Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 103.2

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Chapter 103.2 — Fight Together 

Edited by: Larkspur

Sigh, crazy girl. I thought she’d be different when she grows up. Who knew, she hadn’t done anything of the sorts for a few years and this is what happens when she does? Look at Qin Jiran’s face. Oh, he looks quite unwell.” As Mother Su said this, she couldn’t help but reminisce about Yanyi as a kid. At that time, she was skinny and small, quite young as well. Her exquisite face was frosty. In the training camp, her training had commenced through punching and kicking. Time after time, she had defeated her companions. Her current self  was the outcome of the training. 


Since she was a child, Su Yanyi had always been rough in fights. especially when facing the hard-to-handle type. She would go on the offensive, and had on several occasions, returned home with severe injuries. No matter how much Mother Su wanted to shed tears of pain for her daughter, she had to restrain herself because of her own pride. 


However, Mother Su wasn’t the one whose heart ached the most. Right now, Qin Jiran’s expression was extremely cold. Who knew if Yanyi would be scolded by him when they returned home? Oh, for some reason, Mother Su was really eager to see Su Yanyi being scolded by Jiran! 


However, on her part, this was just wishful thinking. Given Qin Jiran’s attitude towards Su Yanyi, it would be quite difficult to see Jiran scolding her. 


While Mother Su sighed with emotions, Su Yanyi and Chu Xiaowen’s battle was nearing its end. Although Su Yanyi was losing her stamina, she won the battle under a slight advantage. Likewise, it was a tragic victory!


After five rounds of battle, presently, Su Yanyi was really badly battered. Plus, she had exercised excessively and her body was now sore, unable to endure. 


Although Qin Jiran didn’t know Su Yanyi’s exact situation, he still walked over to her in the first moments and gently held onto her. He asked in a low voice, “Are you ok? Do you need me to do something? Are you uncomfortable anywhere? Do you need to see a doctor?”


“No, I just need to rest for a while.” Su Yanyi’s face was a bit pale and she really wanted to rest a bit. But she was prideful and arrogant. Despite being exhausted, she still stood up straight and proud. 


Su Yun and the others walked over while Chu Xiaowen slowly stood up too. He wanted to say something but it tugged the injury by the corner of his lips. He hissed and said, “Elder Miss, you’re fierce like usual.”


“Same with you, same with you.” Su Yanyi didn’t think they were holding back while she fought them. Her body ached, she wanted to rough them up again!


It was Su Yun initiated the laughter. This was a great feeling. She hadn’t had a delightful combat in many years. 


The rest of the people joined in the laughter. Although their bodies were in pain, they were satisfied. It felt like they’d returned to their training days.


At this time, everyone was in a battle. After they fought in pairs, the winner would go to the huge box to take an envelope out. Then, the loser would go find another loser to fight. To them, it didn’t matter how many times they’d lost. What was important was winning at least once, since they would be able to bag the red envelope. They may not lack anything but no one would want to be a loser forever.


Many people opened the red envelopes at the scene, some laughed while others cried. 


“Although there were many 0s on this check, I don’t want money! Can I exchange this for something else?” A certain woman who received a check called out unhappily. In here, money was the most useless!


“Haha. I finally get to go on vacation for an entire half a month. Amazing. Goddess of Luck, I love you!” Not far from the woman, a man waved the envelope in his hand and happily chuckled. 


“Heavens, how come I got another ticket to an amusement park? Am I that unlucky? I’ve been drawing the same one for two years in a row. I’m going to chop my hand off when I return!” Another man complained bitterly. 


When Qin Jiran heard this, the corner of his eye twitched. He hadn’t expected this. He didn’t think the red envelopes contained such surprising gifts. 


“Let’s go and sit there for a while.” Su Yanyi pulled Qin Jiran and said to the others. 


“Elder Miss, let’s not. We still want to fight a few rounds. We can’t just come back on New Year’s and not spar. We didn’t even get our red envelopes yet.” Su Yun waved her hands and rejected. It’s not that she wasn’t willing to chat, but the man by Elder Miss’ side wore a stinky expression. No wonder the two were a couple. They had the appearance of a married couple!


Su Yanyi has the same thoughts, so she didn’t say much. She pulled Qin Jiran and left with him. 


Qin Jiran was very concerned about Su Yanyi’s body. When it was just the two of them, his feeling of worry exploded. He asked, “Yanyi, does it hurt? You should apply some ointment.”


“It hurts.” In the absence of outsiders,, Su Yanyi didn’t conceal anymore. After fighting for five consecutive rounds, it was a strenuous effort. There was not a single spot on her that wasn’t injured. She had felt the pain a long time ago, but had been holding it in. 


