Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 94.1

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Chapter 94.1 — Honey, You’re the Best! 

Edited by: Larkspur

Qin Jiran drank ginger soup and felt his heart warming up. He looked gently at Su Yanyi.

Su Yanyi didn’t think much about it. After all, it was just a bowl of ginger soup. Although it was the first time she’d made it, she didn’t think it was a favor she did him. Instead, it felt like something she should be doing for him. Qin Jiran was sick, so she cooked ginger soup for him. Shouldn’t she be doing this anyway?

She took the empty bowl from Qin Jiran’s hand and asked, “Do you want some more?”

“Ok.” The ginger soup tasted really good, not like it was cooked by a newbie. Qin Jiran liked it a lot. Of course, he liked Su Yanyi’s gesture even more. Even if it’d tasted bad, he would probably still find it delicious.

Su Yanyi scooped another bowl for him. She didn’t wait for him to finish, however, and walked back to the kitchen. Qin Jiran wanted to follow over but the thought of Su Yanyi’s cold face and her restrictions, and so he impatiently and helplessly stood there waiting.

Quickly, an alluring aroma wafted from the kitchen. Qin Jiran was much more comforted now, but he was even more curious. Does Yanyi know how to cook? But he’d heard from Mother Su that Yanyi had never cooked before. In the three years of them being together, he’d never seen Yanyi cooking either. Then was this her first-time cooking?

The more he thought about it, the more curious he was. The more curious he was, the more eager he was. If he could really eat food cooked by Yanyi, it was worth being sick this time!

As he drank the ginger soup, these were his thoughts. Yanyi had assiduously taken care of him, even making him the ginger soup. So what if he was a bit uncomfortable? He was willing to be sick everyday even!

However, Qin Jiran only dared to think about this. Don’t mention him being sick every day. Even if he could, he wouldn’t choose to either. Compared to Yanyi taking care of him, he liked taking care of her even more. He didn’t want exhaust Yanyi because of him. He didn’t mind her cooking once or twice but if she were to do this often, he would feel bad!

While Qin Jiran was thinking about random things, Su Yanyi had already brought the first dish over to the table. The table was a kang table, the type where things could be placed on the kang stove bed. Su Yanyi placed the dish and Qin Jiran immediately shifted his gaze over to her.

Cabbage, tree fungus, and meat slices. This should be called black and white dish. Qin Jiran looked over and it found it appealing. It must taste good!

“Can I taste this?” Qin Jiran asked a bit eagerly. He finally understood why, at times, Yanyi furtively pilfered food. He clearly couldn’t hold in the desire to taste the food.

“Yes, you can eat first.” Towards Qin Jiran, this patient, Su Yanyi was extremely generous. Not only did she approve of him, she even delivered a pair of chopsticks to him. Then she returned to the kitchen.

Qin Jiran tried to calm the feeling of being surrounded by sweetness. He first smelled it then eagerly had a taste. His eyes brightened. He quickly had a few more bites.

Qin Jiran felt that if this was Yanyi’s first time cooking, she must be a cooking genius. This dish tasted very delicious. It was better than his cooking.

After Qin Jiran had a few bites, he couldn’t bear to eat anymore. Plus, he was quite embarrassed to finish eating it all himself. He placed his chopsticks down, a bit unwilling. He anxiously looked at the door, hoping that Su Yanyi could come quickly.

The second dish was mushroom with stir fried egg. The third was diced meat with peas. The last dish was black peas with Crucian carp soup. Needless to say, although the dishes weren’t complicated, they tasted delicious. Just from smelling it, Qin Jiran knew that it would definitely be tasty.

“Yanyi, did you learn cooking?” Qin Jiran finally succumbed to his curiosity and didn’t hold it in anymore. He looked at the dishes that were at the level of a chef. No one would believe that she’d never learned to cook.

Su Yanyi thought about it but spoke the truth. “I just started to.” She’d really spent a short amount of time learning this. Not long ago, the system had taught her.

Besides the coffee she’d made last time, this was the first time Su Yanyi had activated the cooking ability in the system. The function was indeed powerful. The effect was obvious as well. Su Yanyi just followed the instructions of the system and was able to cook dish after dish of delicious food. Plus, every dish could receive at least a 90 or above. Su Yanyi was very pleased. She wasn’t against cooking as much anymore.

“You did an outstanding job even though you just learned it. Honey, you’re clearly the best! Ah…cough…” Qin Jiran was very excited, and could hardly control himself, addressing Su Yanyi with the endearment he usually called her in his heart. He was a bit embarrassed now. He looked at Su Yanyi nervously, scared that she might be angry.

Su Yanyi naturally didn’t miss the endearment. She was a bit shocked and glanced at Qin Jiran. Seeing his awkward and embarrassed look, her eyes sparkled. However, expressionlessly and calmly she asked, “What did you just call me?”

