain lying to others. You guys will find out after going back. Humph, that gift is cuter than you guys!” The old man was a bit proud and turned his head towards the window, clearly not wanting to talk to Su Yanyi anymore. The two wanted to laugh at the sight. They all say that old people are playing and that was exactly like their grandfather.

Quickly, the three arrived at home. Housekeeper, Uncle Fang, personally greeted them by the door. His expression was heavy but he didn’t fail to reveal a cheerful look. His expression looked extremely similar to the old man. From this, the gift must really exist. They just had no idea what it is that these two figures who had experienced a lot to feel contradicted.

“Lord, young miss, son-in-law, you guys are back. Mister and the lady are already home and the elder master is hurrying back. He probably will arrive around one in the morning.” Uncle Fang came up to report. Hearing his words, not only did Father and Mother Su came back, even Su Family’s older brother is rushing back from abroad. It seemed like the gift held a lot of importance, making Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran even curious.

Ri: Hmm, I wonder what gift it is. Any guesses?


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