Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 87.1

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Chapter 87.1 — A Certain Room 

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Along with two bodyguards tasked with carrying bags, Mother Su brought Su Yanyi shopping. They bought a lot of things on their way. In reality, the Su Family residence lacked nothing. Their plan to shop had more to do with their mood and because Mother Su had things she wanted to speak to Su Yanyi about.

“Have you considered having kids?” Mother Su was quite eager to know.

“Yes.” In reality, she had contemplated this many times.

“What’s your final say on it?” Mother Su became even more eager.

“Hm.” Su Yanyi remained calm and answered simply. However, the answer lacked clarity.

Mother Su glared at Su Yanyi and raised her voice. “What does ‘hm’ mean? Did you agree or no?”

“We will naturally have kids but after a while.” That man was even making her wait to bed! Therefore, she would naturally have to wait to even consider kids! It must be in the order of arrival. She couldn’t bear a kid herself!

Though Su Yanyi was complaining in her heart, she remained expressionless on the surface.

Mother Su naturally had no clue about Su Yanyi’s internal rage. At her response, she laughed and happily said, “That’s great. When you guys have kids, Mother can help you take care of them. Everyone would be together, and the kids will make the residence livelier.”

Mother Su was starting to look forward to this beautiful scene and was very delighted.

Su Yanyi pursed her lips. Lively? She didn’t like lively places ok! Although she believed so, Su Yanyi still wore a gentle smile. It felt pretty nice to move back home and live with her family.

At this time, Elder Brother Su who was supposed to help Qin Jiran pack up, slightly knitted his eyebrows upon seeing the couple’s house. He hesitated before tackling the elephant in the room.

“Why does it feel like you two live in two rooms?” Yanmo asked, bluntly. Although he was just the Elder Brother and couldn’t really interfere in their conjugal matter, Yanyi was still his precious sister. He needed to know certain things.

Qin Jiran felt a bit awkward but solemnly explained. “Yanyi and I are still developing our feelings for one another and this requires some time.”

Qin Jiran knew that when it came to the Su Family, his and Yanyi’s relationship wasn’t really a secret. He believed that Elder Brother Su would understand him.

As expected, Su Yanmo nodded his head in empathy. “Since this is the case, I won’t ask anymore. But you should take the initiative in certain things. Yanyi has a cold personality and if you don’t take initiative, it’s very hard to develop this relationship.”

“I understand.” Qin Jiran nodded his head seriously but was helpless. Yanyi had a cold personality but there were times when she didn’t. Otherwise, why would she present him underwear?!

Oh, don’t think about the underwear anymore. It’s already tucked away safely!

Qin Jiran had already started packing his things while Su Yanmo started packing for Yanyi. Mother Su and Su Yanyi shopped for about two hours and after they’re done headed straight for the villa to help the guys pack up. However, they mainly packed some documents and personal items. While the servants took care of the clothes, there was no need to bring along anything else. Although they were moving houses, they were still keeping the things here. The married couple could still come back to live here from time to time.

They’d packed for about three hours in total. By the time they arrived at the Su Family’s residence, the building prepared for Su Yanyi was almost done. They placed their things in the study and the bedroom, so Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran could move in directly.

But when Qin Jiran was about to place his things in the study and bedroom, he suddenly noticed that he’d neglected something or perhaps the reality was different from his imagination.

First, he and Su Yanyi had been using two different studies. Plus, it was separated by a few rooms but now it was one large study. Although the middle was separated by bookshelves giving the impression of two rooms, it was actually just one big study. If they talked loudly, they could hear each other’s voice.

Of course, this was no big problem to Qin Jiran. Instead, he was very happy that he could be close to Yanyi while handling business. He was willing but was unsure if Su Yanyi would like it.

“Is it ok for the study to be like this? I will try my best and mindful in the future. I won’t bother you.” Qin Jiran said to Su Yanyi who was placing things in the study.

“Of course.” Su Yanyi walked to the leftmost part and started placing her things over there. This building was built for her, so she naturally had an understanding of the place. If she had qualms, why would she move here? Qin Jiran’s question was unnecessary.

With Su Yanyi’s actions clearing the air, Qin Jiran happily started to unpack. Once they were done with the study, the two went to unpack for the bedroom. As Qin Jiran followed the servants into the bedroom, he noticed that Su Yanyi had come in too. Then, he discovered that they had the same bedroom!

After Qin Jiran noticed this problem, he realized that he was a bit slow. No surprise there, it was one bedroom. It will be strange had they prepared to sleep in two rooms. After all, they’re married. But was it really fine to share the bedroom?

Qin Jiran snuck a furtive glance at Su Yanyi and noticed that she inscrutably began to arrange her belongings.

“Yanyi, are we living in one room?” Qin Jiran asked, softly in Su Yanyi’s ears. The servants in a distance were helping them arrange their things but couldn’t hear a word.

Qin Jiran though that the Su Parents must’ve known that they lived in separate rooms when they lived outside. After all, the servants in the villa were sent over by the Su Family. When they moved back, they neglected the housing issue. Who knew they were supposed to sleep in one room? His luggage and personal items were all brought over. At a glance, this was the master bedroom. He didn’t know if it was neglect on his part or someone had done it on purpose.

Actually, Yanyi was also considering this question. Don’t fall for that calm on the surface. She was swiftly pondering over it in her heart.

The study was no issue at all. Although it was one big study, they would give each other space and disturb one another.

She had clearly overlooked the situation in the bedroom. Just like Qin Jiran, she thought that the servants would arrange two rooms for them. After all, there were many rooms in the building and not just this master bedroom. Clearly, the reality was quite the opposite.

But when facing it, her first reaction wasn’t to refuse but tacitly agree to this arrangement. It was very normal to live in one room. The two of them had even shared the same bed last night. That was a pretty nice feeling and now that they’d moved back to the residence, they could take this chance to develop their relationship. Qin Jiran was a slow-witted person and if she didn’t take the initiative, it’d be a long time before there was any progress in the relationship!

Su Yanyi didn’t know when she had started to dislike the phrase ‘wait’. It was really displeasing!

“Do you have any opinions?” Su Yanyi grasped her feelings and made a decision.

Qin Jiran choked a bit. What opinion would he have? He didn’t even have the time to be happy! He was just unsure if Yanyi would be happy or not.

Qin Jiran secretly glanced at Su Yanyi again, only to see her starting to arrange her cosmetics. He thought about it and his eyes brightened. He understood Yanyi’s meaning right then and couldn’t help despite seeing her busy arranging things. He rushed towards Yanyi and pulled her in his arms. He started kissing her passionately.

“Yanyi, are you really willing?” he asked, excitedly. Qin Jiran finally let Su Yanyi go after kissing her for a long time.

Su Yanyi was a bit upset over the lack of oxygen due to the kiss. She pounced on him and bit his lips. The small teeth mark was extremely obvious. She proudly humphed in satisfaction on seeing it. With this, Qin Jiran was certain.

After being bitten, he smiled even brightly and tightly hugged Yanyi in his arms. No matter how much Yanyi struggled to get out of his arms, he didn’t let go.

Yanyi, Yanyi, don’t you know that you’re not just agreeing to live in one room but a future that belongs to the two of us? Now that you’ve agreed, no matter what happens in the future, I will never let you go.

Su Yanyi felt a bit uncomfortable from the tight embrace. She struggled but then discovered the man’s stubbornness and stopped. Instead, she gradually placed her hands on the man’s back and gently patted him, as though comforting.



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