Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 74.3

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Chapter 74.3 — Close Comfort

If he knew it was him, he would’ve thrown the phone away and never respond!

Jiang Xiaobin was also an orphan, growing up with Qin Jiran in the orphanage since childhood. He understood the hardship of being an orphan. When he found out that Qin Jiran was brought to the orphanage by his father, he hated Qin family. Based on his views, Qin family was the representation of having no heart. Otherwise, how could they bare to send a newborn child to the orphanage?!

No matter how Jiang Xiaobin disliked Qin family, however, he needed to answer to this Qin family’s call. After all, this was Qin Jiran’s family matters. It was inconvenient for him to interfere.

“Mister Qin, brother Qin is shooting scenes right now. He temporarily doesn’t have time to pick up your call. When he has time, I will tell him you called him.” Being a specialized assistant, Jiang Xiaobin naturally exclaimed the words with a standard. If the person who called was someone important, then Jiang Xiaobin would let Qin Jiran reply to the call. But this Mister Qin is clearly within the “not welcome” column. Jiang Xiaobin was unsure Qin Jiran would definitely reply so he said he will notify him. In regards to the result, he couldn’t promise anything.

Qin Zhenyi naturally understood this reasoning too. He scrunched his eyebrows, unhappy. He hadn’t thought that even a small assistant would give him a cold face. He was unsure if this is the assistant or Qin Jiran’s words.

Qin Zhenyi had thought about a lot but felt that Qin Jiran probably didn’t know he would call him. Therefore, this was probably the assistant’s words. No matter what, he was Qin Jiran’s father. He didn’t believe that he didn’t want to recognize his ancestors!

Whether it was old man Qin, Qin Enci, or Qin Jiran’s bloodline father, Qin Zhenyi, they thought in an old-fashioned way. From their perspectives, recognizing their ancestors was something humans couldn’t change. In addition, no matter what, the younger generation should never go against the older generations. This was the reason why Qin family had assumed great airs in front of Qin Jiran.

Qin Zhenyi hanged up angrily. Despite how dissatisfied he was, he couldn’t let out his anger on a small assistant. But he was unable to swallow this injustice. He clearly wanted to let this go on Qin Jiran!

Illegitimate son. That illegitimate son was his humiliation. He never thought there would be an unwelcomed son that appeared in his life. If it weren’t for that woman who lied to him and gave birth to the son after hiding it from him, how could he have such a taint in his life? He never thought this would be revealed to the public after it was hidden for twenty-eight years. Plus, not only did it had to do with Qin family’s inheritance, it also involved Su family who was a huge family too. He had no choice but to take cautions!

What was the old man thinking? What was Qin Jiran thinking and what position did Su family stand? He had to consider all of this.

On the other side, Qin Jiran finished shooting a scene. At the same time Jiang Xiaobin delivered a bottle of water, he told him about this matter.

“Brother Qin, he isn’t coming with good intentions. You need to be careful.” Qin Zhenyi’s tone wasn’t nice. Plus, Jiang Xiaobin disliked Qin family so naturally, he was a little worried for Qin Jiran.

“Thank you, I know.” Qin Jiran looked coldly. Qin family’s people came looking for him, one after the other. For what reason? He naturally understood and because he knew, he felt disgusted with Qin family even more!

At this moment, Qin Jiran really had the intentions of handling Qin family. Originally, he just hoped for them to act like strangers. Helplessly though, Qin family didn’t want to let him go. Since this was the case, he wanted to see if one day Qin family was controlled in his hands, what type of faces would these so-called Qin family reveal?

Qin Jiran hadn’t given Qin Zhenyi a call back. After all, the person who is anxious to look for him wasn’t himself. He dared to say that Qin Zhenyi would call again to look for him.

“If you receive his call, then keep saying this. Do you understand?” Qin Jiran decided to leave him hanging for a couple of days. If he truly looked for him, then that is a problem for the future. If the other person gave up, that is less trouble for him.

“Understand. I definitely understand!” Jiang Xiaobin was ecstatic, nodding his head hard. He was evidently comforted by Qin Jiran’s reaction. He should be like this towards Qin family. He definitely can’t give them good looks. Otherwise, they would’ve thought brother Qin was easy to bully!

But should he tell this to President Su? Brother Kang had hinted before that if something happened with brother Qin, he needed to get in touch with him or President Su first. He needed to guarantee brother Qin’s safety!

Jiang Xiaobin pondered over this and sent a text to Kang Zhong while Qin Jiran went to shoot his scenes. He gave a report of how Qin Zhenyi had looked for Qin Jiran before he continued to watch Qin Jiran act, satisfied.

