Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 — Whatever You Like

The pair turned and entered the company hand-in-hand, leaving the reporters in a frenzy behind them. Although the reporters had been thoroughly reprimanded by Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin, the couple had given them the answer they wanted. They all rushed to get in touch with their respective companies.

Soon after, everything Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi had said in front of Resplendent Entertainment was released to the public. Once again, the public witnessed Su Yanyi’s arrogance. While she received both admiration and criticism for her temperament, Qin Jiran received mainly approval.

It was to be expected, as he had portrayed himself as a man deeply in love. Even though there were still people who didn’t believe him, but most people were willing to trust that Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were genuinely in love.

Anyway, Qin Jiran had indeed been telling the truth. If he didn’t love Su Yanyi, he wouldn’t have agreed to a contractual marriage.

Su Yanyi had also been telling the truth. The two prideful individuals disdained to lie and deceive the public, so neither of them had spoken falsely.

How Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi viewed each other’s address, on the other hand, was a different story.

Qin Jiran believed that everything she’d said was just to satisfy the public. Su Yanyi believed he had been telling the truth and that he loved her very much.

Their contrasting lines of thought made it so that one was dubious but afraid to ask, and the other was convinced and thus didn’t see a need to ask. One felt conflicted, and the other felt very pleased. The former was Qin Jiran, and the latter was Su Yanyi, who had all the reason to feel so confident.

Just like that, they both dropped the matter.


Over the next few days, the world was abuzz with talk of Queen Su and Film Emperor Qin. However, the parties involved paid no heed as they immersed themselves in their own affairs.

For the sake of completing her Accumulation Mission, Su Yanyi had started to pay very close attention to Qin Jiran. She noticed everything from his eating habits to his action habits and his speaking habits to his preferences for his daily necessities.

Unfortunately, even so, the picky System did not give her any points. It made her feel somewhat depressed.

Meanwhile, Qin Jiran had the new task of being the little tortoise’s caretaker. He had to wash it, feed it, and take it outside to sunbathe. The little tortoise should’ve been easy to take care of, but that wasn’t the case; it was a little too hyperactive, so he would have to find it first before he could take care of it.

From time to time, it would disappear to some corner of the villa and then clumsily crawl out again. Sometimes, it would come from under a bed or sofa, and other times it would be in the bathtub or study.

The little tortoise liked to climb trees even more than it liked to get lost, so every now and then, it would tumble down from the branch of a tree and render its onlookers speechless.

Still, there was something indescribably cute about its ditziness. Eventually, Qin Jiran had come to realize why Su Yanyi named the little tortoise the way she did—it was stupidly cute.

One day, Qin Jiran arrived home first. He made dinner and waited for Su Yanyi to return. Looking around the room, he realized that the little tortoise was missing again, so he left to find it.

When Su Yanyi came back from work, she saw the food on the table, but not Qin Jiran. She set out to look for him and found him right when he found the tortoise. He was holding it by its shell.

“Cutie, how about I get you a compass to prevent you from getting lost again at home?” Qin Jiran stared into the tortoise’s beady little eyes. To her amusement, he sounded like he was serious.

“If you don’t like it running around, put it in a cage or a fish tank,” Su Yanyi interjected. To her, little animals had no human rights, so there was no need to consider their freedom.

“I already bought a fish tank and put it in my study, but it keeps escaping,” Qin Jiran said helplessly. He had never seen such an extraordinary tortoise before. It hated confinement and loved to run around.

“You can use a fish tank with a lid,” Su Yanyi suggested. As someone who had never raised a pet before, she naturally did not understand his dilemma.

He laughed and dismissed her suggestion, “It’s fine to let Cutie out if that’s what it wants, I think it’ll grow up happier this way.”

“Whatever you like” she agreed, not minding at all. She didn’t know where the little thing came from, but she reckoned it was tenacious and wouldn’t die easily. Qin Jiran could raise it however he wanted.

Qin Jiran was visibly stunned by her words. After a brief moment, he recovered and revealed a happy smile.


That evening, the Wang family was finally able to confirm that their company was secretly being acquired. They immediately threw up their guard and counterattacked, but it was too late. They’d already lost a substantial amount of shares.

When they traced back the source of acquisition, they discovered that it wasn’t just one group on the move. The Su family was involved, as well as a new venture capital company. This new company was either devising against the Wang family or trying to make a profit from kicking them while they were down.

Either way, it added to the Wang family’s misfortunes.

That same evening, Su Yanmo gave his sister a call. He filled her in on his side of the situation and also gave her some insight on how Qin Jiran’s side was doing. Su Yanyi was satisfied.

“Brother, we don’t have to drop the knife so fast. Let the Wang family suffer from panic for a few days.”

“Okay. We’ll do whatever you want.”

“Thanks, Big Brother. Is there anything else?”

“… It’s about my brother-in-law, your husband. The company he started is developing well. I have some business here that I would like to ask for his cooperation on. Would you mind?”

Since his little sister had acknowledged Qin Jiran, Su Yanmo had already accepted Qin Jiran as a real family member. Profits should be shared between one’s own people.

Su Yanyi understood what her brother was implying and responded calmly, “Of course I don’t mind. With Big Brother’s help, I can be rest assured.”

“I’ll contact him then.”

“Alright, thank you.” This represented not only business cooperation but also support and recognition for Qin Jiran. Su Yanyi couldn’t be more pleased.

VIN: For anyone who forgot, the Su family is secretly in charge of an intelligence company.

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