Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 77.3

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Chapter 77.3 — Posing for another Photo

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Su Yanyi agreed to attend the Heavenly Sea Charity Show. However, this was kept as a secret. Besides Qin Jiran who knew, only Kang Zhong and Pan Yan who arranged the journey knew too.

Kang Zhong and Pan Yan were still in a hazy state. The two had favorable impressions of each other, but they hadn’t expressed their thoughts. The key point was that the two were rational. They approached the relationship with caution. They believed that it was more suitable to interact with each other for a while. This was why they hadn’t said anything. However, they understood each other’s feelings. They were also on good terms with one another and extremely cooperative during work.

Su Yanyi was quite satisfied with this. She didn’t mind dating within the office. As long as it didn’t affect their work, she had no opinions. Moreover, in her past life, they were a couple. Sooner or later, they would end up together. Thereby, she was very supportive.

Three days before the charity show, Ling Tianyue appeared in Su Yanyi’s office. It was two almost three in the afternoon and it was much later when they finished discussing

Firstly, they spoke about the Heavenly Sea Charity Show. In that, they focused on Su Yanyi’s attendance.

“President Su, since you intend on attending this event, how about we make this charity show the opening ceremony of our foundation? This is a grand occasion too. I’ve already finished handling the procedures for the foundation. We can take this chance to announce it. Not only can we expand our influence, but we can also cut down on the costs. How does this sound?”

In reality, Ling Tianyue wanted to come and convince Su Yanyi to attend the ceremony, but who knew she’d mentioned it herself. Therefore, she immediately put forth her idea.

“This is ok. I will invite the Su Family and the representatives of the Long Media as well. However, the ceremony should be simple. The charity show should be the highlight. Don’t be too out in the open.”

Though Su Yanyi thought this idea was pretty good, she still felt they needed to focus on specific matters. A charitable foundation was a good event, but it didn’t need to be too ostentatious. Otherwise, it wouldn’t take long for a good event to turn bad.

“I understand this. We are giving back to society. Naturally, it doesn’t need to be too ostentatious. Otherwise, people might be envious and it won’t be good to have eyes on us. However, there are quite a few people who are keeping an eye on your actions. Do you need help?”

Ling Tianyue was naturally a well-informed person. She knew a bit about Su, Wang, and Qin Family’s gratitude and grudges. These few days, this triad had been quite busy. A sense of foreboding was rife throughout the A City, keeping its people in anxiety.

“I don’t need it. I can handle this.”

Don’t even mention the Su Family, her power alone was enough to deal with these two families. Who lets these two families think too highly of themselves despite lacking the intelligence that should’ve come along with it? Besides, her elder brother and Jiran had been helping her from the shadows. It was even more unlikely for her to be in danger. Where did she need someone else’s help? She was underestimating her.

“That’s true. When has President Su ever needed help from me, a nobody? Well, I want President Su to help me with something. I’m not sure if President Su is willing to.” Actually, Ling Tianyue was only just asking casually. She was well aware of Su Yanyi’s power. When had she needed her help? In fact, it’s her who wanted to find Su Yanyi for help.

“Tell me about it first.” Although Su Yanyi was a bit indifferent, she was also a tad interested. Who knew what this woman wanted her help with? She couldn’t help but feel that there was something strange going on.

“I have some business ideas and want to work with the Bai Family. However, I’ve never interacted with the Bai Family before. In the end, it isn’t appropriate to pay a hasty visit. Is it possible for you to act as the middle person and come eat with us?”

People doing business didn’t have the best either. If they had connections, they needed to use it wisely. Everyone in A-City knew that the Su and Bai Families were on pretty good terms. Therefore, she had the idea of asking Su Yanyi act as an intermediary.

“People from the Bai Family are also businessmen. If you’re bringing good business up to their door, why would they reject?”

Su Yanyi didn’t really believe Ling Tianyue’s words. Although her words seemed reasonable, in reality, the world of business was adept at treating strangers as friends. Especially with great business, as long as there were profits, why would she need someone to introduce her?

“Cough, cough. I want to be familiar with people of the Bai Family, so working with them isn’t the main priority. There are also private matters within.” Ling Tianyue was suddenly a bit uncomfortable, trying to cover up. However, she didn’t explain what she meant by ‘private matters’.

Su Yanyi looked suspiciously at Ling Tianyue and suddenly felt it was stranger for this woman to act like this.

“I think that I shouldn’t come between you and the Bai Family’s private matters. I am not familiar with you!” Su Yanyi didn’t have that outspoken temperament. She wasn’t required to help anyone just because they asked her. Especially, when they weren’t being clear and tried to cover up. Why should she agree to this? What if she led the wolf into the house?

She couldn’t forget this woman’s keen gaze on Qin Jiran. As a result, she was even more guarded with the news surrounding this woman.

