Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 — Changing Agents

At first, the matter of Qin Jiran’s webpage post was kept within his fan circle, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Soon, more and more people caught on until the fire spread to the major web forums and the mass media.

By afternoon, a number of the media channels on TV was broadcasting his public confession as the latest hot news. Though none of them could claim it as the confirmed truth, they speculated that it was Qin Jiran himself who had posted the confession. With this, the topic garnered more attention, and the topic trended everywhere.

The names of those who had been involved in a rumor with Qin Jiran before were all dug up and taken into consideration for the great debate on the identity of Qin Jiran’s true love.

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Qin Jiran chose to be an observer as he watched the news and the web buzz about him. His expression shifted multiple times, but ultimately, he refrained from doing anything.

He wanted to announce that he liked Su Yanyi, but he couldn’t. Even if he himself didn’t mind, he had to be considerate of Su Yanyi. He refused to implicate her and make her into a topic for the public to discuss. Therefore, his best option now was to remain silent and neither admit nor deny.

Actually, his omission could also be considered a way to deal with the predicament. This way, he wouldn’t need to worry about the possibility of himself unintentionally saying something that would add fuel to the fire.

For many of the celebrities in the entertainment circle, anything that wasn’t a scandal or a harmful rumor could simply be ignored. The talk did not affect them, and who knows? Maybe it would actually improve their images.

Nonetheless, there were evidently still quite a few people who were dissatisfied with Qin Jiran’s silence. For example, his agent: Tao Yuke.

As Tao Yuke walked into Su Yanyi’s office, his resolve was already starting to crumble. It wasn’t that he felt bad about coming to tattletale. It was because he was actually a bit scared of the cold air that emanated from Su Yanyi’s entire being.

“President Su, I take it that you’ve heard about Qin Jiran’s situation?” Tao Yuke inquired cautiously, a fawning smile plastered on his face.

“Mhm,” Su Yanyi acknowledged. Inside, she was feeling a bit displeased with the agent. This man’s smile was so disgusting. Wouldn’t seeing it make Qin Jiran uncomfortable? Should she get him a new agent then?

“Um, Qin Jiran decided to make unauthorized decisions by himself and caused rumors to spread. He refuses to let me intervene, and the effects of this incident are not good. There are already several fans protesting, and as you know, he won’t listen to me. Can you help me persuade him? Although he’s the Film Emperor now, taking things too far in this circle can still be harmful to his career. I’m doing all of this for his sake, but he’s being a bit too ungrateful. I was only able to say a few words before he started to threaten me about changing agents. It’s really disappointing.”

Tao Yuke himself was a rather well-known agent in the entertainment circle. He was an expert at currying favor with others, and he possessed both means and connections. His only fault laid in his stinginess.

After he took on Qin Jiran and elevated him from a newcomer status to being the Film Emperor, Tao Yuke naturally became even more arrogant and complacent.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had the guts to come and tell on Qin Jiran.

From beginning to end, Su Yanyi listened with an expressionless face. The more she listened, the more she wanted to scold herself. This was the kind of agent she’d assigned to Qin Jiran? Another instance of blindness?

“It is indeed a bit disappointing,” she remarked coldly. The meaning behind her words was something only she knew. Tao Yuke was very pleased, since he assumed that she was speaking on his behalf. He didn’t know the relationship between her and Qin Jiran; if he did, he wouldn’t have dared to call Qin Jiran out.

“President Su, you’re as sensible as I expected. Then, please help me talk to him. A disobedient artist is hard to manage, I…” Tao Yuke’s intention was to borrow Su Yanyi’s power to suppress Qin Jiran and force him to be more compliant.

However, Su Yanyi cut him off before he could finish speaking.

“In that case, you don’t have to manage him anymore. I will arrange a new agent for Qin Jiran. As for you, I’ll make some arrangements too.”

“Ah? That wasn’t my intention, what I meant was…” Tao Yuke found himself rather dumbfounded as he hastened to explain. Unfortunately, he was rudely interrupted by Su Yanyi again.

“This is my intention. You can leave now.” As she dismissed him, she was already thinking about how she should deal with this Tao Yuke. She wasn’t naive enough to assume that just switching out the agent would be enough.

Since Tao Yuke dared to come to complain, then there was also a possibility of him daring to do other things too.

She had promised to protect Qin Jiran, and she would do it thoroughly. She didn’t want him to be swept up in any unnecessary drama.

Tao Yuke staggered out of the office. Su Yanyi immediately turned to give Kang Zhong a few lines of instructions.


Qin Jiran was surprised to learn that his agent had been changed. He was even more surprised to learn that his new agent was none other than Su Yanyi’s personal assistant, Kang Zhong. When Qin Jiran arrived at the company, Kang Zhong was already there waiting for him.

“Mr. Qin, I hope that we’ll be able to get along and work together well.” Kang Zhong was capable of becoming Su Yanyi’s assistant, so naturally, becoming Qin Jiran’s agent was also absolutely no problem at all. Rather, he was overqualified, which caused Qin Jiran to feel skeptical.

“Assistant Kang, did President Su really make this arrangement herself?” What did she mean by making her assistant his agent?

“Yes, but I am still President Su’s assistant, so there will be times when my work schedules collide. I hope you will be considerate of that.” Kang Zhong’s job was already busy, to begin with. Even though he was now Qin Jiran’s assistant too, he wouldn’t be able to follow Qin Jiran around all day.

Fortunately, Su Yanyi understood this. Two assistants were assigned to Qin Jiran, and the top priority to the company’s resources was granted to him too. That way, Kang Zhong would have less to do as an agent.

After Qin Jiran heard about everything, he didn’t know what to feel. Ever since he agreed to marry her, the company’s resources had been available to him. Several people were jealous of him over this, but the support he received had never gone this far before.

“President Su really said that from now on, the top priority to the company’s resources will belong to me?”

“Yes,” Kang Zhong nodded firmly.

“Why?” Qin Jiran didn’t believe that she was doing it because of their contract. After all, they had almost gotten a divorce.

“This, you’ll have to ask President Su.”

Kang Zhong was curious about President Su’s decisions too. Could it be that she actually fell in love with Qin Jiran, so for the sake of love, she decided to throw caution to the wind?

That train of thought was quickly refuted by the image of Su Yanyi’s cold face and the indifferent tone she had used when she gave him those commands.

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