“You-” Qin Jiran sighed helplessly, hurting more for her. But his heart softened when Yanyi confessed she was in pain. He enjoyed seeing Yanyi being the center of attention and being arrogant, but he was also touched by her revealing her true self to him. 


Qin Jiran knew that Yanyi took him to be one of her own. Therefore, she had exposed her most sincere self.


There were many bouts, many were injured as well. The base had naturally prepared doctors and medicines for them. Qin Jiran found some ointments and medicines, and then a lounge room where he applied the ointment. 


He locked the door, Su Yanyi was already taking her clothes off. When Qin Jiran saw the bruises and marks on her smooth skin, his heart felt a pang. He knew that Su Yanyi had suffered numerous injuries. Otherwise, there was no way she would’ve told him it hurts. 


“Endure for a bit. After I massage your bruises, it won’t hurt anymore.”


Su Yanyi clenched her teeth and held in the pain. She enjoyed sparring and was quite happy when she won. But she was in a lot of pain after the spar. Although she held in her groans, a light layer of sweat covered her body. 


Qin Jiran’s hands moved around Su Yanyi’s back. He massaged her with just the right amount of strength. Although it hurt, in reality, it was very comfortable. In the past, whilst filming, Qin Jiran had occasionally suffered injuries. He had ended up learning the art of massage by himself. But whenever he massaged himself, he didn’t feel much. If it hurt, he simply held it in and it would be over. Now that he was massaging the ointment on Su Yanyi, he was incredibly upse. He didn’t want to put too much force, but he knew that it wouldn’t be effective if he didn’t. He held in his emotions and persisted with his task. Seeing Yanyi in pain made his heart flustered. 


“Have you done this in the past as well?” Qin Jiran wanted to find a topic in order to shift his attention away, otherwise he was scared he might not be able to continue. 


Whenever he thought of Su Yanyi in pain, it made him feel even more pain. 


“When I trained in the past, my stamina was better than right now and it wasn’t as tiring to spar with them.” At that time, it was much more relaxing to spar the five of them, since she always made them wail and cry in pain. 


“You like to fight?” Qin Jiran asked worriedly. This wasn’t a good habit! 

When she heard his question, Su Yanyi couldn’t help but stare at Qin Jiran. She wanted to see this man’s expression but it tugged the injury on her shoulder. She knitted her eyebrows in discomfort. 


“Don’t move. It’ll tug your injury.” Qin Jiran pressed on a spot where Su Yanyi’s wasn’t injured and told her to stop moving. 


Su Yanyi instinctively wanted to struggle but this man was exerting force. Moreover, with the state of her body right now, she couldn’t do much for the time being. 


Su Yanyi thought that she would be discomforted by the feeling of being restrained, but she quickly got used to it. She knew that the man was just doing this for her so she sat there, well-behaved and still. 


Qin Jiran brushed aside Su Yanyi’s messy hair to reveal her snow white back. He continued to massage. But as he did so, his gaze turned darker. 


“My back is fine now. Shift to another place.” Su Yanyi was very comfortable with his massaging and ordered him to massage her someplace else now. 


Qin Jiran’s hands slid down her back and started to massage her arms and legs. There was a layer of purple bruises on her arms, especially the upper arms. Qin Jiran’s eyes turned red and some thoughts surfaced in his mind, but quickly vanished. 


He didn’t even have time to feel bad right now. How would he have the time to think more?


“Yanyi, don’t you think it’s unfair how they ganged up against you?” Qin Jiran asked meaningfully.


“…I’m the one who decided to spar with them.” Su Yanyi thought about it and replied. Since she was the one who asked them and agreed to the rules, there was no such thing as being fair or unfair. 


Besides, from Yanyi’s perspective, she was stronger than them. Only when they all fought with her did she lose her stamina. This was her capability. She didn’t think there was anything unfair about this. 


In addition, she had trained with her companions since they were kids. But in reality she was used to being by herself. She was also used to facing an opponent alone. Even when her brother wanted to work with her, she’d rejected the offer.


“Then, in the future, count me in? Let’s join forces and beat them up.” Qin Jiran knew that he didn’t have the ability to convince Yanyi from sparring. But if he accompanied her in spars, Qin Jiran thought there could be a chance of her accepting his offer. 


“I thought you would convince me to stop participating in spars.” Just like in the beginning, her mother had tried to persuade her. Every time she returned home with a body of injuries, she had to face her mother’s ramblings. But she didn’t have the intention of repenting and mending her ways. After a while, her mother just gave up reprimanding her. 


“If I try to convince you, will you listen to me?” Qin Jiran said, helplessly. Plus, he didn’t really want to convince her either. He was just worried and his heart ached for her. But he wouldn’t want Yanyi to change her hobbies and lifestyle because of his worry! 


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