Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 85.3

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Chapter 85.3 — Change and Check 

Edited by: Larkspur

 “Cough, cough. President Su, I don’t think it’s good to keep it a secret. Why don’t you let Film Emperor Qin take it out and show it off? Everyone’s quite curious and I heard that you personally made the gift. It must be special…” The host had naturally received inside news from Kang Zhong. But now that he had said so, the host clearly didn’t wish for longevity.

Su Yanyi glared coldly at him as though she was going to get rid of the host. The host immediately backed up a few steps in fright. He shone an embarrassed smile and didn’t dare say another word.

According to another famous host, after this host was through with Resplendent Entertainment’s celebratory banquet, he was packed off by the company to a faraway place in the name of ‘charitable volunteering’ for three months. When he returned, people said his eyes turned green at the sight of meat.

“Go home and take a look. Only you can look at it. If anyone speaks another word…humph. Get on with the next program!” An expressionless Su Yanyi spoke in a cold voice. She first commanded Qin Jiran, then eyed the people who wanted to cause a racket. Her gaze was stern and severe to the extent that it could kill people. No one dared to say another word and after that, Su Yanyi ordered the host.

Once Su Yanyi was done, she pulled Qin Jiran’s hand and left with him, leaving a bunch of people to die from curiosity. They were curious but didn’t dare to voice their thoughts.

Qin Jiran pinched the box. He didn’t know why but he had a strange feeling that this reward or gift was shameful in a sense.

Qin Jiran couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. So much so that his ear tips were red, but he tried his best to restrain his train of thought which was thinking about something else. He really shouldn’t be letting his imagination run wild!

When he sat back down, Qin Jiran hesitated but held the box personally in his hands. He didn’t leave it on the table by his side. Su Yanyi noticed his behavior and was comforted. She didn’t say much but mumbled in her heart that this upgrading mission was really digging a pit for her!

Not far in the distance, Kang Zhong glanced at the box and helplessly pushed the rim of his glasses up. If he asked Jiran what President Su had gifted him, would he tell him?

Besides the people at the scene with complicated expressions, people on the website started to investigate the gift too.

It was uncertain which artiste or reporter had captured the image of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran on stage. Without any edits, they posted this on the internet and many users had seen it. While discussing this, they also forwarded the images. When Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s fans found out about this, they left all sorts of comments under their Weibos.

Film Emperor, please share a picture! If you don’t post a picture of the gift, post one of you and the Queen kissing. Take your pick!

Why is the Queen always shocking us? She even gifts a present in such a high-profile manner, to the extent where everyone in the world knows she has given the Film Emperor a gift. Yet, none of us knows what the gift is!

Right, what did she give him? Why is there a mysterious feeling? Could it be…

The ellipsis at the end led to many guesses.

Could it be what? How about the person above guesses with us? I will bet a carrot. The Queen probably gifted the Film Emperor a watch.

I don’t think it would be this mysterious if it were a watch. I think it is highly possible for it to be a belt. The belt has a deeper meaning, so the Queen didn’t announce it.

It’s possible for it to be a belt. A watch is pretty nice too. But I keep thinking that these two items are too ordinary. Could it be a disk of some sort? It may have memories of the two of them together. Just thinking about it seems romantic!

The person above took a good guess but there is quite a gap from reality. You guys really think that the Queen is a romantic person? Why do I think that is not the case?!

I support the person above.

Then what could it be? Film Emperor, please reveal it. We want to see pictures. Please PDA!

These were the comments left on the Film Emperor’s Weibo. Now, for the comments under the Queen’s.

Queen Su, what did you gift him? Quickly tell us. Let us have a look too!

The box isn’t too big or heavy. Could it be the keys to a race car? Rich people usually give these things. The Queen is certainly more domineering than the rest.

The race car is too ordinary. It’s not a novel idea and I keep thinking this mysterious thing is something else. Maybe it’s the type of thing that normal people would never think of!

This was probably a person who had discovered half the truth.

It is pretty mysterious, and I think that this gift is probably something shameful! Otherwise why would the Queen insist on not opening the box?

It couldn’t help but be said that this person was closer to the truth.

Shameful? Ahhh, I got it. Could it be that?!

