Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 101.2

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Chapter 101.2 — About the Kids…

Edited by: Larkspur

There were all sorts of fillings in the dumplings. There were peanuts, candied fruits, and others. However, these dumplings with fillings were made by Qin Jiran and Mother Su. Su Yanmo attempted many times, but in the end he only made a few ugly looking dumplings. The specialty of Su Nuo’s dumplings was that it was tiny. After everyone finished making their dumplings, they placed them together and glanced at it. Their expressions were all strange.


“So ugly.” Su Yanyi looked at the dumplings Su Yanmo made and ruthlessly commented.


“You try making it yourself then.” Su Yanmo felt that his sister was becoming less and less cute at the moment!


“My hubby made it so it means that I also did too.” Su Yanyi said calmly. In reality, everyone could tell how happy and delightful she was.


Qin Jiran was over the moon when he heard Su Yanyi calling him hubby. He was very excited and looked at Su Yanyi warmly and passionately.


Yanyi called him hubby. His heart thumped rapidly at such an intimate endearment.


“Well, my son made it so that means I also did!” Fine! Although he didn’t have a wife, he had a son. His son had made good-looking dumplings and as his father, he was very proud!


One couldn’t help but say that the Su Family’s siblings were quite childish, but only in the presence of their family. They would be relaxed and lively in front of them.


When the dumplings were out of the pot, they had started the fireworks. The noise made the surrounding feel lively and bustling. Little Su Nuo happily leaned against the window and looked out.


Little white tiger lazily laid down by his leg. He also looked out the window curiously. On the other side of the French window, carrying some crackers on the back while trying his best to climb towards his companions, was the little golden turtle.


Qin Jiran captured this scene with his camera, as well as everyone’s smiles. The elderlies, parents, older generations, wife, kids, and pets had all gathered together. There were all sorts of laughter, making people feel incomparably warm.


“Oh my, I ate the one with a coin. I will become richer every year!” Mother Su happily spit out a Chinese coin.


“Whoa, I ate one with candied fruits. It’s so sweet.” Old Man Su sucked the candied fruit, not biting or swallowing it.


Su Yanyi also ate a dumpling. As she bit it, there was a crisp noise. She paused for a second then continued to eat. However, Qin Jiran noticed this and asked, “You ate it? What did you eat?”


Su Yanyi blinked her eyes and calmly said, “Peanut.”


“Whoa, peanut. That means you guys will have a baby boy! Hahaha. Yanyi and Jiran, it’s a new year now. You guys have to work hard!” Mother Su immediately laughed out loud once she heard this. She looked incredibly forward to grandsons and granddaughters.


Su Yanyi calmly stated that she was considering this!


After midnight, the Su Family dispersed. Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi linked hands and walked back to their own building. Decorations and lanterns were hung up, making it a bright and cheerful place. Although there were only the two of them, it was still delightful and happy.


Under this calm and quiet atmosphere, the moment Qin Jiran walked into the house, he suddenly carried Su Yanyi into the bedroom. Slowly, he placed her on the bed and then leaned down too.


“Yanyi, why are they saying that I’m suffering because of you? Do you know that ever since you agreed to be with me, I’ve always thought that I’m the most blessed person in the world. You can’t even compare to me.” He loved her deeply and felt that he had received so much from her. Therefore, he was the most blessed!


Love. The more one loves, the more blessed they would feel!


Su Yanyi chuckled at his words. The longer they were together, the more she felt like this man’s thoughts were unique and extraordinary. Just like now. It felt bizarre. She hadn’t even seen this happen in dramas!


“Are you sure that I’m not as blessed as you?” Su Yanyi inquired and retorted.


“Mhm, I am sure!” Qin Jiran nodded his head, incomparably seriously.




“It’s because I love you the most.” He was the happiest as long as he loved her the most. That was his pride and his glory. As long he loved her the most, he was the happiest person in the world!


Su Yanyi was speechless. In such a case, she shouldn’t compete with Qin Jiran about which of them was happier. She might not be the happiest one, but she was loved most deeply by him, so she was satisfied with that.


Su Yanyi felt very happy when she thought of it this way. Since she didn’t know how to sweet talk, she expressed her feelings with her actions.


Qin Jiran was infatuated by her as he kissed her back. He didn’t ever want to look away from her; he wanted to continue looking at Su Yanyi forever. Even if he gazed at her for a lifetime, he still wouldn’t feel tired of looking at her.


Their kiss became deeper and more intense after they’d tasted the flavor of true love. They gazed deep into each other’s eyes. Su Yanyi wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders while Qin Jiran kissed her even more eagerly.


“Yanyi, is this alright?” He panted heavily as he suppressed the burning desire in his heart and looked at her with a flushed face.


Su Yanyi’s response was to bite his lips again. He was really foolish and slow by asking this question every single time they were being intimate!