President Su was the most awesome. After he told her, she will definitely help brother Qin. When the time comes, who dared to bully brother Qin anymore? The Queen will humiliate them. She will get rid of all members of Qin family and Wang, ending them completely. Humph!

Su Yanyi naturally received Kang Zhong’s report in the first moments. She murmured Qin Zhenyi’s name a couple of times and marked a cross over the paper.

The despicable Qin family. She didn’t want to be lenient towards them more and more. In the past, she just wanted to deal with Qin family in order to vent anger out for Qin Jiran. But now, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s thoughts were quite similar. She also wanted to see what would happen the day Qin family’s industry was in Qin Jiran’s control. What reactions would these Qin family members hold!

Once Qin Jiran returned home, he noticed that the small golden turtle was climbing by the door. The palm-size turtle shell carried a piece of cracker. It looked rather ridiculous. Who knew whether the small golden turtle carried it by itself or someone placed it there on purpose.

“Small thing, not only do you carry a house while walking but you also brought food, hm.” Qin Jiran teased about, reaching over to pick the small golden turtle up. On his way, he took the piece of cracker.

The small golden turtle blinked its golden eyes. Without trying to act cute, it was already cute enough. He waved his claws about, the eyes turning around but not leaving the piece of cracker in Qin Jiran’s other hand. His intention was quite clear.

Qin Jiran laughed at the small golden turtle’s look. This small thing is protective of his food. He waved the cracker in front of the small golden turtle: “Do you want this?”

Qin Jiran was naturally teasing the pet. How could he possibly believe that this small thing was able to understand his words? He just spoke to himself.

Who knew that the moment Qin Jiran exclaimed his words, the small golden turtle lifted his neck and started to move up and down as though he was nodding his head!

Qin Jiran stood there frozen, stunned. He felt that there must be something wrong with the way he opened the door. Otherwise, how come he had begun to hallucinate? Even a small turtle had understood his words? Isn’t his IQ a bit too high?

“Cough, cough. Can you understand me?” Qin Jiran thought that it might be a coincidence before, with the way the small turtle shook his head and whatnot. He definitely wasn’t responding to him. This time, there would certainly not be a coincidence.

Qin Jiran’s thoughts were reasonable. But what was coincidental was that the small turtle nodded his head again! How could he nod his head again?

Oh my, dear! Please don’t nod your head at such a coincidental time okay? This is incorrect!

Qin Jiran was a little torn. The turtle had truly understood this time? Or he really just coincidentally nodded his head twice? Then should he try again? He had never heard of a turtle having such a high IQ!

Qin Jiran placed the small turtle on the table and placed the cracker on the other side. Then he pointed at the cracker: “You want to eat it?”

This time, the small turtle hadn’t responded. Instead, he answered with his actions. Who said that turtles ran slowly? This small golden turtle ran swiftly, whooshing towards the cracker. Then, he held the cracker in his mouth, running off before coming to a stop helplessly at the end of the table.

Oh my, momma! I don’t want to jump off the cliff and commit suicide! Even if it wasn’t really a cliff and just a table, it would be very painful to fall down. This is basically animal abuse!

The small turtle looked at Qin Jiran, miserably. Don’t ask Qin Jiran how he thought the look was miserable but he felt that way.

Could it be that Yanyi gifted him a mythical golden turtle? Qin Jiran immediately abandoned this unscientific idea. If anything, the turtle just had a high IQ. He definitely wasn’t some sort of devil because devils aren’t that dumb. He couldn’t even climb off the table.

Qin Jiran and the golden turtle made eye contact for three seconds and in the end, he decided not to argue that much with a little pet. He placed the small golden turtle on the ground, then changed his clothes and headed into the kitchen to start making dinner.

After making a while of lunch, Qin Jiran decided to change the taste for Su Yanyi. He prepared red wine and steak as well as some side dishes. It looked to be exquisite and romantic, leading Qin Jiran to be eager towards Su Yanyi’s reaction. Who knew if Yanyi will like it or not?

Qin Jiran actually had tried his very best to think about how to pursue Su Yanyi. He didn’t want to be called stupid all the time. But he had no experience in pursuing someone. Plus, he was extremely cautious and embarrassed when facing Su Yanyi. He had no ideas and the limit times they went on the dates, Yanyi was the one who took initiative more often. He was a bit discouraged.

How about he think about the next date? What can the two of them do? He didn’t want Yanyi to think he’s unromantic or stupid anymore!


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