Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 93.2

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Chapter 93.2 — The Romantic Snow 

Edited by: Larkspur

 “Yanyi, what are you trying to build?” By now, Qin Jiran had decided to ask this question.

“Snow man.” Although Su Yanyi answered, she looked at him with questioning eyes.

Qin Jiran looked at the piles of snow of various sizes. He thought that he’d asked a stupid question indeed. He thought of something afterward and happily asked, “Yanyi, are you building two snowmen? You and I?”

Su Yanyi pursed her lips. Wasn’t the answer obvious?

Looking at Yanyi, Qin Jiran understood. He excitedly held Su Yanyi’s hand. Although the two were wearing gloves, their hands were still filled with warmth.

The two worked together to roll the snow. There was a big and small snowman. They took out the carrots and potatoes that were long prepared. The carrots were for the noses and the potatoes were for the eyes. They simply dressed the snowmen up.

The two had faint smiles on their faces and they only had each other in their eyes. It was comforting to see them working together. There was this harmonious atmosphere that separated them from the others. In that moment, it seemed like there were only two of them.

“Guys, stand together and take a picture with the snowmen. You guys are so cute!” Jiang Xiaobin suggested on the side. In reality, before this, he had taken numerous pictures already. Plus, it wasn’t just him but also Liu Liu and a photographer in charge of taking pictures of interesting highlights. He started to take pictures from various angles.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi didn’t bother with Jiang Xiaobin. The two had been standing by the snowmen so Jiang Xiaobin took numerous pictures from different angles.

“I originally wanted to give it to you as a gift.” Su Yanyi said, pitifully. Since Qin Jiran had personally made it, how could she give him this? However, it wasn’t really a pity. After all, this was a rare chance. She was relaxed to the point she forgot about all her worries. She was just purely enjoying this momentary happiness.

“You’ve made most of this big snowman by yourself so just give me this as a gift. I made the majority of the small one, so I’ll give it to you as a gift. How does that sound?” Qin Jiran didn’t understand how her level of stubbornness came from the system. He wanted to use his own way to give her this gift.

Su Yanyi thought that whether she completed the mission or not had nothing to do with this. In the future, she would’ve a lot more chances to complete the mission, but there weren’t a lot of opportunities to have fun. Perhaps, this was the ‘unexpected surprise’. She didn’t hold any expectations, but the system’s voice rang all of a sudden.

Congratulations to Master for completing the level three mission. Another point is added. Now, you have 22 points for this level. Please continue to work hard!

Su Yanyi had given him the gift. Just based on the large snowman, she had participated in over 50% of the process of creating it. At the same time, he had made the small snowman as a gift in return. It fitted the requirements of the system.

This was definitely an unexpected surprise! Su Yanyi let out a faint laugh. Under the snow, she was like a slowly blooming winter plum tree. She was beautiful but proud.


When Guo Zekai ran over to find Qin Jiran for his turn in filming, everyone witnessed this shocking scene. They were stunned by Su Yanyi’s smile and they were surprised.

“Cough, cough. Uh, Jiran. It’s your turn.” Guo Zekai couldn’t help but remind him. For some unknown reason, he felt guilty, as though a villain destroying the atmosphere. Especially when Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi both looked coldly at him, Guo Zekai felt like he was up for a tragic consequence.

“Go, be careful!” Although she spoke reasonably to Qin Jiran, she still cast a cold gaze at interloper Guo Zekai for interrupting the atmosphere.

Qin Jiran nodded and hesitated. Then he planted a soft kiss at the corner of Su Yanyi’s lip. When he noticed that she wasn’t angry, he followed Guo Zekai.

This seemed to be the first time he was intimate with Yanyi in front of everyone and it seemed like Yanyi wasn’t against this either.

This feels excellent!

With an elated heart, Qin Jiran filmed his part with more than the usual gusto and his acting was way better as well. Everybody could feel his excitement.

The enamored Film Emperor was an enviable sight!

Because of Qin Jiran’s superb performance, the filming went by successfully. Even the side actors, who were apprehensive of interrupting the Film Emperor’s and Queen Su’s time together, tried their best to act. There was not a single time the director had said ‘cut’. They finished the shooting successfully.

