Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 91.3

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Chapter 91.3 — Miss You 

Edited by: Larkspur

“Tell me, why do you think Lady Wang is looking for me?” Su Yanyi asked, interestedly.

“President Su knows the answer and is testing me?” Kang Zhong could tell from the obvious tone in her voice. With Su Yanyi’s intelligence, how could she not know why Lady Wang came looking for her?

“Arrange this. Tomorrow morning, I will see her in my office.” After the Wangs lost fame and reputation, it was time for them to lose everything!

Lady Wang, Chen Ying, was actually a weak and cowardly woman. Before she married, she listened to her parents. After she married, she listened to her husband. After she gave birth to her daughter, she listened to her. She rarely intervened with the company’s matters. All her time was spent on shopping, drinking tea, and attending gatherings. This was also the reason why she was able to stay even after the entire Wang Family was arrested. Of course, Su Yanyi had also let her go on purpose.

Why had she let Lady Wang go? Naturally, Su Yanyi wanted to let the Wang Family go, according to how her plan progressed. Her plan was not to ruin the Wang Family in one day. She wanted them to lose everything they had slowly and eventually even hope, sinking into desperation in the end!

Su Yanyi really hated them. The moment she recounted her own helplessness, as she lay on the hospital bed for two years or so, she wanted the entire Wang Family to taste the feeling of desperation!

“Ok, I will arrange this.” President Su’s decision was as expected.

Once she returned home, Su Yanyi directly headed back to her building. Yet, it lacked the usual warmth. It was peaceful and quiet, with her all alone. There was no warm and just cooked dinner welcoming her or the man who waited for her always. This was a terrible feeling.

Su Yanyi subconsciously took out her phone and caressed the familiar number. Yet, she didn’t dial it.

At this time, Aunt Wang walked in.

“Elder Miss, Lady is waiting for you to have dinner with her. I haven’t prepared any dinner.” It’s not that Aunt Wang didn’t want to cook for her, but the Lady had specifically ordered her not to and to ask the Elder Miss to eat at the main residence.

Su Yanyi didn’t reject her either. She changed and walked over. The whole family was there and Su Yanyi sat next to Su Yanmo.

The chefs had cooked the dinner so it was pretty delicious. Su Yanyi had grown up eating this food, so after a while, she lost her appetite. Although the food looked exquisite and delicious, it wasn’t as great as the food made by Qin Jiran. At least, it didn’t fit her taste as much.

Su Yanyi stopped eating after she had appeased her hunger.

When Mother Su noticed this, she asked in concern. “What happened? You’ve barely eaten. Is it not to your taste?”

“I’m full.”

“You’re only eating that much? Eat more. Could it be that you don’t have a good appetite because Jiran isn’t here?” Mother Su asked in concern but also teased her. Who knew she’d really hit the jackpot!

Su Yanyi scrunched her eyebrows but didn’t explain. She only agreed tacitly.

Mother Su laughed and continued to tease her. “You’ve really become picky because of Jiran. How long is he going to be gone for? If it’s going to be for a long time, you could lose some weight.”

“Ten days.” Su Yanyi didn’t mind being teased but she suddenly felt like ten days was a very long time.

Ten days?! How long had it been since she and Qin Jiran had separated for such a long time? It seems like ever since she’d become a human vegetable in her past life, that man had been by her side, taking care of her. He had never left her alone for more than a day. Yet this time, he had left for ten days.

Mother Su smiled and tried to advise her daughter. “I heard that the place Jiran is going to is very remote and tiring?”

Uncertain as to why, Su Yanyi felt like Mother was scheming her when she saw how happy she was.

“What are you trying to say?” Su Yanyi asked carefully. From a young age, she and her Elder Brother had been the victims of her mother’s schemes many times.

“Go and visit him. Plus, it’s almost New Year’s. Treat this as an early vacation before New Year’s.”

“I’ve been very busy recently. You should know.” She needed to manage the Qins and Wangs. How could she take time off? Plus, Qin Jiran was just going out to shoot his scenes. At most, he would just be gone for like ten days or so. It wouldn’t be suitable for her to just follow him.

“Your Elder Brother is here so have him look after it for you. Qin Family is too busy with their internal strife so they won’t be coming to cause you trouble. In regards to the Wang Family, you have already dealt with them. What else are you worried about? You don’t need to keep an eye on them all the time.” Mother Su was well aware of how things stood.

In reality, Su Family knew of Su Yanyi’s actions. But to the eyes of Su Parents, it was child’s play in some ways. There was no need for them to intervene.

A child’s play?! If the Qins and Wangs found out that to the Su Family, their actions were just child’s play, who knew what they would make of it? Would they be incomparably angry or incomparably pitiful for themselves?

AdvertisementSu Yanyi didn’t immediately reject her words, instead she mulled over. Then, she looked inquiringly at Su Yanmo who looked at her at the same time. They seemed to be communicating through their eyes.

“No problem.” In the end, Su Yanmo agreed to Mother Su’s words. His younger sister’s husband had been away just for a day and his sister wanted to go find him. He didn’t mind really.

Su Yanyi blinked her eyes and calmly said, “I will consider it.”

At Su Yanyi’s response, Mother Su let out a happy laugh. She understood her daughter well. She clearly didn’t have the intention of considering it. She’d basically agreed to this! She just needed to wait and see what day Yanyi would leave.

Qin Jiran who had arrived at his destination was discussing the problem of filming the scenes. The conditions here were really bad and the houses here all belonged to farmers. They lived together in groups. Qin Jiran and Jiang Xiaobin were in one room. Yet, they didn’t sleep on the bed. Instead, they were on a nice and warm Kang bed stove. But, it was a bit too hard. Even so, it was warm and comfortable.

“Sighs, I really didn’t think I would end up living in a place like this in my life. Brother Qin, are you used to this? Do you want me to spread more blankets on the bed stove? Is it a bit too hard?” Jiang Xiaobin was in charge of spreading the blankets on the bed stove and murmured about while doing so.

“There’s no problem.” Qin Jiran and Guo Zekai finished solving the issue of tomorrow’s filming. He didn’t have any objections against living here as he was able to endure this.

In the evening, while they were resting, there was no source of entertainment either. So, everyone planned on sleeping. Qin Jiran and Jiang Xiaobin were together and since they grew up with each other, they weren’t uncomfortable with one another. Jiang Xiaobin quickly fell asleep without a care for the world. Yet, Qin Jiran wasn’t able to.

He really wanted to call Yanyi, at least to say goodnight. Although he had only been in the same room with Yanyi for a few days, it felt like it had been a long time once he’d gotten used to it. He felt empty after he’d to abruptly leave her, a bit restless even. So much so, he didn’t even want to sleep.

Ten days! Did he really need to endure this kind of life for ten days? Why did he have the urge to go back even though he’d just gotten here?

Yanyi, I miss you. Are you missing me?…


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