Person above, remain calm. Let your filthy thoughts disappear!

I didn’t even say what it is and you’re calling me filthy? Aren’t you filthy too?!

Hahah, how come I guessed it too? Am I filthy too…?

Ok, ok. I think all your guesses are wrong. She could give him those types of things during normal times too. It isn’t necessary for her to do it right now. Let’s be normal and keep guessing.

While everyone was guessing on the web, Qin Jiran received a message sent by Jiang Xiaobin. It naturally had to do with the gift. Qin Jiran read it and chose to ignore it. He had no idea what the gift was either and was equally curious, ok!

Qin Jiran’s gaze landed on the box in his hands again. This box wasn’t big, and the length and width didn’t exceed 15cms while the height was less than 10cms. He didn’t feel much weight in his hands either. Based on the dimensions, although it seemed like a watch, these types of boxes weren’t used to hold watches. Plus, it felt way lighter than that.

Moreover, Brother Kang said that Yanyi had personally made it for him. He had no idea what it was.

As the banquet continued, no matter Qin Jiran or Su Yanyi, their attention wasn’t on the banquet anymore. They just chatted with the people who walked up to them for a bit before leaving the company after giving out the rewards.

“Everyone is curious about your gift.” When they were by themselves in the car, Qin Jiran casually spoke up.

“You will find out once you take a look.” Su Yanyi answered expressionlessly.

“Can I look now?” Qin Jiran asked eagerly.

The corner of Su Yanyi’s eyes twitched. “Look at it when you’re home!” She said coldly.

Qin Jiran was extremely familiar with the changes in Su Yanyi’s expressions now. Seeing her expression, he felt a bit odd. Why did he feel like Yanyi was angry and wasn’t willing to let him see the gift? Could there be something off about this gift?

Qin Jiran helplessly inquired. “With this strange reaction, Yanyi, could you possibly have given me something strange?”

After all their time together, Qin Jiran wasn’t that cautious in Su Yanyi’s presence or rather was slow-witted. He would crack a few jokes sometimes.

Su Yanyi glanced at Qin Jiran calmly. “If it’s something you can see daily, will you think it’s strange?”

If it was really something strange, she wouldn’t be in such a dilemma now!

“Something I can see daily?” Qin Jiran repeated and believed that he had gotten a hint. What’s something that he could see daily and personally made by someone?

Qin Jiran attempted his best to think but still came up with no answer. The part where it was personally made limited his thoughts because he really couldn’t think of something he could see daily that was made by Su Yanyi.

He pondered over this the whole day, up until the two were home. Qin Jiran sat in the living room and eagerly asked without even changing his clothes. “Yanyi, can I open the gift now?”

He was more and more curious by the moment because he was unable to guess. Qin Jiran had been absolutely eager this whole time.

Su Yanyi swept a look at Qin Jiran and left a rear view of herself for Qin Jiran. While walking up the stairs, she said, “You can take a look. I will be going back to my room. If there isn’t any problem, don’t disturb me.”

Su Yanyi’s behavior shocked Qin Jiran. He was stunned for a few seconds before he snapped out of the trance. He shook the gift in his hand. Although he couldn’t see her expression, why did he feel like Su Yanyi was running away or being bashful?

Just what type of gift would make her react like this?

Qin Jiran placed the gift box in front of him in all seriousness. He cupped the sides of the box carefully before he opened the lid…

Black and made from silk, a neat and tidy cloth, lay quietly in the box. When Qin Jiran first saw it, he innocently thought of something — handkerchief.

In Qin Jiran’s mind, only men would use handkerchiefs that were of this size. Most importantly, of course, only men’s handkerchiefs could be used as a gift. As for the other things, Qin Jiran hadn’t thought of it them at all.

But when he took out the small and exquisite ‘handkerchief’ and slowly unfolded it, it was impossible to conceal his bewilderment.

Qin Jiran sat on the sofa with a blank expression. He held the black thing in his hand and looked unbelievably at it in disbelief. It was indeed stupid and quite funny.

Ri: I still can’t believe that QJR believed it was a handkerchief LOL

Larkspur: Seems like he’s the Emperor of innocence. XD


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