Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 70.2

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Chapter 70.2 — Outdoor Date

“President Ling, how about it? No problem?” The Su Company, the Dragon’s Emissary, Resplendent Entertainment, the SQ Company, and the Ling Company; together, they would make the ultimate alliance.

“Oh, of course not! It would be an honor!” This time, Ling Tianyue responded seriously. Working with Su Yanyi’s Resplendent Entertainment would count as a win-win collaboration for the both of them, but with the Su family too? Then that would truly be an honor for Ling Tianyue.

The Ling Company was nothing to scoff at, but compared to the long-established Su Company, it still had ways to go. Furthermore, the Su family possessed something even more powerful than the company: an endless amount of connections. Those connections were what mattered the most.

The three talked about the collaboration plan next, then Ling Tianyue left to go work out the finer details alone. Likewise, Su Yanyi had to go do some researching and relay the news to the rest of the Su family, while Qin Jiran returned to the filming site.

He was actually the busiest of the three, as he not only had to work on his new film but also come up with an acquisition plan for the Wang family’s two media companies and prepare for the Tianhai charity performance. Add in the collaboration, and he really was in over his head.

But no matter how busy he was, he still made time to go home and eat dinner with Su Yanyi. As they ate, he told her about the development of the acquisition plan, his ideas for the charity foundation, and finally, the Tianhai charity performance.

At first, Su Yanyi listened with interest and even threw in a few of her own opinions, but before long, she started to feel a little troubled. Why was it sounding more and more like he was giving her a work report?

“Remember to take a break when you need to,” she reminded him thoughtfully, after some serious brainstorming.

Qin Jiran was visibly stunned, but he soon recovered and answered, “Thank you, I will.”

However, that response prompted a cold and awkward silence, and the gears in his mind immediately started to turn. Should he not have said “thank you”? She did say before that there was no need for thanks between them…

Panicked, he quickly scrambled for a new topic.

“So, um, the crew is going to shoot an outdoor scene at Tianxiu Villa tomorrow. I heard that the scenery there is good, would you like to go with me tomorrow and see it together?”

“Is that a date?” she asked. Although her expression was still cold, her eyes had brightened. Qin Jiran snuck a glance at her and determined that the emotion she was showing was anticipation, so he nodded. “It is.”

“Okay then, let’s go together,” she agreed happily.

Qin Jiran’s mood also soared with her answer. Gaze softening, he gently took her hand and wordlessly stared at her. Faced with his slightly dazed and slightly adorable expression, she couldn’t help but reveal a little smile too.


Early the next morning, the couple arrived at the place the film crew had agreed to meet. At the location was three or four Jeeps and two buses. Most of the crew had gathered, and all heads turned when the couple appeared. Although it wasn’t their first time seeing Su Yanyi, a queen-level character like her wasn’t easy to ignore.

Su Yanyi didn’t mind and followed wordlessly behind Qin Jiran as he went about his business. Seeing her man so readily give instructions to the rest of the crew made her marvel and wondered why he wasn’t like that with her. It amused and impressed her at the same time.

AdvertisementSoon, the entire crew was assembled and seats were chosen. Guo Zekai, however, didn’t get on a vehicle and instead loitered around Qin Jiran. “Director Guo, are you riding with us?” Qin Jiran asked. Needless to say, he was riding with Su Yanyi.

Simultaneously, Su Yanyi turned her cold gaze to Guo Zekai. Feeling a sudden chill, he quickly responded with a negative, “Ah, no. I’m going, see you later,” and fled.

She retrieved her gaze and climbed into the front passenger seat of Qin Jiran’s car. Qin Jiran followed suit.

“You scared him,” he joked with a smile on his face, looking at her with a doting expression.

Su Yanyi blinked and suddenly smiled too. “He’s pretty entertaining,” she admitted. Seeing her like this only made Qin Jiran’s gaze softened even more.

“Naughty.” The word slipped past his lips before he could stop it, and when he realized, he couldn’t help but peek at her nervously.

“Uh, I…” he trailed off embarrassedly. Su Yanyi was actually more surprised than angry, but seeing his nervousness, she almost wanted to pretend she was angry. However, she restrained herself.

“Let’s go, or we’ll be left behind,” she prompted amusedly.


Tianxiu Villa, a hot spring resort, actually belonged to the Su family. It was close to the large-scale holiday resort that the Su Company and Qin Jiran’s SQ Company were collaborating on. After it was built, they planned to have the holiday resort absorb Tianxiu Villa to form one huge tourist spot.

Su Yanyi knew about Tianxiu Villa, but it was her first time visiting. Although she wasn’t a workaholic, she didn’t like to travel either. Her daily life was rather monotonous, and Qin Jiran’s wasn’t any better. If it weren’t for the filming, he never would’ve thought to take Su Yanyi on a date at Tianxiu Villa. It was the first time for the both of them.

After everything was set up, they began to work. The first two scenes were Qin Jiran’s.

“Yanyi, wait here. We’ll be done soon, then I’ll go take a stroll with you,” he told her with some regret. Although making her wait was inevitable, he didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

“Mhm, go ahead.” Su Yanyi sat down in a chair that was specifically prepared for her. She was looking forward to seeing him in action.

Qin Jiran’s acting was undoubtedly exceptional. With Su Yanyi watching, he decided to take it up another notch.

The first scene showed the protagonist sneaking into the criminal’s residence, which required Qin Jiran to perform a series of difficult maneuvers, including bare-handedly climbing a wall two stories high. Guo Zekai suggested that they use a wire for safety purposes, but Qin Jiran declined. After all, it was only two stories high. He could climb that easily.

“Psst, Jiran… your life is more important than showing off in front of President Su, you know?” Guo Zekai teased in a hushed tone. Qin Jiran didn’t respond, giving him a disdainful look.

Was he so childish? Show off? Psh, only teenage boys would do that!

Of course, Qin Jiran absolutely refused to admit that he was indeed trying to show off. It was only two stories high, no problem!

VIN: inb4 he fucks himself over.

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