Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 — Jealousy

Touch then. Do it. Just a short moment, be gentle, Yanyi won’t mind. Even if she does mind, just say that there was a bug!

Qin Jiran calmed down his heart and stretched out his hand, landing a light touch on her head before speedily withdrawing.

The soft sensation he felt made him think, Yanyi has really nice hair.

Su Yanyi immediately looked up, but she was only able to catch a glimpse of a blurred arm. Qin Jiran had on a fairly innocent expression. Before she could ask him anything, he swiftly explained, “Your hair was a little messy.”

That caused her to blank for a moment. Afterward, she lowered her head and returned to wolfing down her food. Qin Jiran silently let out a sigh of relief.

Because she had added chili sauce to her noodles, she was forced to occasionally pause and stick out her little tongue. As Qin Jiran watched, his mouth felt dry, and the bowl of noodles sitting in front of him lost its appeal; all of his attention was drawn to Su Yanyi. Only when he saw her look up and shoot him a what-are-you-looking-at glance did he bow his head and focus on his noodles.

Once she finished eating, she turned her attention to the man sitting across from her. He was almost finished. Maybe his noodles were too spicy, because a fine sheen of sweat had appeared on his forehead, and it was indescribably sexy. Su Yanyi’s eyes shone brightly as she sat back to admire him.

Now, it was his turn to feel uncomfortable. He managed to finish his noodles first before looking up and giving a slight cough, breaking Su Yanyi’s overheated gaze.

“Brother and I finished discussing our plan for cooperation. Do you want to take a look?”

“No need, I’ll leave the two of you to discuss it.”

Although she owned shares in the Su family corporation, she was not involved in any of the management. As long as the negotiations with Qin Jiran went well, she had no oppositions.

Qin Jiran nodded and didn’t bring up work again. Instead, he said, “Brother told us to visit Grandfather, Mother, and Father when we’re free. They’ll be happy.”

His voice contained traces of apprehension, as well as anticipation. He had never addressed Mother and Father Su like this in private and wasn’t sure if Su Yanyi would be displeased.

“Alright, we’ll go when we’re free.”

Su Yanyi didn’t mind. She herself rarely thought about returning home because the Su family was relatively independent. However, if Qin Jiran wanted to go back and visit his elders, then she wouldn’t disregard his kind intentions. Her grandpa and parents liked to see them together, anyway.

It must be mentioned that the three senior members of the Su family, as well as Brother Su, seemed to be quite satisfied with Qin Jiran. Otherwise, in her past life, they wouldn’t have agreed to let him take care of her, knowing that they had divorced. This point led Su Yanyi to believe that her elders had pretty good eyesight—of course, so did she! After all, she was the one who had picked Qin Jiran in the first place.

After dinner, Qin Jiran started his daily hunt for the little tortoise. Su Yanyi had intended to retreat to her study so she could look over some documents, but Qin Jiran’s tortoise hunt piqued her interest. However, instead of helping, she just followed behind him, amused as though she was watching a show. The glint in her eyes rendered him speechless.

About ten minutes later, Qin Jiran finally found the little tortoise inside his study. He didn’t know how the little thing managed to get in and nestle itself in the softness of his sofa. The tortoise looked like it was more than comfortable. When Qin Jiran picked it up, it started to bat its beady golden eyes and flail its tiny limbs.

Seeing this, Su Yanyi remarked disapprovingly, “This little thing is still so stupid.”

Qin Jiran suddenly smiled; he was reminded of the time she went into his study, wearing tortoise pajamas. It had happened not too long ago. Although he didn’t dare say it was “stupid,” it was undoubtedly “cute.”1

“Very cute, yes.” He was obviously making a play on words,2 but he wasn’t about to let her find out that he had compared her to the little tortoise. If she found out, she would be miffed. As the days passed, he was beginning to understand her temper more.

“Hmph, it’s ‘stupidly cute,’ not ‘cute.’” The word “stupidly” had to be added in front. Su Yanyi was visibly displeased by Qin Jiran’s praise for the little tortoise. It was just a tortoise, but he treated it as though it was a treasure and spent time every morning and evening looking for it. That made her feel strange.

Of course, she wasn’t going to think that the feeling was jealousy. That possibility never even crossed her mind. She just couldn’t bear the sight of the stupid tortoise being loved, that was all. Qin Jiran’s attention should be on her instead.

The little tortoise blinked innocently and continued to play cute, oblivious to the jealousy its female master felt towards it.

“Alright, alright. It’s stupidly cute,” Qin Jiran immediately gave in.

The “stupidly cute” tortoise: The male master is unreliable!


The “stupid cute” tortoise, again: The female master is tsundere!


The next day, Su Yanyi was woken by a phonecall. The sky was still dark.

The caller was Mother Su, who surprised Su Yanyi by saying, “Yanyi, I received news that Qin Jiran is the illegitimate son of the Qin family’s second eldest.”

Mother Su’s voice contained obvious anger.

All traces of drowsiness immediately vanished as the gears in Su Yanyi’s mind started to turn. She tried to remember if she had heard anything about this in her previous life, but all she could remember was meeting people from the Qin family once or twice in her vegetative state. The details were unclear.

“Who found out about it?” Su Yanyi asked coldly. She didn’t ask if the information was real; since her mother was telling her about it, then clearly it had already been confirmed.

“It’s currently on the headlines of the two media companies controlled by the Wang family. The mastermind is obviously the Wang family, I’m just not sure if the Qin family plays a part or not. Should we prevent this from spreading?” Mother Su asked, giving the right of decision to Su Yanyi.

Although the two media companies were mainly controlled by the Wang family, there were other shareholders in the company. If Mother Su tried her best and made use of the Su family’s connections, temporarily stopping the news from spreading wouldn’t be difficult.

Su Yanyi thought of a moment before responding, “We can block it now, but we can’t block it forever. Mom, get Dragon’s Emissary ready while I talk to Qin Jiran about this. If he doesn’t object, we’ll aim to blow up the news before the Wang family does—the public opinion must be in our favor!”

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