Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 75.1

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Chapter 75.1 — Keep Laughing and I’ll Bite You

Qin Jiran made dinner while letting his thoughts run wild. Suddenly, he heard Yanyi’s voice.

“What are you thinking?” Su Yanyi’s voice rang, scaring Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran exclaimed the truth, a bit embarrassed: “I’m thinking about our next date.”

Su Yanyi raised her eyebrows, believing this man finally started to become smart. He actually knew to plan their next date.


“Then, date it is. Where do you want to go?” Su Yanyi was extremely cooperative on the dating matter. Maybe it was the past life’s experiences that led her to understand a bit more. She felt that work wasn’t as important anymore. If possible, she was willing to spend a lot more time doing relaxing and happy things as well as spending time with those she desired to.

Su Yanyi agreed and Qin Jiran was naturally delighted. However, when Yanyi asked for the location, a headache began to form. Where should they go? He was just thinking of this problem but he had no response to it!

“Yanyi, do you like watching movies? How about we go watch a movie?” Qin Jiran was unable to come up with an idea and thought of copying the typical dating procedure. Go out for a meal, shop the streets, and watch a movie. He could skip the first two.

“Watch a movie? Ok. Let’s go after eating.” Su Yanyi was a little surprised but still agreed straightforwardly. Besides a requirement for work, she hadn’t seemed to have gone to a theater just to watch a movie. Who let her job to frequently require her to watch movies or tv shows in order to understand the development of markets and its demands. Therefore, movies had lacked the entertainment it held for her.

Dinner was quickly prepared in between the two people’s conversation. Steak and red wine, along with a couple of extremely exquisite side dishes. Su Yanyi was a bit shocked by this dinner. She meaningfully smiled at Qin Jiran after she thought of something. His ears reddened, a bit uncomfortable.

How come he thought Yanyi looked at him weirdly, as though he had plotted a conspiracy? He felt guilty not which was not supposed to happen. He just wanted to change the style of food for Yanyi and he definitely didn’t have other thoughts. He could swear to the light bulb!

“Um, I’m just changing the flavor. We can’t always eat Chinese meals.” Qin Jiran hurriedly explained, hoping that Yanyi won’t think he harbored evil intentions. But Yanyi looked at him as though she understood everything, which made him feel like even a hundred mouths couldn’t even explain the truth.

Su Yanyi smiled without saying anything. This led Jin Jiran to be uneased even more. They were just eating some western-style food. Why did the atmosphere suddenly turn this ambiguous? He was quite embarrassed.

“In the future, you can change the flavor often. I don’t mind.” Before Qin Jiran’s face was about to turn red, Su Yanyi replied calmly. Unsure why, but Qin Jiran believed Yanyi was teasing him.

After they ate the rich and fulfilling dinner, the two decided to head out after dressing up. This gave them the feeling of being a long-married couple with them heading out for a date.


The two decided to change their shoes by the door when the sparkling small golden turtle laid on Qin Jiran’s shoes. He gave people the feeling as though he wanted to be packed up and brought along. The eyes moved around in a circle, giving off a quick-witted and cute expression.

Qin Jiran helplessly placed the small golden turtle down from his shoes to the side before wearing his shoes. He watched as the small golden turtle used his claws to grab onto the end of his pants and looked expectantly at Qin Jiran. Qin Jiran had no resistance against cute animals. Therefore, he didn’t have the heart to pull him off.

“You also want to go?” Qin Jiran had no idea why he was able to understand a turtle’s look. But he understood, speechlessly.

The small turtle nodded his head vehemently, scared that master might think he was shaking his head!

I really want to see the world outside! Ever since I came to the Earth, I haven’t gone out to see. Who knew if there were beautiful turtle sisters outside. I don’t want to be a lonely turtle and watch master make a public display of affection!

Black lines fell down Qin Jiran’s head. [1] Now, he was a bit afraid of the small golden turtle nodding his head. Did he need to do this so coincidentally every time? Did he really understand his words?

