Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 — The Wang Family

After arranging for people to keep an eye on the Wang family and then digging into their history for information, Su Yanmo had gotten a good grasp on the Wang family. In the process, he’d discovered many of their schemes against the Su family, which led to his prompt divorce with Wang Zhirou.

Of course, Wang Zhirou didn’t want to divorce, but there was nothing she could about it. The evidence Su Yanmo had pulled out was concrete. She’d professed her love to him one more time before she was kicked out.

Su Yanmo’s people had reported that there were two other groups watching the Wang family. It took hardly any effort to identify the two groups as one belonging to Su Yanyi, and the other belonging to Qin Jiran.

Ever since Su Yanyi disclosed her relationship with Qin Jiran to the public and specifically told her brother that she acknowledged Qin Jiran, Su Yanmo had been keeping the actor in his mind.

Seeing that Qin Jiran was also monitoring the Wang family, Su Yanmo decided to lend him a hand by sharing a considerable sum of information with him.

With this, he had allowed Qin Jiran to join in on their game.

When Su Yanmo told Su Yanyi about it, she wasn’t surprised. She’d known since her past life that Qin Jiran held some influence of his own. Wang Zhilin had involved him in her schemes too, so it was only natural for him to make a move.

Under the threat of these three parties, the Wang family felt like they would collapse at any given moment. The tension was high.


The head of the Wang family was Wang Zhirou’s father, Wang Pinde. His only regret in life was that he had two daughters, but no sons. However, his daughters were both brilliant, so he had no qualms about pampering them until they had become spoilt.

Wang Zhirou seemed like a gentle woman, but she was actually very sly, narrow-minded, and two-faced. Wang Zhilin, on the other hand, was a typical example of overbearing and conceited. She was the type to believe that as long as she wanted something, she would get it.

The sisters were somewhat intelligent and particularly ambitious, hating the Su family and wanting the Wang family to lord over City A.

Wang Zhirou had intended to take control of the Su family after she married Su Yanmo, but his complete disregard of her had gone out of her expectations. Therefore, she’d gained little of value from the marriage, and this fact made her feel very unhappy.

Then, to make matters worse, he divorced her before she could even make a move. She had been caught off-guard and angered beyond words, causing her entire person to be shrouded in a feeling of gloom.

The whole Wang family was gathered in Wang Pinde’s study. Wang Zhirou was sullen, and Wang Zhilin wasn’t looking so good either. The two had always been rivals, and the latter had assumed that she would be able to monopolize the Wang family after her sister married.

However, reality proved otherwise. Wang Zhirou was back, and the Wang family’s ambitions had been exposed. They had been forced to suffer a double loss after trying to trick their powerful opponent.

“Sister, what did I tell you? I warned you before that Su Yanmo was hard to deal with, but you married him anyway, and what did you get out of it? Nothing but bad rumors! You can’t stay in City A anymore, so how about you go abroad for a while? Don’t worry, the family still has me. ”

Wang Zhilin taunted without restraint. Having grown up quarreling with her sister, she didn’t even care that their parents were beside her.

“Well, my little sister, isn’t it wrong of you to kick me while I’m down? If it weren’t for you causing Su Yanyi trouble because of that man, would she have sent people to investigate me? How stupid!”

Wang Zhirou wasn’t a pushover either. She’d inquired into the whole incident and learned a few things, which led her to believe that it was all her lovesick sister’s fault.

“Stupid? Who’s more stupid, huh? You were in the Su family for so many years, and yet you couldn’t get anything out of it. Instead, you got kicked out. So damn embarrassing—” Wang Zhilin started to retort, but Wang Pinde cut in before she could finish.

“Enough. What are the two of you still quarreling about? Right now, the Su family regards us as their enemy. We need to discuss the countermeasures as soon as possible,” he said, obviously worried.

“Heh. The Su family? I think Su Yanyi is to blame for everything, she’s always acting like the Su family is oh-so-great or something! Sister, didn’t you say that she and Qin Jiran were on bad terms? Then why did she disclose their relationship? Did you misinterpret their relationship?” Wang Zhilin looked worried.

“Who said she can’t disclose their relationship if they’re on bad terms? You know about her family rule. Just look at Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran. Does it look like they’re in love? I bet they must’ve made some kind of marriage contract too.”

Wang Zhirou was confident in her analysis. Su Yanyi was icy-cold, and what Qin Jiran liked was probably her money. The prospect of it being love was absolutely hilarious.

“Then let’s expose the true nature of their relationship, and let everyone see what a hypocritical woman Su Yanyi is. Isn’t the majority of the public on the Su family’s side right now? Once we expose this, I doubt the public would still be so partial to them!”

A cruel glint flashed in Wang Zhilin’s eyes. Everything she’d done was aimed more at Su Yanyi than the Su family itself. Wang Zhilin, who regarded Su Yanyi as a rival in love, loathed her.

“But we don’t have any evidence,” their mother said hesitantly. She was the timidest of the Wang family members.

“So what? The media doesn’t require evidence. It’ll be enough to get the scandal out. It wouldn’t matter, even if it was fake. I’d like to see how the Su family is going to explain this one!”

After being in the entertainment industry for so long, Wang Zhilin had seen many instances of waves rising without wind. The media was a weapon that anyone could use, and it all came down to who used it best.

The other Wang family members nodded their heads in agreement. They knew that if they didn’t do something now, it would be a matter of time before the Su family eliminated them.

The Su family had acted too fast, catching them off-guard. It was not only the common citizens watching them anymore. The entire upper-class society was looking down on the Wang family, and there were even a few people waiting eagerly to pounce on them while they were down. On top of that, the family had also noticed that their company was being acquired by some unknown party.

In other words, they were facing a crisis from every side and would be eliminated if they didn’t do something about it.

VIN: We’ll be back to our couple in the next chapter.

Ironic fact: (Wang) Pinde means “morality.”

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