Su Yanyi and Ling Tianyue had cooperated with one another. They even admired each other for their abilities. But admiration doesn’t mean familiarity. It doesn’t mean they’re friends either. From the start, it had always been this woman who’d acted like she was familiar with her.

In reality, Su Yanyi was a bit proud. She did have friendly regards for her but found this woman’s personality unreliable. If it was business matters, they might be able to converse. In regards to private matters, she definitely needed to reconsider this.

“How can we not be familiar with each other? I have been to your office so many times. Moreover, we’re just going out for food. Why are you being so stingy?” Ling Tianyue pouted playfully. Even though she pretended to be angry, she still acted coquettishly. However, no one admired this. Su Yanyi looked coldly at her performance. Thus, she’s extremely bored and inevitably stopped acting.

“You are really boring. You don’t understand this flirtatious feeling.”

Ling Tianyue believed that women like Su Yanyi weren’t interesting. She was cold as an ice cube and had no idea how she interacted with Film Emperor Qin.

“I am a woman.”

A woman didn’t need to know another woman’s flirtatious style. Plus, it’s not like she didn’t understand this. She had come by this quite often. Why would she even care about this? Being the President of an entertainment company, there were numerous beautiful women working under her. Anyone of them could give Ling Tianyue a run for her money.

“Ok, ok. I won’t joke anymore. How about you just help me this time? My marriage depends on you.” Seeing that Su Yanyi didn’t relent, Ling Tianyue helplessly blurted out the truth.

“Marriage? You are interested in someone from the Bai Family? From what I know, there is only one son in the Bai Family.” Su Yanyi was a little surprised. In her mind, a man’s silhouette appeared. That person could reluctantly be considered as her close childhood friend. When they grew up, the back of their brain didn’t function too well.

Ling Tianyue couldn’t possibly be interested in him, right?

Su Yanyi thought of the only son of the Bai Family, Bai Qing. However, if Bai Qin found out that Su Yanyi still looked at him as though he had a mental disorder, who knew how annoyed he would be.

“It’s him. Bai Qing just returned to the country. I had seen him once that day and thought he was pretty good. He is suitable for being a husband. What do you think?” Ling Tianyue didn’t think of marrying in the past. But now that she had seen Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran showing off their affection, she thought of getting married. She thought it was pretty good to find a guy. Then, she unexpectedly saw Bai Qing who just returned back to the country. Bai Jing had a steady personality and great looks. He had a huge background and had an abundance of knowledge. This attracted women.

“If you like him, then it’s good.” To this, Su Yanyi didn’t express any opinions. Bai Jing, besides having different ideas than normal people, was actually a pretty good person. He had power and a sense of responsibility. He was also good-looking, with a great background. It wasn’t that unexpected that Ling Tianyue was interested in him. But she couldn’t tell whether the two of them would be suitable for each other. After all, this depended on destiny and fate.

“I naturally like him, but he doesn’t seem to like me. I’ve contacted him a few times under the name of ‘cooperating with one another’, but he didn’t have the heart of staying in the country. He didn’t interact with me that much. Therefore, I came looking for you. I heard that you guys are childhood sweethearts. Why don’t you give me some advice?” Ling Tianyue was a little vexed. She was finally interested in a man but that man did not feel the same about her. She was really anxious.

Ling Tianyue was undoubtedly a beautiful woman. Besides, she was graceful and alluring. She had a strong background. Many people loved her and of course, there were many who disliked her. But towards men, this was the first time she felt helpless. She had no choice but to find someone for help.

Although Ling Tianyue had many friends, there weren’t any real friends she had in actuality. She didn’t have a best friend of some sort either. Therefore, she went looking for Su Yanyi.

“I didn’t pursue anyone before. What advice would I have? If you are going to ask, why not check on the internet? See how to pursue men. Maybe, that will be more useful than asking me.” Su Yanyi pointed at the computer, clearly thinking the computer was more useful. After all, she had gathered a lot of information from it. Yet, she added, “In regards to Bai Jing’s personality, I think he likes a calm woman.”

At the same time, Su Yanyi ran her gaze up and down Ling Tianyue. That look seemed to be saying, ‘Bai Jing might really not be interested in you. You’re not his dish because Bai Jing likes someone like me!’

What was Su Yanyi like? She naturally wouldn’t say that she was cold and didn’t know how to be enticing. Therefore, she said a calm personality which could be used as a reference for Ling Tianyue.

“A calm personality? I think I am like this. I’m just scared that he might not see this. Ai, nevermind. Asking you is like asking nothing. Let me go research this. If I really can’t do this, I will go find you.” Ling Tianyue exclaimed this meaningfully.

The two gossiped for a bit before she left.

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