Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 94.2

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Chapter 94.2 — Honey, You’re the Best!

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After the two brushed their teeth and got on the Kang bed and after Qin Jiran had his medicine, he looked at Su Yanyi as though in a difficult situation. He said, “I’m sick and I don’t know if you might fall sick because of me.”

Although he really wanted to hug Yanyi while sleeping, what if he spread his sickness to her?

Su Yanyi looked at him like a fool. Then she said, “We already ate dinner and kissed. Don’t you think it’s a bit too late to say that you might spread the sickness?”

The moment Qin Jiran heard this, he instantly chuckled awkwardly. In his excitement before, he had forgotten about this.

“Stupid.” Su Yanyi said, calmly. Then she climbed over, all the way to Qin Jiran. She hugged Qin Jiran, found an extremely comfortable position atop him and slowly fell asleep.

Qin Jiran looked at Su Yanyi with a doting gaze. He didn’t care that he might spread the sickness to her. If she fell sick, he would take good care of her.

That night, they said nothing. The next morning, Su Yanyi woke up early. The first thing she did was touch Qin Jiran’s forehead. She gradually became at ease when she felt that his temperature was about the same as a normal person’s. Now, there shouldn’t be too big a problem.

Qin Jiran sensed Su Yanyi’s movement and woke up. He looked incomparably gently at her and said, “Good morning.”

“How do you feel? Do you still feel unwell?” Su Yanyi asked, in concern.

After Qin Jiran felt himself, he revealed a warm smile. He said, “I’m all good. You don’t need to worry.”

Yet, Su Yanyi didn’t believe him. She looked at him solemnly before reaffirming. “Are you really good? Don’t try to show off.”

Thinking of how the man had persisted filming and rolling in the snow despite being sick, Su Yanyi was unhappy! If she didn’t respect this man’s level of dedication towards her, she would have definitely grabbed the man by his collar and hauled him home!

“I’m not flaunting. I really feel all better. Yanyi, you need to believe me. I won’t lie to you.” Qin Jiran laughed and explained in all seriousness. Thence, Su Yanyi believed his words.

Qin Jiran recovered and automatically took over cooking breakfast. Su Yanyi didn’t persist this time. She sat on the Kang bed and waited for food.

After breakfast, he needed to film his scenes. Before he left, Su Yanyi wrapped a scarf around him. Then she reluctantly let him out of the door.

While Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were cozying up to each other during work, there were some events in A City that people were discussing enthusiastically.

The mess in the Qin Company became even messier at the moment. It was not just the Qin Family that was in shambles, but also the companies and friends related to the Qins. They seemed to be implicated in the Qin Family’s battle for power. They stood at different sides representing the three brothers of the Qin Family. Even the entire A City’s economy had started to destabilize. Thus was the influence of powerful companies. However, it had a negative effect this time.

Compared to the disorder in the Qin Family, the Wangs were having it worse. Everyone wanted to beat them up.

The majority of the things the Wang Company and the Wang Family had done were exposed. Conjectures about the Wang Family’s crimes were now a trending discussion amongst the masses. Amongst them, there were many who wanted to hit them while they were down and bystanders who had indifferent perspectives. Needless to say, these people were all awaiting the finale.

By now, there was no one who thought that this wasn’t the end of the Wang Family. They were completely done for and didn’t even have a chance to flip the tables. There was a high likelihood that they might spend the rest of their lives in jail!

But despite this knowledge, there came a twist that shocked one and all. Besides the Wang Family’s Lady, there were others who’d rushed to the Wangs. Many who were eager to uncover the Wang Family’s fate began to investigate themselves and came to a speechless conclusion. The two people who were helping the Wang Family were Wang Zhilin’s admirers!

Oh my god! What was this joke?! A woman like Wang Zhilin actually had admirers?! Were these two people brainless or did they escape from psych ward?

In the entire A City, who didn’t know that no one would accept Wang Zhilin even if she offered to be a mistress? She would endlessly pester them like a shameless prostitute. Oh, perhaps she was not even worthy of being a prostitute. After all, prostitutes expected money from this!

But although many found it hard to believe, the truth was staring them in their faces. They had no choice but to believe it. Plus, these two admirers had achieved a certain result. By now, many had heard that it was very likely that Wang Zhilin would be discharged for medical treatment.

With Su Yanyi’s departure, the Su Family seemed to have quieted down. They were impassive observers of the development and changes in these two families.


No matter what happened outside, the crew was like a utopia. They focused on their own parts.

After Qin Jiran completed his task, on the last day of the outdoor shoot, he spent the entire afternoon resting. This meant that he’d finally found time to go on a date with Yanyi.

They gave their two assistants a day off and the two covered themselves completely before going up the snow slope with the sled the villagers had made them. This was also one of the entertainments in the village. Two days ago, Su Yanyi watched as the kids were playing with it and had an urge to try too.

The two arrived at the snow slope that the villagers had especially sorted out for them. There were a few kids there and their happy faces were bright red. Their smiles were warm and free from worries. When the two walked over, they weren’t scared of them either. They stared at them in curiosity and laughed as usual. They rolled in the snow and played around.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi walked to the snow slope. It was a good distance away from them. Their sleds were huge and it wasn’t easy to pull it with them. But the experience of flying after sliding down was well worth it!

“Want to come along?” The slope was quite flat so Qin Jiran didn’t think there would be any dangers.

“Yes.” Su Yanyi was eager to try. She arranged the sled and sat steadily on it. Based on what she’d learned, she controlled the sled and slid down!

Qin Jiran followed right after. His gaze had been on Su Yanyi and was looking out for any accidents that might occur. After seeing Su Yanyi’s relaxed smile, he calmed down. He let himself enjoy this moment of happiness and bliss.

It was very cold outside but their hearts were filled with warmth. Happy laughter surrounded them. Those who were in the moment were all free from worries.

“Take a picture quickly, quickly! We must take a picture of President Su’s smile! Quickly!” While Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were enjoying themselves, Jiang Xiaobin and Liu Liu hid not far from them, excitedly taking pictures of them.

“Stupid! Shut up! Don’t disturb me taking pictures.” Liu Liu scolded Jiang Xiaobin unhappily before pressing the button, capturing this happy scene. As Qin Jiran’s personal makeup artist, since Qin Jiran took a break, he could too. Originally, he had followed over secretly, but he met Jiang Xiaobin on the way. The two bickered a bit before ending up walking over together for some reason.

“You’re the stupid one. Everyone in your family is stupid!” Jiang Xiaobin disliked Liu Liu a lot as well. If it weren’t for their common goal, he would never be willing to walk with Liu Liu. After all, he wasn’t stupid to the point he would walk with someone who constantly put him down!

“Can you change the way you scold me?” Liu Liu retorted without looking at him. He was already used to him saying this, ok!

“Well, I want to. Can you stop me from doing this?”


The two bickered and took pictures. It was a type of amusement for them too. Who knew they’d end up fighting each other while scolding! Of course, they didn’t really fight. They just started to have a snowball fight. The surrounding kids who saw this joined them.

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi saw this scene and weren’t surprised at all. They were speechless and looked at the two men who were like kids playing around. They’d placed their cameras to the side and Qin Jiran walked over, picking it up. He took several pictures of Jiang Xiaobin and Liu Liu as well. There was one picture where the two fell on the ground, their bodies on top of each other. They enjoyed themselves.

That night, the crew gathered together to eat. They went into the city and bought an entire pig and lamb for a barbeque. There was a lot of food as well as wine and beer. They had a lively and bustling night, eating.

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