Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 69.1

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Chapter 69.1 — The Love Rival Attacks

“Yanyi.” Qin Jiran suddenly called her name. She looked up inquiringly and waited for him to continue.

“Thank you,” he said seriously. Since he had grown up with no one but himself to rely on, he felt extremely touched and warmed by her solicitude.

When he lost his heart to her, he’d thought that he couldn’t love her any more than he already did, but he was wrong. After discovering her cute side and experiencing the gentleness beneath her overbearing demeanor, he found that he was falling deeper each day.

He gently squeezed her hand.

“Between you and I, there’s no need for thanks.” How much gratitude would she owe him from her past life then, if there was?

Qin Jiran’s lips arched into a smile that reached his eyes, and he held her hand even tighter.

They made their way back to Old Master Su’s side, and the banquet officially began.

“Thank you all for coming to this old geezer’s birthday banquet. Once again, I have become a year older. All three generations of the Su family is present today, and everything is going smoothly for us, with the only drawback being that I still have no great-grandchildren. Yanmo, Yanyi, Jiran—the three of you need to work hard, you hear? I would like to see a new addition to the Su family by this time of next year,” Old Master Su expressed his wish with a smile on his face, which only gave the three in question more pressure.

Su Yanmo had just divorced his former spouse, while Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were clearly not close enough yet to have children. It was a mountain of pressure that Old Master Su was putting on them!

Next came Father Su, who said a few words as the head of the family before passing the microphone to Su Yanmo, the heir.

He was as expressionless as ever, but the power in his voice was undeniable.

“Thank you all for coming to my grandfather’s birthday banquet. However, I would like to stress that this event is not a free-for-all. Our friends are welcomed, but we will not be courteous to anyone who came as an uninvited guest.”

Su Yanyi was known to be domineering, and her brother really wasn’t any better. In any case, one should never provoke a member of the Su family because provoking one meant provoking the whole pack, and each member would be more difficult than the last.

Naturally, the audience knew what the young heir was implying. Several of them had witnessed the commotion at the entrance earlier, and some were even daring enough to presume that the four great families of City A would soon undergo some changes.

Which families would remain after the battle? Regardless, there would be third parties that benefit from the tussle. If even just one of the four great families was destroyed, then a slot would open for a new family to take over. Already, the gears were turning in the minds of the ambitious families in the audience.

Su Yanyi watched on with cold eyes as a malicious smile spread across her lips. Troubled waters was good for fishing. She believed that the participation of these people would it easier for the Su family to acquire both the Wang family and the Qin family.

After Su Yanmo’s speech, the Su family gathered to take a family photo. Old Master Su pulled Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran to stand at his sides as he held onto their hands. Such a warm scene further concreted Qin Jiran’s status, emphasizing to the onlookers that the Film Emperor had become the grandson-in-law of an influential family and was no longer a presence to be ignored.

Since it was the start of the banquet, most of the guests were crowded around the Su family, who engaged with their own respective friends. Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were surrounded by people from Resplendent Entertainment. The group consisted of He Mingyang, Cao Yawen, and Zhang Tianze, the vice-president, the finance director, and the head of human resources respectively, as well as Kang Zhong.

“Although we all know each other, this seems to be the first time we’re gathered together like this, am I right, Mr. and Mrs. Qin?” He Mingyang said with a serious expression, but he was obviously scoffing. He had been wanting to talk to the couple but kept missing the chance.

Both Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were expressionless, but their eyes revealed separate expressions. The look in Su Yanyi’s eyes was indifferent, while Qin Jiran looked a little uncomfortable, and from time to time he would sneak a glance at her, as though afraid she might be unhappy.

Seeing the two, Cao Yawen couldn’t help but laugh and tease, “Do the two of you look like this when you’re alone together too? Just silent and cold-faced? Or do you communicate through eye contact?”

The corners of Su Yanyi’s lips twitched. She turned her attention to the drink in her hand and took a sip before retorting mildly, “We’re obviously different when we’re alone. Your concern is unneeded.”

The group couldn’t help but laugh at her words. They all grinned as their eyes wandered back and forth between their president and Qin Jiran, making the latter even more uncomfortable.

He Mingyang, Cao Yawen, and Zhang Tianzhe were the higher-ups of Resplendent Entertainment. Qin Jiran was familiar with them, but they were not close, and it was only after his relationship with Su Yanyi was revealed that the three of them started to approach him a little.

On the other hand, the trio was very curious about him. They all shared a certain understanding of Queen Su’s personality and knew that the man who was capable of standing beside her was absolutely worthy of their respect.

“Hey, Jiran. If President Su bullies you, you should run away. My door is always open for you,” He Mingyang offered and winked, rendering Qin Jiran speechless with his informality.

Even if he did get bullied, he wouldn’t run away unless he got kicked out. That was his real thought, but instead of saying that, he told him, “Yanyi treats me very well, I don’t get bullied.”

“Heh, I bet you’re just saying that because President Su is here. The saying ‘every lover sees a thousand graces in their beloved’ is true, but there has to be a limit to that bias!” He Mingyang exclaimed in disbelief as he shook his head. Su Yanyi narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Vice President He, your workload has been lacking lately, don’t you think? Should I give you some more wok then?”

Immediately, he coughed and rejected, “President Su, I was just joking. Don’t mind me, haha.” The mention of work brought a bitter expression to his face. In truth, he didn’t like to work. His time was better spent picking up girls; after all, he was still a loner.

“President Su, you’ve already met your match. I envy you. Why don’t you introduce me to some beautiful woman sometime, then I won’t joke with you anymore?” He Mingyang had always enjoyed the free unmarried life, but after seeing even the arrogant and overbearing President Su in love, he was starting to change his mind a little.

“You know more beautiful women than I do,” she responded. She decided that she should keep Qin Jiran away from her group of friends, lest they taint him…

Suddenly, another man’s voice cut in.

“Yanyi, can we talk?” They all turned their heads, and the trio’s eyes instantly lit up.

Seeing that it was Bai Qing, Su Yanyi nodded and followed him to a quiet corner. The others could still see them, but not hear them.

Qin Jiran silently sipped his wine, his face emotionless. He Mingyang raised an eyebrow and asked in a low tone, “Jiran, do you not mind?”

He didn’t continue, but the meaning was obvious.

The corners of Qin Jiran’s lips arched into a small smile, and he responded, “If she wants to stay, then nobody can take her away. If she wants to leave, then nobody can make her stay.”

He Mingyang gave him a deep look and nodded approving, “You’re right, she’s that kind of person, so don’t worry about her getting snatched away. She chose you, so she’s yours.”

Qin Jiran didn’t respond. Was Yanyi his? It wasn’t his place to decide that, but he would try his very best to make it so.

As Cao Yawen listened in on the two’s conversion, she couldn’t help but give Qin Jiran another look. He was handsome without a doubt, his acting was well-recognized, and his cold personality was similar to President Su’s.

But what else?

She was really curious about why a woman like President Su would choose to marry a man like Qin Jiran. Cao Yawen turned her gaze from Qin Jiran to Su Yanyi and then to Bai Qing, who was just as handsome and rich as Qin Jiran.

“No pressure? Really? He’s your love rival, you know…” she prodded mischievously.

In response, Qin Jiran shook his head and laughed. His look of indifference made her pout. An unjealous man? Could this be one of the reasons President Su likes him?

In the corner, Bai Qing and Su Yanyi were also talking about Qin Jiran.

“Do you genuinely like him?” Bai Qing asked.

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