Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 75.3

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Chapter 75.3 — Keep Laughing and I’ll Bite You 

“Don’t be worried. Wear your clothes first. I’ll wait for you outside.” Qin Jiran wanted to leave and escape from this place. He hadn’t walked a couple of steps when Su Yanyi called him.

“Don’t go yet. Help me dry my hair.” Su Yanyi didn’t really like using a blowdryer. Every time, she used the towel to dry but always ended up hurting herself. Ever since Qin Jiran helped her dry it, Su Yanyi disliked herself doing this more and more. Who let this man to do it so gently, to the point she was longing for his touch. Every time she wiped her hair, she wanted this man to help.

Qin Jiran picked the towel up, a bit stiffly. He didn’t dare to look around randomly. In his heart, he sighed a bit. Should he be thankful that Yanyi hadn’t put her guards up against him or complain about how she had ignored him? Did Yanyi never think of how charming he was?

She walked out with only a towel and didn’t even let him walk away. What was even worse was that she didn’t let him do anything. This was public discrimination against him.

Qin Jiran really wanted to say out loud to Su Yanyi that he was a guy! Don’t act like he didn’t exist!

Although Qin Jiran was thinking about this in his heart, he still wiped her hair gently. He was a bit unsatisfied, thinking about going out for morning exercises later while her hair was still wet.

“Use the blow dryer to dry it. I can’t dry it with the towel. It’s going to feel bad when you go out in the cold.” It was cold outside and if the hair wasn’t dried, she’ll have a headache.

Su Yanyi didn’t like to do so but she understood his perspective. She agreed: “Blow dry it for me.”

“Ok.” Why would Qin Jiran reject this? He found the blow dryer and started to dry her hair. Su Yanyi’s hair was very soft, jet-black, beautiful and not varicolored. Without the towel, Qin Jiran could directly touch Su Yanyi’s hair. That soft feeling made him yearn for more.

Oh, he really found himself a good job! Qin Jiran thought, satisfied.

It was already later than the usual time Qin Jiran went out for morning exercises when the two finished dressing up. But who cared about the time when they were together?

“Stop dodging and start attacking. Do you think you need to let me win?” By morning exercises, they were naturally combating. However, Su Yanyi was someone who refused to admit defeat and very belligerent. Obviously, she didn’t like it when someone was letting her win. Qin Jiran took the hits and refused to attack. Combating for a while, Su Yanyi was unsatisfied with this result.

Qin Jiran sighed. How did he have it in his heart to really hit Su Yanyi? Therefore, he took the hits. Who knew she didn’t even want him taking the hits?

“Then be careful.” Since the Queen was unhappy, Qin Jiran naturally had to try harder. He looked extremely forward to being able to go for morning exercises together. He didn’t want to be looked down upon by Yanyi because of his performance. When she ended up not coming with him anymore, he would be very upset!

When the two fought once again, Qin Jiran’s moves, as expectedly, became more fierce. Compared to Su Yanyi’s cruel and violent moves, they were both good in some aspects.

However, Su Yanyi was better in her agility and crafty moves. On the other hand, Qin Jiran was better in his strength and stamina. Of course, Qin Jian’s biggest weakness was that he didn’t have the heart to be harsh with Yanyi. Despite him being serious, he still took some blows. Su Yanyi quickly dodged Qin Jiran’s punch by turning over. From behind, she constrained his neck. Qin Jiran had no choice but to stop when she added pressure on him.

“I surrender.” Su Yanyi’s style was much better than his by a lot. Plus, her moves revealed the desire to murder. Although he had let her win a bit, he hadn’t unjustly lost. He was convinced by heart and word of the fight. His Yanyi, as expected, was always the best. She was good at everything, making him admire her even more.

Hearing Qin Jiran’s words of surrender, Su Yanyi hadn’t loosened her grip. Instead, she added more pressure and left a fingermark on his neck. She stuck close to the back of Qin Jiran. The posture was rather ambiguous. Her words, however, revealed a sense of threat.