“No.” Qin Jiran was torn in what to do when Su Yanyi answered, directly rejecting the small turtle. Why would they bring a lightbulb on their date? This is definitely not happening!

The small turtle’s look of expectation immediately diminished. He stopped grabbing on to the end of Qin Jiran’s pants and placed his claws down, shrinking into a ball. He left only the shell outside and used his actions to express his sadness.

If it was the male master who rejected him, he could still act cute, hug him, and beg him to carry him along. But it was the female master who responded, so he gave up. Who let the male master to only listen to the female master’s words!

Qin Jiran was really speechless by the small turtle’s chain of actions. He looked questionably at Su Yanyi, as though to ask: don’t you think there is something different with this small turtle? Is it really not a problem to have such a high IQ?

Su Yanyi naturally detected Qin Jiran’s puzzling. But she couldn’t really explain that this turtle was rewarded by the system and that she had no idea where this breed came from. She remained quiet, ignoring Qin Jiran.

However, she thought it was extremely interesting to see Qin Jiran’s speechless look as well as the black lines falling down his face.

[Because I was shocked by an overly smart turtle and then got teased by my honey. What should I do? Waiting online]

The two went to one of the movie theaters under Resplendent Entertainment’s name. When they bought the tickets, Qin Jiran naturally sought for Su Yanyi’s opinion. She, a person within the entertainment circle who only viewed watching movies as being part of her work, had no preference for any movies. As a result, she gave Qin Jiran the choice to pick one he liked.

Qin Jiran had some preferences for movies. Quickly, he bought two tickets as well as a bucket of popcorns. There needed to be some atmosphere when watching a movie, right? He saw that other boyfriends had bought it.


Su Yanyi followed him without even asking what type of tickets they were. Qin Jiran bought tickets for couples. The spot was by the sofa and the surrounding had simple designs, forming a small stand-alone space. It gave off a hidden feeling and was in the middle front so the visuals should be pretty good quality.

The two came at the right time. The movie was about to start, two minutes after they sat down. The captions appeared and the moment Su Yanyi saw the title, she knew the type of film it was. Although she hadn’t seen this before, she heard the name. It was quite a famous suspenseful film with reasoning within.

“You like to see suspenseful films?” Su Yanyi inquired, looking forward to his answer. When she let Qin Jiran choose a movie he liked, she was waiting for this. Getting system bonus points and whatnot, she had been expecting this every day!

As expected and without disappointment, the system’s voice rang. This was a voice she had been waiting for.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the second level mission. Another point has been added. You have nineteen points in this level right now. Please continue to work hard!]

Su Yanyi was satisfied. Nineteen points. She was missing one more. It was finally almost time to level up. Everything came to whoever waited.

“It’s okay. It’s pretty interesting.” Qin Jiran naturally hadn’t denied this. It’s just his definition of interesting was different from Su Yanyi. He enjoyed watching suspenseful films but the main point why he liked it led people to become wordless.

The movie was about a dancer who lost their two legs after a car accident then their illusions. In their illusions, this dancer had a normal body and not only could they walk, but they could also dance. Then, he danced day and night at home.

When he saw this scene, Qin Jiran criticized: “The dancer’s look isn’t right. He needs to be more passionate. The actor’s image is very suitable but his acting was not good enough.”

Su Yanyi looked at it and thought the same so she nodded her head in agreement. She thought that Qin Jiran was worth being called the Film Emperor. He placed a lot of attention on the actor’s acting.

In the next period of time, from acting to the plot, from dialogue to articles of clothing, Qin Jiran had picked up tens of unsuitable places. This led Su Yanyi to be speechless.

Dear, you are here on a date to watch the movie or here to be a critic? Wouldn’t it be more suitable for you to write the film review? Do you want a special column for yourself, honey?

Su Yanyi quietly placed her innermost roastings away. She replied calmly: “It’s pretty interesting to watch suspenseful films.”

