Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 88.3

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Chapter 88.3 — Sending Gifts Again 

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But once the will was announced, it turned out that it wasn’t the result many had expected. Just like how old man Qin thought ill of Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi, he did the same for his grandsons. He was thinking of trying to divide the inheritance equally amongst his grandsons but also going in order from the oldest to the youngest. He also made it seem like the family needed to cooperate with one another to defeat their common enemy. He thought that even if they weren’t willing to, it wouldn’t cause too big of a problem.

Yet, the reality was crueler than he’d imagined or perhaps, people were greedier than he’d expected. No matter whether Qin Zhenyi or Qin Zhenli who had each inherited 20% of the shares, or Qin Zhenren with 30% of the shares, or even all the grandsons who had bagged an abundant amount of inheritances; none of them was satisfied!

Right, no one was pleased! Everyone believed that they should’ve gotten more and that the old man was clearly being biased!

Qin Zhenren, who believed that since he was the oldest, and fathered the oldest grandson, shouldn’t have been stuck with just 30% of the shares. If his two brothers joined hands, his position as the Chairman would be threatened. This was like a sword hanging right above his head, his source of a constant worry. How could he accept this? It was only natural that he was disappointed in the old man.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhenyi and Qin Zhenli thought so too. They’re both their father’s sons but how come their big brother got more while they had to settle for much lesser than him? 10% of the shares was a huge amount. That was enough to let numerous families live a peaceful and harmonious life. They wouldn’t need to worry about money as it was at least one billion!

The grandsons who inherited no shares at all were even more displeased. So what if they had gotten some properties? These things couldn’t be spent as money. Their surnames were all Qin, but how come they didn’t get Qin Company’s shares? Although it had gone to their fathers, they were still young and money was controlled by their fathers. They would’ve had more freedom had the shares been in their hands!

So, almost at the very instant after the will was announced, everybody’s face changed. It was worse than when the doctor had declared old man Qin’s death. It was enough to know how everyone actually felt.

The chain of reactions was enough for people to see the indifference and selfishness of the Qin Family. Old man Qin’s bones weren’t even cold yet, and the people in charge of his funeral weren’t his sons but the assistants of his sons. There were only two grandsons who stayed and the rest were their fathers who had started to calculate and scheme for the shares in the Qin Company.

Qin Family had 70% of the shares, and the oldest son was already in possession of 30%. If the other two sons in the family wanted to occupy the position of the Chairman, besides joining forces, they needed to buy the rest of the shares. The idea of joining forces wasn’t even considered by the two brothers since they viewed one another as enemies. How could they become cooperative partners?

At this time, Su Yanyi gathered her trusted aides over and held a small meeting…

“Tell me. What should we do right now?” Before everybody, was information on the current situations of Qins and Wangs. After everyone had looked it over, they all had their own thoughts.

“Well, this depends on what result President Su wants to see.” He Mingyang answered with confidence.

“For the Wang Family, I want to see them as miserable as possible. As for the Qin, the uglier their situation is, the better.” The Wang and Qin Family were clearly different. One had earned her hatred; the other, disgust.

The Wangs had harmed Su Yanyi in the past. No matter the result, they deserved it. Though the Qins had abandoned Qin Jiran, this wasn’t as bad as the Wangs. Although Su Yanyi was cruel and ruthless, knowing that the Qin Family was related to Qin Jiran by blood, she couldn’t really leave the Qin Family to die. However, it was a given that she would teach them a lesson. Of course, this decision was under the precondition that the Qin Family wouldn’t continue doing something that they shouldn’t be doing. Otherwise, don’t blame her for being harsh and heartless!

“Since this is the case, let’s make a move on the Qin Family now. If President Su doesn’t mind, as long as we publicize Qin Family’s situation, it will put them in an ugly spot. At least considering the media, they will be the topic of discussion.” He Mingyang said with disdain. He couldn’t bear to see the Qin Family’s actions. He’d already looked past the fact that they were fighting for inheritance when the old man’s bones weren’t even cold yet. However, the fact that they even had their assistants make the funeral arrangements and didn’t even appear for the last meeting, made one’s heart turn cold.

