Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 94.3

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Chapter 94.3 — Honey, You’re the Best!

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Guo Zekai didn’t dare to make Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran drink too much. However, he didn’t shy from suggesting them to do so. Su Yanyi chose grape wine brewed by the villagers and it tasted very liked the taste. It was sour and sweet. After drinking two large glasses of it, she downed another half a catty.

Qin Jiran accompanied Su Yanyi and drank quite a bit too. However, he drank Baiju which had a higher concentration. He drank about half a catty as well. His face was slightly red but his bright eyes were bright fixated on Su Yanyi’s face.

Oft times, there was no need to express their feelings. Like now. The entire crew knew that Qin Jiran liked Su Yanyi. Just by looking at their gazes, they knew that what Film Emperor Qin felt for Queen Su was real love!

Liu Liu and the photographers took many pictures and videos. They’d planned to upload these on appropriate suitable places as soon as they got back to the city. Especially parts relating to Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi. These weren’t just promotions but more so, gloating. Many people looked forward to this.

What is real love? This is real love! Film Emperor Qin and Queen Su walked romantically on the snow. Many were immersed in this scene.

After dinner, it was very late. Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi linked hands on their way back. There was no light. They just got in the room when Qin Jiran carried Su Yanyi to the bed. Then he eagerly started kissing her.

Qin Jiran was a tad out of control. Although he wasn’t completely out of control, he wasn’t as calm as usual. His hand that embraced Su Yanyi was trembling a bit. While the other couldn’t help but explore Su Yanyi’s body.

Desire. He wanted her so bad! He wanted to blend her in his blood. He wanted everyone to know that this woman was his. Only belonged to him!

“Yanyi, Yanyi…” An intense stench of alcohol linger by Su Yanyi’s nose. She felt dizzier. Her head was dizzy! Her ears were dizzy! Her nose was dizzy! Her heart was dizzier!!!

Su Yanyi opened her eyes in a daze. In the darkness, she stared at the man’s face up close. He was intoxicated but also enduring it. She understood what this man wanted. She gradually closed her eyes and allowed the man to do as he wished.

The two were drunk but not totally. Qin Jiran could clearly feel Su Yanyi’s arms around his waist, thin and delicate. That touch drove him crazy.

“Yanyi, I love you…” His actions became fiercer. He called her name repeatedly. He kissed her softly and made his way down. He seemed to be worshipping her, kissing her everywhere.

The panting became heavier and their body temperatures warmer and warmer. But in the end, they were still conscious. After Qin Jiran kissed Su Yanyi’s toes, he mustered the will to move away from Su Yanyi leaving only their hands linked. Qin Jiran tightly held onto her hands, not wanting to let go forever.

After a good while, the heavy panting gradually stopped. Su Yanyi squinted her eyes and turned her body to the side, staring at Qin Jiran with curiosity.

“You’re enduring again? How long do you plan to endure this?” By now, Su Yanyi was disheveled. Her cheeks were flushed. After all, Qin Jiran wasn’t the only one who had a reaction after such an intense and intimate makeout!

Qin Jiran laughed helplessly. He held her in his arms, feeling her smooth skin. His heart started thumping violently again.

“When we go back, ok? The conditions here are too crude. I don’t want to give you any less than you deserve.” They had come to the point when Qin Jiran wouldn’t ask if Su Yanyi was willing to or not. He wouldn’t try to argue about whether she loved him or not. Ever since the two had started sleeping on the same bed, towards this persistence, Qin Jiran had loosened up. This was a compromise made in his heart because he knew that the excuses he had to reject her were now gone.

Yanyi liked him. There was no need to doubt this. It was close to love. Since this was the case, why should he try to debate over this? They had been intimate and were married. He had even decided to be with Yanyi forever and she seemed to feel the same too. Then why should he leave himself a leeway? Even if it was for Yanyi, but in the end, he was still a man. When it was time for him to be dominant, he should be dominant and be in charge!

Of course, the most important point was that Su Yanyi had to be willing. He had already rejected Yanyi once because he was being rational and then a second time. But the third and fourth time had drained him of all his willpower and mind. He really couldn’t hold on for too long!

But the setting and time wasn’t right. This place was overly crude and they would be heading back early tomorrow. He really didn’t want to do that to Yanyi!

Since the start, he wanted to give Yanyi the best. But Yanyi already had the best. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to catch up to her. He was helpless about this distance from each other. But if he could do something, be it cooking or something more intimate, he hoped that he could satisfy Yanyi to the best of his ability. He wanted her to feel happy. Not to mention something as intimate as this!

“Aren’t you afraid that I won’t be willing when we’re back?” Su Yanyi admired Qin Jiran more and more. This man had immense self-control. She really had a whole new level of respect for him now.

Right now, Su Yanyi didn’t question her attraction to Qin Jiran anymore. If in the beginning, she was unhappy with Qin Jiran’s rejection, as he’d rejected her time after time, now she was more touched than unhappy.

“Heh…” Qin Jiran softly smiled. His smile was full of pampering. “I’m not afraid. If you really aren’t willing, how could I even touch you?”

In Qin Jiran’s knowledge, Yanyi would never give herself less than what she deserved. If she was really unwilling, don’t mention sleeping on the same bed, he probably wouldn’t even be able to make it to her room, like three years ago.

“Then what if I am really unwilling?” Before Qin Jiran came along, Su Yanyi had never thought that she would like a guy. Plus, she didn’t look forward to this and wasn’t interested. At one point, she thought that she had frigidity.

“Yanyi, you don’t need to ask me this. You should know. What you want is what I want. If you’re willing to, only then would I do something. If you aren’t willing to, I would never do it. I love you. I want to be with you and be intimate with you. I can even swear that my thoughts would never change my whole life. Compared to your wishes, my wishes aren’t important because my biggest wish is for you to be happy…”

Everyone had their own wishes but his was to be with Yanyi forever. But compared to this, he wanted Yanyi to be happy forever!

Qin Jiran’s words were clear and serious. Su Yanyi listened to this in a solemnly and took it in her heart. It was now engraved in her heart. She thought that she would never forget what this man had told her. A man who had loved her more than he did himself, a man who was willing to place her wishes as his priority; if she was unable to love him, then she probably wouldn’t be able to love anyone!


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Countdown: 13


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