Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 97.3

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Chapter 97.3 — Sorry

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“Is it interesting?” Seeing that Qin Jiran was watching it, Su Yanyi asked out of curiosity.

Qin Jiran’s eyes flickered. He didn’t think this was interesting. He was more worried about Su Yanyi’s state of mind now.

“Are you done watching it? It’s very late now. How about we go to rest?” Qin Jiran obviously changed the topic and casually held onto Su Yanyi’s hands. Her hands were a bit cold and Qin Jiran was even more worried.

“Heh. Why are you being so careful? Do you think I’m abnormal too?” At Qin Jiran’s reaction, Su Yanyi suddenly laughed. This laugh also broke the gloomy atmosphere they were in. Qin Jiran became more relaxed and less nervous.

Seeing Su Yanyi’s smile, Qin Jiran foolishly smiled too. He lowered his body and gently held her in his arms and explained. “I was a bit worried. That woman isn’t worth your effort.”

“I know. You have said this before.” Su Yanyi suddenly disliked how talkative Qin Jiran was. How could he not understand what she meant?

“Ok, I might be talking too much. I’ll stop talking. Let’s go rest. I’m very tired.” Qin Jiran smiled and didn’t say anything more. But he purposefully acted pitiful, wanting her to sympathize with him.

Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran and he innocently blinked his eyes. Then Su Yanyi said, “Ok, let’s go rest.”

Qin Jiran immediately flashed a gentle smile. He pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand and walked off. As Su Yanyi left, she directly cut power. The laptop went dark.

After showering, the two lay in bed, breathing in each other’s familiar scents. Qin Jiran felt like they hadn’t been close for a few days. He couldn’t help but to be intimate with Su Yanyi for a bit. He landed numerous soft kisses all over Yanyi’s body until he felt he was out of control. He then let go of her despite his dissatisfaction. He then turned around to hold Su Yanyi in his arms.

Su Yanyi was a bit disorientated from the kisses. But she detected the man’s endurance again. After she had sobered down, she dangerously squinted her eyes. She stared right at the man.

Qin Jiran felt his hair standing on end. He couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter? What are you looking at?”

Su Yanyi felt like this man was slow. He had tortured her once, twice, thrice, and now a fourth time. Did he really think that she wouldn’t have a reaction to him? That she wouldn’t have an attitude?!

Su Yanyi slowly moved her hand in the blanket, making her way down the man’s chest and then some more. Then she tightly gripped it!

Immediately, the man’s expression changed to one of pain. The handsome face scrunched because of pain. His face turned completely red too, his entire body was twisted. From this, one could see how harsh Su Yanyi had gripped it.

“From now on, I will sleep in the guest room. Once you make up your mind, come and find me!” Su Yanyi stood up, ignoring the man’s painful expression. When she finished her words, she turned around and left the bedroom.

If she was touched by the man’s self-control for her originally, now that he had been holding it in still despite the numerous times she had hinted him, she felt very uncomfortable by his action. If she continued on, Su Yanyi was very uncertain of herself, imagining that she would transform into a wolf and pounce on him. She was a human too and had feelings!

As the door shut with an angry slam, Qin Jiran who was left in the room by himself laughed helplessly. If he didn’t understand now, he wasn’t worthy of being a man. But he hadn’t prepared his gift. The plan wasn’t executed yet. He had originally wanted to wait some more but he didn’t expect to irk Yanyi right now. He was speechless.

Qin Jiran calmed down and hurriedly got out of bed to find Yanyi when his pain had somewhat subsided. How could he bear to let Yanyi sleep in the guest room? This was basically slicing his heart up. Just thinking about it made him ache.

Qin Jiran tried to push the door open but realized that it was locked. The bitter smile on his face deepened. He wondered what exactly this was like. He was like a husband disliked by his wife for not being able to satisfy her needs and locked out of the room as well.

“Yanyi, open the door ok? Don’t be angry. It’s all my fault. Listen to my explanation, ok?” Qin Jiran stood outside the door, begging and ill at ease.

“Talk. I’ll listen.” Su Yanyi didn’t open the door, but thankfully she responded though he felt really bad when he heard her indifferent tone.

Qin Jiran knew that Yanyi was really angry now. He didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. He blurted his whole plan out. “I made a custom order of a pair of rings abroad. I want to properly propose to you and hope that our…cough, the first time can be thorough too. I, I want to leave a beautiful memory for you. Yanyi, you know this. I have been going crazy just thinking about you. But, sorry. I didn’t think you also…sorry, Yanyi. I didn’t consider your feelings. Don’t be mad anymore, ok?”

Qin Jiran stuttered and explained. He was embarrassed to say some things but he was really sorry. He’d only considered his feelings but forgot that this matter didn’t just involve his feelings. Whenever he endured it and sulked, when had Yanyi not felt the same as well? If Yanyi wasn’t actually angry at him this time, he probably would’ve stupidly forgotten about this.

It couldn’t help but be said that it mostly had to do with how pure Qin Jiran was. He had never been close to any other woman besides Su Yanyi in his life. He lacked experience on a lot of matters. Who knew that he would’ve encountered all this?

“My feelings? Now you know my feelings?” It was clear that Su Yanyi was still angry. She didn’t understand this. She was clearly willing and they had a great relationship. Her man wanted this too. But why did he always step on the brakes in the end? She couldn’t help but feel that she wasn’t charming enough!

Qin Jiran’s actions really pissed Su Yanyi off. She called Qin Jiran stupid and slow numerous times in her heart. Her anger this time was clearly the result of the accumulation of irritation built from the last several times.

Stupid Qin Jiran. You can sleep by yourself in the future! Su Yanyi thought. Despite hearing Qin Jiran’s explanation, she was still incomparably vexed.

“Sorry.” Qin Jiran continued to apologize in an awkward way. In reality, he felt like he had done something stupid. But in his heart, he always treated Yanyi like a precious treasure. As regards to the matters related to Yanyi, he would always treat them with extreme caution. How could he dare to give her less than what she deserved? Therefore, he had endured time after time on this matter. Who knew that he had upset Yanyi in the end still. Right now, Qin Jiran’s heart was full of guilt. He could only say “sorry” to her.

Yanyi, sorry. I’m so stupid. I originally wanted to give you the best, but I still made you upset…


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