Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 — The Virtuous Wife System

After breakfast, under Qin Jiran’s thoughtful and attentive gaze, Su Yanyi returned to her bedroom. She laid quietly on her bed and closed her eyes before falling into a state of deep contemplation.

The rebirth had allowed her to return to three years prior, on the day she and Qin Jiran were supposed to divorce. However, since she was reborn, some things were bound to be different. This time, she had chosen not to divorce.

One, because she did not have the heart to hurt Qin Jiran again, and two, because it was something she herself decided, with her own interests in mind.

Setting aside her marriage problems, she began to ponder on the issue of her enemies. She knew that the car accident in her past life had been pre-planned.

The scheme had been fueled by the influence of both jealousy and greed. Jealousy towards her, and greed towards her family’s assets. When she was confined to her hospital bed, she had yearned to annihilate those treacherous people.

Now, she was reborn, and she wasn’t dreaming either. One by one, little by little, she would show those people how terrifying a thing offending her was!

Wang Zhilin. Weren’t you in love with Qin Jiran? Weren’t you envious of me for holding his heart? Then why don’t I let you become the woman he hates most so that for the rest of your life, you would not gain a single shred of his attention?

Didn’t your family want to seize my Su family’s properties? Then I’ll destroy the Wang family and make it into a stepping stone for the Su family! Anything you want, I’ll take away! Anything you care about, I’ll destroy!

I’ll make you regret living in this world! I’ll drain you of your will to live!

As Su Yanyi laid calmly on her bed, her face without the slightest of fluctuations, a frightening storm was brewing in her heart. Soon, the entire City A would be swept up in the reign of terror that ensued the idea she had in mind!

Wang Zhilin! Wang family! Everyone who had betrayed her, and everyone who’d kicked her when she was down… just wait to receive her punishment!

Drop! Drop! Drop!

Decision: NO divorce.

System requirements met!

Commencing the official installment of the Virtuous Wife System…

Host, please wait patiently!

While the seeds of hatred were still sprouting in her heart, Su Yanyi suddenly heard a very strange voice. The voice had a robotic quality to it, and it seemed to have sounded from her own mind. When she tried to open her eyes, she found that she couldn’t move at all.

It felt just like when she was in a vegetative state; her mind was functioning like a normal person’s, but she couldn’t control her body.

Panic seized her and made it hard for her to breathe, but that lasted for only a moment. Su Yanyi calmed down and patiently waited.

One had to agree that her great success was well-deserved, as she was an exemplar of someone who possessed strong psychological diathesis. At the same time, she was intrepid and resilient.

She was capable of adapting, quickly and easily, to her rebirth and the strange voice in her head. Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long. After about three minutes, she heard the somewhat bizarre-sounding voice again.

Virtuous Wife System, installment complete.

The Virtuous Wife System will help every host become a perfect and virtuous wife!

The robotic voice ceased, but before Su Yanyi could react, a cute, little girl’s voice started to speak.

【 Drop! Hello, Master. System No. 001 is at your service. You can call me Lil’ Zero or Lil’ One. Congratulations to Master for obtaining the Virtuous Wife System. Master, you must work hard to become a virtuous wife, okay? 】

The System’s voice sounded like it was deliberately trying to play cute, which Su Yanyi thought was funny. Whatever little amount of tension she was feeling instantly dissipated. She became very interested in conversing with the System.

“001? Is that your serial number? Does that mean there are other Systems out there?”

Rare things were precious things, and Su Yanyi was already beginning to consider the singularity of this ‘System.’

【 The universe contains endless possibilities, but the Virtuous Wife System is one-of-a-kind. There are no pirated versions of it! 】

“What does the System do? What do I have to give in exchange? Why do I have it?” Su Yanyi was utterly perplexed by this System business, and her rebirth too. Neither could be explained using science.

【 The System has many functions. Master, you will have to slowly figure them out on your own. And don’t worry, the System does not require Master to give anything in exchange! And as for why Master has the System, that’s because after several data statistic tests were run, Master was selected. 】

“Then what do I need to do now?” Although Su Yanyi was skeptical, since the System seemed to only bring benefits and came with no catches, she was beginning to accept it.

Her intuition told her that the System was an accessory to her rebirth and that the two were meant to complement each other. It would not bring her harm.

Please confirm the activation of the Virtuous Wife System. Yes or no?


System activation: Success!

Host Level: 1

Points: 0

There are six major functions available for use:

[Lvl. 1] Space Dimension

[Lvl. 1] Pinpoint Location

[Lvl. 1] Culinary Arts

[Lvl. 1] Medical Prowess

[Lvl. 1] Resources

[Lvl. 1] Auxiliary Assistance

【 Each function has a different usage. Master, please experience them slowly and use them reasonably. 】

Half an hour passed with Su Yanyi engaged in an ask-and-answer conversation with the System. Finally, she was able to get an understanding of the System’s various major functions. Each major function was relatively self-explanatory; the Space Dimension function, for example, was responsible for storage. Level 1 granted a cubic meter1 of space. Judging from the fact that a leveling aspect existed, there were most likely follow-up expansions, too.

The Pinpoint Location function would allow her to determine a specific individual’s location. Level 1 could only support one person, and it was mandatory to set Qin Jiran as that one person.

The Culinary Arts and Medical Prowess functions allowed the host to learn some basic culinary and medical skills. Su Yanyi had given them both a cursory skim —just enough to get a general idea— before shifting her focus to the last two major functions.

The Resources function was miraculous. Level 1 gifted two scripts and ten songs. Just a brief glance was enough for her to affirm how valuable the scripts and songs were.

They were definitely at the top-tier level, which delighted Su Yanyi, and she even began to look forward to the later developments of the System.

She was only at Level 1, and yet she was already provided with so many functions. To what extent would the System reach after further development? Would it bring her more delightful surprises?

The last function, Auxiliary Assistance, was like a daily help function. At Level 1, the host was given one chance to ask for help or advice.

As for what kind of help, the System did not specify. The host had to figure it out themselves.

Despite that, Su Yanyi was certain that the function would prove to be a very useful one.

After learning about the System, she felt as though she had been smashed on the head by a meat pie—a pure meat pie, and most importantly, it was free!

VIN: Let’s hope this System business doesn’t tear up the whole novel by making SYY too OP.

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