Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 78.3

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Chapter 78.3 — The Charity Show Family

Edited by: Larkspur

At the same time, all major forums had published their posts. Most of the content was about the couple on stage.


[Finally, I see the Film Emperor and the Queen together and on stage. Plus, the Queen actually knows how to play the bamboo flute!]


[Seeing the Queen playing the bamboo flute makes me feel that she isn’t actually a Queen. She is basically a Goddess. The Film Emperor is blessed!]


[The Film Emperor and the Queen are on stage showing off their love. A talented man and a beautiful woman. A talented woman and a handsome man. They are both not lacking in talent and beauty. They are a great match!]


[Wu, wu, wu. Film Emperor, I really believe you’re happy now. Seeing you guys perform, I’ve decided to change from being a ‘girlfriend’ fan to a ‘true love’ fan. I hope you and the Queen will be happy!]


The same post included glimpses of Qin Jiran singing with Su Yanyi playing the bamboo flute. However, because most of it was recorded by the fans, it was a little blurry. The sound wasn’t that clear either. Even like this, many users reposted this like crazy.


At the same time, Qin Jiran’s performance ended. He walked over to Yanyi, looking tender-heartedly at her. He held her hand and the two walked to the center of the stage. They slightly lowered their heads and took a bow.


Suddenly, thunderous applause erupted. The sound of cheers was ear-splitting. Most of the people were hollering the duo’s names and their nicknames.


The host walked out, wanting to speak. Yet, the cheers rose and fell in succession. All the host could do was wait helplessly and look at Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi for help. However, the two remained calm and unflustered. They didn’t seem uncomfortable or the excitement that ordinary people would have. The host was even more helpless.


It’s a good thing that the fans knew that the host had something to say. Once they’d had enough, they slowly stopped. Of course, there’s also the possibility that they were tired of all the screaming.


“Ladies and gentlemen, today’s Heavenly Sea Charity Show is coming to a close. But before that, I would like to announce a happy occasion. Resplendent Entertainment, Su Company, Long Media, SQ Company, and Hua Company have joined hands in launching a foundation which will be established today. Now, let’s ask Hua Company’s Chairwoman Ling Tianyue, Resplendent Entertainment’s President Su Yanyi, Su Company’s Chairman Su Zhengtian, Long Media’s Chairman and President Xu Yun, and SQ Company’s President Qin Jiran to please come up on stage and say a few words about the opening ceremony!”


Big brother was quite eloquent. He finished addressing the audience on behalf of the collaborating companies, its people, and their roles in one breath. What was surprising was his accuracy.


For a while, the fans present were a little dazed. Although news of the foundation had spread, it’d never been acknowledged openly. Therefore, very few people knew so they hadn’t placed this in their hearts. Now that it was announced, they were, naturally, shocked.


Many of the fans were from this city. They naturally knew of the power of these companies. The one that wasn’t as well-known was SQ Company. They were wondering about this company when they heard ‘President Qin Jiran’. Suddenly, they understood everything.


The fans started clapping enthusiastically. Establishing a foundation was a great event. Now, there was a multitude of people in the society that needed help. Being fans, they totally supported Qin Jiran!


Their own idol was giving back to society. They were honored as well!


The five went on stage. Besides Ling Tianyue, the outsider, the photo felt more like a family photo. Father Su, Mother Su, Su Yanyi, and Qin Jiran. Wasn’t that a family of four? But this only represented the four companies. Yet, this was quite interesting. Those in the know were all envious. The Su Family was extremely powerful. Not only did they find a son-in-law within the entertainment circle, but also had their own companies.


Ling Tianyue spoke first. It was extremely short and to the point. Then, Father Su and Mother Su spoke a few words. Eventually, it was Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s turn.


Su Yanyi started off, “The revenue from the Heavenly Sea Charity Show will be utilized as the foundation’s seed money. This fund will be invested in the construction of major orphanages in A-City. Hopefully, this will fill the lives of the orphans with some warmth. This will let the foundation maintain its well-deserved reputation.”


Seed¹, as the name implies, is ‘the origin’. It’s comprised of hope and blossom. This was what Su Yanyi and the others were expecting from this foundation.