“The next time you don’t combat seriously with me, I won’t be polite anymore.” Qin Jiran had let her win a bit but at the same time, she did the same for him. All the moves she learned were mean to kill. When fighting against Qin Jiran, there were a lot of moves she couldn’t use. But her attitude was still serious. Under the precondition of avoiding to hurt Qin Jiran, she used almost all her strength for each move. On the other hand, Qin Jiran just pretended to fight. She was extremely unpleasant.

“Ok. I will definitely be serious.” The pain by his neck led Qin Jiran to understand that Yanyi really didn’t like him letting her. He could only promise to be serious. After all, it didn’t look too good to lose every single time. He would be looked down upon by Yanyi.

The battle between the two of them turned much fabulous as expected. Although Su Yanyi had been ducking his attack agilely, she had taken a couple of blows after Qin Jiran pressed forward. If it weren’t that Qin Jiran restrained a bit of his strength, at the end Su Yanyi would be injured.

The two fought for about half an hour before they ended the morning exercises. Qin Jiran inquired with a lot of care: “How are you? Are you hurt anywhere?”

When they struck against each other, Qin Jiran couldn’t remember if he really had hit Su Yanyi. Even if he didn’t, they must’ve bumped against each other and whatnot.

Su Yanyi moved her sleeves up to see two lumps of red. However, it was not considered as injuries. It was normal to leave marks when fighting with someone: “It’s okay. Quickly go make some food. I’m hungry.”

Su Yanyi said it was ok but Qin Jiran felt awful in his heart. He really paid attention but still led her to be injured: “Yanyi, go wipe some medicine wine on yourself otherwise it’s going to hurt.”

Su Yanyi thought the same too. Lately, she hadn’t been exercising that much and she had been exercising so much this morning. She had no idea if there might be some repercussions.

“Do you know how to massage?” Su Yanyi asked calmly.

Qin Jiran was stunned. If he answered “yes” at this time, it was obvious what will happen next.

“I learned a bit but I’m not a professional.” Qin Jiran pondered over his tone, answering. He secretly looked at Su Yanyi. Massaging for Yanyi and whatnot led his face to turn red just from thinking about it!

“Then try.” Su Yanyi wasn’t picky either. She felt that as long as she could use someone, it was good.

In reality, Su Yanyi believed Qin Jiran knew how to. She thought back to her past life when Qin Jiran massaged for her. At that time, she was a human vegetable and he would almost massage her every day. In the beginning, although his skills were not fully proficient, it was still pretty good. After that time, he was more and more proficient.

Even though Su Yanyi couldn’t move, she felt this, Not only was Qin Jiran’s skills well-practiced, he added more techniques within. He seemed to specially learn this and it was all so that he could take care of her better.

In order to take care of her, Qin Jiran hadn’t just learned this. He also learned all sorts of nursing skills and medical knowledge, especially the aspects relating to a human vegetable. Those all almost became the area of study for Qin Jiran. A lot of times, Qin Jiran stayed by her side while he read different types of medical books. She felt extremely gratified in her heart.

Actually, at that time, Su Yanyi would often question just what Qin Jiran liked about her. Why was he so nice and how deeply did his affection for her hold?

Su Yanyi hadn’t doubted her excellence but her attitude towards Qin Jiran in the past life was really not that great. She didn’t even remember what she had done for Qin Jiran. At most, it was probably that agreement made due to their marriage where she helped him with his career. But based on her understanding of Qin Jiran, this was definitely not the reason why he liked her.

“Yanyi, do you want to go back to the bedroom or stay here?” Qin Jiran was a little nervous but held some expectations too. Su Yanyi suddenly thought of something and held a complicated mood.

“Bedroom.” Su Yanyi stared at Qin Jiran before bringing him back to the bedroom. She got comfortable and laid on the bed, waiting for Qin Jiran to massage her.

It’s best when someone is serving you.

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