“What they’re doing is too despicable. At least for their faces, they shouldn’t be doing this.” Cao Yawen added. She hated people that placed power and wealth above family.

“Media? Then, leave it to Kang Zhong to arrange this. Join forces with the Long Media…Hm, and the Tiansheng Media in Qin Jiran’s hands. Apprise Qin Jiran about this. As long as he doesn’t mind, go ahead.” Su Yanyi thought this idea was pretty good and would reveal the Qin Family’s selfish and greedy side.

“Yes, I understand.”

When the meeting ended, Kang Zhong immediately contacted Qin Jiran. He explained to Qin Jiran the minutes of the meeting, without concealing anything. After a brief silence, Qin Jiran agreed with Su Yanyi’s decision. He knew that Yanyi was doing this for him and that the Qin Family should be taught a lesson indeed.

The result of Qin Jiran’s nod was that Qin Family was simultaneously exposed by numerous media. Subsequently, they had to face public opinions where everyone was talking smack about them.

The benevolent man can’t be rich and the Qin Family was termed selfish and greedy. They didn’t fulfill their filial duties and were worse than beasts. All sorts of labels were placed on the Qin Family. The major forums were all insulting to the Qin Family. There were even some fans who went to Qin Jiran’s Weibo and comforted him, saying that it was pitiful that he was born in a family like this. All along, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi remained silent.

Yet, their silence didn’t represent innocence. The public might not know, but the Qin Family understood. The only reason why they were exposed by the media was clearly due to Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s methods. So, the Qin Family went to find Qin Jiran in the first moments.

Clearly, Qin Jiran had prepared for this so he didn’t reject Qin Zhenyi’s call. He knew that even if he rejected this time, there would be the next time.

“What’s the matter?” The cold voice reflected their icy relationship. They weren’t even strangers.

“Qin Jiran, since your surname is Qin, even if you don’t view me as your father, you should protect the Qin Family’s face. Aren’t you afraid that your grandfather will haunt you for doing this” Qin Zhenyi’s fierce voice came from the phone and Qin Jiran found it a bit funny.

“Mr. Qin, I think that if old man Qin really became a ghost, he would go find the Qin Family first. Aren’t you afraid that he will come to haunt you guys because of what you guys have been doing?” It was obvious that Qin Jiran was mocking him. Yet, it was the truth, nevertheless.

Old man Qin would look for him? Qin Jiran thought that if he did, old man Qin would definitely do so after finding his three sons!

In reality, Qin Jiran didn’t expect the Qin Family to be this stupid. They didn’t even wait until the funeral was over. They even stopped being friendly with one another and just began to plot against each other. The methods in which they roped in different shareholders were funny and pitiful.

Qin Zhenyi’s face turned green at the mockery. His hands even started to tremble as he held the phone!

To his belief, it was normal for him to leave the matters of the funeral for his assistant to complete after the old man passed away. Otherwise, should he be the one personally looking after this matter? Originally, he was going to stay, but little had he expected his two brothers would brew trouble and begin to rope in different parties on their sides before the funeral was even done. If he didn’t make a move now and waited for the funeral to complete, it would’ve been too late! So he was forced!

The most important thing was, no matter whether it was him or the rest of the Qin Family, they didn’t think that they would be exposed so directly and how bad of an impact it would have on them. This made the public stand on the opposite side as them, they started to attack them based on their past actions. This made it seem like they were trying to cover up their deeds with their explanations. Instantly, they were forced into a passive situation.

In the meanwhile, what made Qin Zhenyi and the rest shocked was that it was Qin Jiran, the illegitimate son, who had exposed them. The Qin Family was infuriated!

None of the members in the Qin Family cared about Qin Jiran, the illegitimate son. Even if he was the Film Emperor, created a company, became Su Family’s son-in-law, the Qin Family only viewed him as someone they could use. They would never think that Qin Jiran would bite them, and so harshly. The entire Qin Family’s honor had immediately hit rock bottom!

What was even more despicable was not only their reputation but also Qin Family’s shares. This was the reason why Qin Zhenyi found Qin Jiran.

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