Qin Jiran was stunned momentarily before turning awkward right after. He really couldn’t let his occupational disease get out of hand.

“Sorry, I just talk whenever I see something.” Qin Jiran knew that he had this problem too. This was a habit that resulted from him trying to improve his acting in the past. That time, no matter whether he was watching a movie or TV show, it was all so that he could take in the experiences in order to refine his acting. This led to his nitpicking now. After he had mixed with the entertainment circle long enough, he learned more things so naturally, he found numerous more problems.

“This is your occupational disease?” Actually, Su Yanyi had this problem too but she was not as criticizing like him. Since she was not an actress but a businesswoman, as long as a movie had its business value, it would be worth for her to invest in it.

“In the past, in order to practice my acting, I always ponder over the actor’s looks and actions. That’s the origin of my shortcoming.” Qin Jiran explained simply. But in reality, in order to strengthen his action, he had paid a huge price for it.

It wasn’t difficult for a non-specialized performing arts person to enter the entertainment circle. But if they wanted to stay within the circle and mix well, then they needed to give up a lot. At the very start, when he had no protection from Su Yanyi, he just wanted to act his roles seriously and form a reputation within the circle so that Yanyi could see himself. He could also be closer to Su Yanyi through this path.


At that time, being the orphan he was, he had no background or acting skills. He entered the entertainment circle, relying on his extremely outstanding appearance and a genuine heart that would be willing to sacrifice anything for Su Yanyi. It was obvious as to the hardships he endured.

Maybe everything had come to him after all the wait. Although he hadn’t hit the big time, he depended on his appearance and effort and made himself known within the entertainment circle. He even entered Resplendent Entertainment, moving closer to Su Yanyi.

Later on, he had no reason why Su Yanyi had found him and the two signed a marriage contract. Resplendent Entertainment also started to foster and protect him. But despite this, he had paid off a lot of effort and sweat into it in order to walk to today’s position. He transformed into a capable Film Emperor, not just an idol who relied on his appearance.

Qin Jiran had thought a lot about his past from what he exclaimed but he didn’t want to let Yanyi know, even if this meant he could be closer to her.

Just because he said nothing, doesn’t mean Su Yanyi had no idea. In order to become famous within the entertainment circle, the price paid was unimaginable for normal people to understand.

“It’s very tiring?” Su Yanyi asked, looking at Qin Jiran gently. She always knew that this man tried his best all the time. Otherwise, how where did his good acting come from? Not only was it just his acting but also other fields of career. When proving Qin Jiran’s success, at the same time, it showed the effort Qin Jiran had to go through. If there was no effort, then where did the gain come from?

Qin Jiran had no idea Su Yanyi was that keen that she was able to feel this from his words. He was extremely moved within his heart, slightly shaking his head: “Not tiring. It was worth it.”

There were naturally gains to efforts. He had chosen this road and the price he gave paid, not only repay him with the status and accomplishments that no one was able to reach but also helped him walk to Su Yanyi’s side. Just the latter point made him feel like all the efforts were worth it. No matter a hundred or a thousand times the effort paid, he believed it was definitely worth it!

Su Yanyi didn’t know what Qin Jiran had thought within his heart but she agreed with him. The trouble was worth the time. If there was no investment, how could be there a payback? Said her. She had invested in a lot of her time in order to walk to today.

Since a young age, Su Yanyi followed different people in learning different types of knowledge. If it were all in textbooks, then it was much easier. After all, Su Yanyi’s IQ was enough to learn this. But Su family needed to study various types of wrestling techniques. That was incomparably tiring. The content for training definitely did not fall short like that of a special forces soldier. At most, they relaxed the intensity for her. They hadn’t force Su Yanyi, a girl, to reach a certain level.

Ri: Thank you for reading <3 Please comment below if you spot any mistakes.

  • Black lines fell down Qin Jiran’s head [1] – Refers to a common anime expression. It’s a feeling of unamusement in this case.



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