It could be said that Su Yanyi had a deep dislike towards Qin Jiran’s gentlemanly demeanor during these intimate moments.


“Man, if you ask that next time, I’ll really say no!” Su Yanyi tried to appear threatening, yet she failed miserably thanks to her flushed face and uneven breathing from the intense kiss. Her face was crimson, making her look more adorable than threatening. It was hard to take her threat seriously.


Qin Jiran appeased her by kissing the corners of her mouth repeatedly. He then smiled apologetically as he gently and softly spoke. “I’m too foolish, I will try to not be so stupid in the future, so don’t be angry.”


Qin Jiran knew that it was his cautiousness that annoyed Yanyi, but he couldn’t help it. He was really afraid that he would make a mistake. He was afraid to do anything that would make Yanyi feel even a little uncomfortable when it came to doing intimate things together.


He wasn’t only physically satisfied to be so close with Yanyi, but he was also psychologically satisfied by their closeness. The latter was more important to him than the former.


The couple no longer had any words to say to each other. The only action left was to feel each other and little by little, they lost all their reasoning as they immersed themselves completely into their frantic dance.


“Baby, happy new year, and I love you…” Qin Jiran said in incomparably affectionate hoarse voice when he finally released.


Su Yanyi slowly opened her eyes, appearing both lazy and sexy at the same time. She replied in a similarly hoarse voice. “Happy new year.”


Qin Jiran couldn’t help but move again when he saw Su Yanyi’s enticing appearance. He kissed her deeply as he invaded Yanyi once again.


Her back was soaked with beads of sweat as Su Yanyi squinted at the man on top of her, only to find him the sexiest at this moment. It really made her want to find a camera to take pictures of him right now.


That night, they tossed and turned on the bed for a long time until Su Yanyi gradually fell asleep from the intense exercise. Qin Jiran stopped his actions when he saw this. He went to the bathroom and picked up a hot towel to wipe away Yanyi’s sweat. After he was done, he happily wrapped Yanyi into his embrace and went to sleep.


When she woke up the next morning, Su Yanyi found that she had become accustomed to the limp and sore feeling. Thankfully, it was not very serious and she could ignore the soreness to a certain degree if she concentrated. But accompanying the soreness was also a strange sense of satisfaction, her body felt quite comfortable.


Su Yanyi felt that her thoughts had turned a little abnormal and shook her head. She suddenly heard the sound of a heartbeat under her head. She had woken up on top of Qin Jiran’s body once again.


“Good morning, Yanyi.” Qin Jiran’s gentle and warm voice rang on top of her. Su Yanyi looked up and lazily said good morning. But after that, she didn’t intend on getting out of bed. Instead, she squinted her eyes as if she was about to fall asleep again.


“Lazy girl.” Seeing Yanyi like this, he knew that he would have to cancel this morning’s training again.


“Don’t bother me.” She wasn’t lazy. She was just resting a suitable amount so that it would be better for her future. She had exercised way too much last night! She should be resting today!


“Heh. Ok, I’ll stop bothering you. Keep sleeping.” Qin Jiran clumsily reached over and softly patted Su Yanyi’s back, as if putting a child to sleep.


Su Yanyi was only half awake so she didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. She wanted to continue to sleep but she suddenly thought of something. She rapidly sat up and stared straight at Qin Jiran. He was frightened by her sudden action, thinking something big happened!


“What’s the matter?” Qin Jiran asked shockingly. It was rare to see such a restless Yanyi!


Su Yanyi still continued to stare straight at him. After a while, she said, “Kid!”


Qin Jiran didn’t understand. Kid? What happened to the kid? Is she talking about little Su Nuo?


Seeing Qin Jiran’s confused expression, Su Yanyi knew that this man was indeed stupid. She couldn’t help but explain, “You didn’t use a condom!”


This time, Qin Jiran immediately understood and his expression changed. He looked nervously at her and said, “Sorry. I, I forgot.”


Qin Jiran felt awkward and guilty at this. He scolded himself many times in his heart. He had never done this in the past so he naturally wouldn’t have thought of this now. Therefore, he ended up neglecting this matter.


Su Yanyi observed Qin Jiran’s expression. He seemed sincere in his apology, which made her displeased.


“Yanyi, I will remember to in the future. You don’t need to worry.” Seeing that Yanyi remained silent, he thought that she was worried. He immediately promised.


“Remember what?” Su Yanyi asked with a different tone.


“To wear a condom!” This should be something a man should do. He was the one who’d neglected this!


Su Yanyi finally knitted her eyebrows. She retorted, “You don’t want kids?”


Qin Jiran was stunned and directly denied. “How is that possible?!” He loved kids!


“Then why did you agree right away?” Su Yanyi didn’t understand Qin Jiran. She’d thought that this man would at least say something! 


Qin Jiran’s expression changed slightly. He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t. However, after a while, he did reply. “What you don’t want is what I don’t want. What you want is what I want.”


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