That said, the children could epitomize the meaning even further. Orphans were beings who also needed care and love. Of course, this was only one of the reasons. The Qin Family was the other reason they had decided to invest the seed money into the construction of orphanages. It was Su Yanyi’s idea to slap the Qin Family’s face with this move. Qin Jiran was an orphan. He, who held the status of an orphan, was a kind of insult to the Qins. Now that Su Yanyi was doing this, how could the Qin Family feel good?


Even on the stage, where everyone’s eyes were on them, Qin Jiran couldn’t help but hold onto Su Yanyi’s hands. He was grateful for her protectiveness. With a wife like her, what more did he want‽


Finally, it was Qin Jiran’s turn. His one hand held the microphone and the other tightly onto Su Yanyi’s hand: “I am an orphan. I am very grateful to my wife and family who are willing to invest the initial capital for the orphanage. It is a pity that children are without parents. Hopefully, they can grow up healthily and like me, find their own family and lover who treasures them. As well, discover the importance of a family. Thanks, everyone!” Qin Jiran took a deep bow.


In the past, the world might’ve been heartless, indifferent, and full of struggles. Now, it was filled with hope and love. Therefore, he understood gratitude. He was grateful to everyone who’d helped him before, to those who’d treated him truthfully. Most of all, grateful to those who’d defended him multiple times. He would forever remember his lover, family, friends, and all those people in his heart!


The applause rang. No matter whether the fans knew about Qin Jiran’s experiences or not, the claps were proof that they’re moved. A few sensitive girls had red eyes and started crying!


Qin Jiran’s opening line was enough to move anyone.


I am an orphan.


How sour are the Film Emperor’s experiences? Compared to this, the words he spoke of later on came from the bottom of his heart. Towards the end, many were extremely touched by the sweet declaration. Overall, they felt warm inside.


Numerous fans felt a feeling of happiness in their hearts. Being born into a complete family, they felt that they were blessed. They should be satisfied with having elders who cared for them and being able to grow up healthily.


Many of the younger fans began to reflect on themselves. Were they too irresponsible and did things that led their parents to be upset? They pledged to heed to their parents and become a filial child.


It was not easy for parents to raise their children. Compared to orphans who didn’t even know who their parents were, they really should learn to treasure this!


When the Heavenly Sea Charity Show ended, the fans were reluctant to part. They had a lot of thoughts in their hearts. Some were moved, some stirred emotionally, some excited, and some were lonely. The charity show was considered a success, being able to draw out so many emotions from the audience.


After that, many users shared various views on the charity show online. Yet, most of them were comments of approval. Especially the fans who were present. They left comments everywhere, saying that they understood what love is now.


[I always thought that parents nagged me too much. They keep concerning themselves with matters they shouldn’t. After hearing Qin DaDa’s words, I suddenly think it’s a type of blessing to be nagged by my parents!]


[Qin DaDa is an orphan. I feel bad for him. But he’s happy right now. I feel touched! Hopefully, Qin DaDa will be happier!]


[The Qin Family is so abominable. Yet, they’re considered to be wealthy people. They actually abandoned their son. Film Emperor, don’t be upset. It’s ok if you don’t want that family. You have Queen Su now. A lot of people are very envious of you! You guys have to be happy together and enrage the Qin Family! Humph, those who abandon their children are all scum!]


[I support the person above. A benevolent man needn’t be rich. He is not fit to be a father! Luckily, the Film Emperor is blessed right now. Otherwise, I would definitely go to Qin Family’s door to dump trash!]


[The Film Emperor has the Queen’s care right now. He will definitely be happy. Dears, don’t be worried. Evil has its own retribution. Bad people will receive their karma!]


[Qin DaDa, the Queen and the Su Family are part of your family. Your fans as well. We will always support you guys. You and the Queen need to be happy together!]


[Be together! Be together! Be happy together!]


[We are all a family. All the fans are your family. Film Emperor, we love you. You’re the best!]



Seed – Referring to what they are expecting from the foundation. It’s like a plan or some sort.

Ri: Thank you for reading <3 Please comment below if you spot any mistakes.


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