She was asking this when she knew the answer already! Qin Jiran found it hard to believe that Su Yanyi didn’t hear him clearly. They were quite close. How could she possibly not have heard it?! But if she had heard it and still asked…

Qin Jiran secretly glanced at Su Yanyi. He couldn’t tell if she was happy or angry. But his instinct told him that Yanyi probably wasn’t upset. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have reacted like this, teasing him.

Qin Jiran’s eyes sparkled too. He was a bit uncomfortable, but he seemed to have decided on something. He moved closer to Su Yanyi and hugged her. He rubbed his face against her hair. Very gently he said, “Honey, you’re my honey. I’ll call you honey here on. Ok?”

Qin Jiran’s deep magnetic voice rang by Su Yanyi’s ears. Her body stiffened and for a second turned numb. Then she felt herself going soft when she heard him calling her ‘honey’. Her heart beat rapidly and erratically.

Of course, she didn’t expose her feelings and changes on the surface. Su Yanyi looked expressionlessly at Qin Jiran. Under his nervous but eager gaze, she calmly nodded. “Ok.”

A certain Queen wanted to say that she was already satisfied when she heard him call her that on a certain night!

At this moment, Qin Jiran wore an extremely bright smile. He hugged Su Yanyi tightly and kissed her deeply. Honey, his honey, his honey forever…

“Yanyi, I love you.” He wasn’t trying to flatter or please her. It wasn’t a serious confession either. Instead, he’d said so when he couldn’t control his feelings for her. He really loved her. Really loved her.

Su Yanyi’s eyes flickered. She slightly opened her mouth, wanting to say something. In the end, she remained silent but deepened the kiss too. Since she couldn’t say some things, then let her express her feelings for him through this kiss. In reality, she had already expressed a lot of things clearly through her actions. Just like how she liked him, liked him a lot. She might’ve even fallen in love with him!

Both of them ate a lot for dinner. Even if Qin Jiran was sick, he had a great appetite. He had two big bowls of rice before he placed chopsticks down, a bit unsatisfied still. Su Yanyi tidied up the bowls and utensils. However, Qin Jiran felt bad and didn’t want her to. He persisted in doing it himself.

“You can rest. I am really fine. I can do it.” Qin Jiran held onto Su Yanyi’s wrist, stopping her. She was really not suitable for this sort of heavy work. Just watching it made his heart ache for her!

“You’re sick.” Su Yanyi said unhappily, knitting her brows. This man was sick and still wanted to do work for her. Did he want her to feel more guilty or was he looking down on her for doing things like this?

Qin Jiran sighed. He knew that Yanyi was more stubborn than anyone else. If he used the excuse that he was fine, Yanyi would definitely reject him. So, he chose to be honest instead. “I don’t want you to do this. It makes my heart ache.”

“…There’s something wrong with your heart?” Su Yanyi helplessly cracked a corny joke. What did he mean by his heart would ache? She was just cleaning after all. It’s not like she had suffered. What was there to feel bad about?

“Yes, whenever I’m facing you, my heart shatters easily.” Qin Jiran continued. He and Su Yanyi weren’t humorous people. It was rare that they would joke with each other while together. But after they were together for a while and their relationship became more and more harmonious, it seemed to make them more humorous.

“If it shatters, glue it back together.” As Su Yanyi spoke, she pushed Qin Jiran’s hand off her. She tidied up the utensils and bowls, bringing it to the kitchen.

Qin Jiran stared at her helplessly. He thought in his heart that he must pay attention to his body in the future and make sure to not be sick ever again. He didn’t want Yanyi to take care of him like this. Although he was incomparably touched by her actions, he still felt incomparably guilty and bad at the same time. He must remain healthy in order to take care of Yanyi. That way, she wouldn’t need to do anything. She just needed to enjoy his care for her.

How could the incomparably domineering and dazzling Queen who was above everyone else do something like this? This was all his fault!

When Su Yanyi cleaned everything up and came back, she saw a dejected Qin Jiran sitting on the kang bed, looking like a puppy who disliked by its owner had slumped his head down, upset.

Su Yanyi walked over and couldn’t resist the urge to touch Qin Jiran’s hair. Out of confusion she asked, “You’re upset?”

A pet’s mood was also very important. No, incorrect! Her lover’s mood was very important. She needed to give him suitable amount of attention at times.

Qin Jiran pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand and tugged her into his arms. He embraced her tightly and in a low voice said, “I will quickly get better and won’t get sick in the future.”

The childish words made Su Yanyi laugh. Yet she understood the meaning behind it. She kissed the corner of the man’s lip and said, “Then get better soon.”

Qin Jiran was sick, and it wasn’t suitable for him to shower in this environment. But the man was clearly not used to not showering before sleeping. He casually wiped himself with a warm towel. Just like that with Su Yanyi on the side, rushing him. It was very cold in the room and it wasn’t worth worsening his condition in order to clean himself.

Ri: 15 more chapters until snu snu~


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