The crew returned to the village to have lunch and rest. It was too cold out here, so it wasn’t practical to eat here. Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi started to cook by themselves. Of course, Qin Jiran was the one cooking. Su Yanyi was just in charge of eating.

After their delicious lunch, it was a while before the filming started in the afternoon. The two lay on the Kang bed stove and rested for a while. Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi in her arms and kissed her. She happily and foolishly laughed. She felt like days like this were unbelievably blessed.

It was unclear which of the crew members started this trend, but they all ran over to take pictures of the two snowmen for keepsake. There were even some who started to build their own snowmen. This filled the cold winter air with laughter.

Because the network wasn’t stable, they were unable to spread the news. Yet, everyone had the same thought — once they’re back, they would definitely upload these beautiful pictures on the internet. After all, not everyone could have an experience like this!

In the next few days, the crew was pretty pumped up. Although it was still cold, their hearts were warm. Although there was a lot of pressure in filming, everyone felt motivated to do well; it was unsure whether it was due to Queen Su watching them or not. A lot of simple scenes were passed in just one take. Guo Zekai was extremely pleased, and Qin Jiran felt less pressure.

Despite this, due to constant filming scenes in the snow, many in the crew caught cold. There were even some important actors fell ill. This included Qin Jiran.

Qin Jiran was the main actor and he had a lot of scenes. Plus, he needed to participate in the filming as well as parts of the Director’s responsibility. He had a lot more pressure. The third day after Su Yanyi arrived, Qin Jiran woke up with a pounding head. His body was also slightly hot. There was no need to ask him since he knew that he was probably sick.

Perhaps, it was because his discomfort that led Qin Jiran to wake up a bit earlier than usual. Su Yanyi was still asleep and in her usual position. She laid halfway in his arms. Her hair was scattered on the bed and on his arm. She was in deep sleep.

Even though he was a bit uncomfortable, Qin Jiran couldn’t bear to wake up Yanyi. He stared quietly at her, recalling the pieces of memories while getting along with Yanyi. It was beautiful but unrealistic at the same time.

When he was very young, he was greedy and hoped that he would have the affection of his elders and parents. Yet after he slowly understood, his greed disappeared. He gradually understood that even though he had his parents, it wasn’t the type of affection he wanted or needed. Because he was grown up.

Yet when he met Yanyi, the desire that had long disappeared suddenly surged in his heart. It completely took over his thoughts and mind. It was all about Su Yanyi and his uncontrollable desire and want for her.

That was a type of feeling that couldn’t be expressed in words. It was scorching hot, like fire. It seemed to have provoked him too. He didn’t need any reasons and gave all his feelings to Yanyi.

He hoped that she would look at him. He hoped that she could smile happily. He hoped that she could stay by his side. He hoped that they could be together forever…There were numerous wishes and it was all because of Yanyi. The numerous times that he was touched was also due to Yanyi.

Numerous times, he had considered the scenario where he had failed to win Yanyi’s love. He was willing to give up everything. He would care for her from a distance and silently. He loved her, deeply. It was the type of love that was carved in the bones and etched in the heart. Yet it wasn’t just love. To him, she was hope. He placed all his feelings and wishes on her. He couldn’t change this or make it disappear. It would only grow deeper and deeper, up until the end of his life.

He could sacrifice everything for her. It wasn’t because he had something but rather, once he lost her, he would have nothing left!

“Haven’t you seen me enough?” Su Yanyi hadn’t opened her eyes but sharply felt a gaze on her face. It was scorching and full of emotions. She couldn’t ignore this.

She had no idea why he liked to look at her face when she hadn’t even washed it yet!

“How can I have enough? Even if I were to gaze at you for my whole life, it will still not be enough.” As he spoke in a hoarse voice, Qin Jiran tightly held onto Su Yanyi’s arms. Though it sounded like sweet talks, it was also the truth. Su Yanyi loved hearing this. But in the first moment, Su Yanyi noticed this man’s voice was a bit off.

She raised her head to stare at the man’s slightly red face. She naturally touched his exposed neck which was slightly warm. Su Yanyi immediately understood. This man seemed to be sick.

“You’re sick!” This was a conclusion, not a question!

“I’m just a bit warm. There shouldn’t be too much of a problem.” Qin Jiran wanted to get up. When it came to actors like him, as long as they were able to climb out of bed, they would choose to!

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