Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife Chapter 65.1

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Chapter 65.1 — Black Is a Good Color

Wang Zhilin drove faster and faster until she breached the limits of control. But evidently, she was unaware of the danger she was putting herself in. She stepped harder on the gas pedal.

And that was when a small sedan car suddenly appeared from around the corner.

Its headlights were on, and when Wang Zhilin saw it, her heart suddenly jolted. As she stepped on the brakes and turned the steering wheel, trying to avoid the car, the other car also swerved. But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, her eyes widened in horror, and before she could react, her sports car smashed into the side of a heavy cargo truck on the other side.

Wang Zhilin lost consciousness right there and then. The cargo truck seemed to have stopped at the very last second, leaving her with a glimmer of life.

There were two people in the sedan car, a man and a woman, and two men in the cargo truck. None of them were harmed. They all rushed out of their vehicles to check on Wang Zhilin’s condition before calling the police. Everything seemed to be an accident.

Meanwhile, Su Yanyi received a short text message from Kang Zhong.

“The file has been sent out. Waiting for the other party to respond with results.”

Su Yanyi’s lips curved into a cold smile. Her favorite method of revenge was to give an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. She hoped Wang Zhilin would like her gift.

She typed back a response. “Send out the next file.”

On the same night, Su Yanyi’s former personal assistant, who had already begun to work for a different company, found all of her money and valuables stolen. When she reported this to the police, they searched around and checked the surveillance cameras in not only her neighborhood but also its vicinity; however, they were only able to see a man in an overcoat. His face was hidden, and although he was suspected to be the perpetrator, the police couldn’t find anything else. Sun Minyi was so mad that she threw a great fit and hurled all kinds of insults at them.

And also on the same night, Wang Zhilin was sent to the city hospital for emergency treatment. The police searched the scene of the accident and found that Wang Zhilin, the person who was the most injured, was actually the main culprit. The other two sides were just unlucky victims. Her car had exceeded the speed of 116mph, after all, and according to the witnesses in the sedan car, the truck had stopped before she crashed into it. The recordings in the surveillance cameras confirmed that.

Furthermore, the police found that Wang Zhilin had also been drunk. It was obviously a case of drunk driving and speeding, so she could only blame herself for the misfortunate accident. And of course, her misfortunate didn’t just end there. Although her life was saved in the emergency room, each of her legs suffered from a comminuted fracture1, and she was left with a moderate concussion.

According to the doctor, even with the best treatment, she would only be able to stand up and walk a few steps at best. Anything more would be impossible. Her concussion would also leave her with some sequelae2. The rest would have to depend on her own recovery abilities and recuperation.

The Wang family soon received the news, and they tried to keep it from spreading, but to no avail.

But when did the reporters become so skilled? They knew all of the specific details about the accident. The news spread like fire and made the headlines in numerous magazines.

“They actually dared to release this kind of article? Do they think our entire family is dead? Zhirou, you go investigate this. I don’t want to see articles like this anymore.” Wang Pinde angrily threw away the paper in his hand.

This time, Wang Zhiruo didn’t try to kick Wang Zhilin while she was down. Although they were always at odds, they were still blood-related sisters. Wang Zhirou went to investigate and came back with results that angered the entire family.

“What did you say?” Wang Pinde looked at her in disbelief, but he knew that she was telling the truth. ”That shameless, damnable Su family!” he roared.

“This was done by Su Yanyi alone. Yesterday, if it weren’t for Su Yanyi angering Zhilin, Zhilin wouldn’t have driven so fast. The way I see it, this is all Su Yanyi’s fault. Dad, we can’t let her off!” Wang Zhirou didn’t like Su Yanyi very much either because when Wang Zhirou was married to Su Yanmo, Su Yanyi hadn’t shown her any respect at all.

“Su Yanyi! I’ll definitely put her in her place, and I won’t let the Su family off either!” Wang Pinde gritted his teeth.

He was a very ambitious man who had long dreamed of making the Wang family the strongest in City A. However, the Su family always suppressed them, and as a result, Wang Pinde’s feelings had eventually changed from submissive to resentful, and finally, hateful.


Wang Zhilin was the general manager of the Wang family’s entertainment company, so it was not surprising that her drunk driving and speeding accident and her fractured legs made the headlines. Pictures of Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran attending the class reunion together also drew a lot of attention, creating a very sharp contrast between misery and joy.

Another event was also described and spread around the internet: the “face-off” between Su Yanyi and Wang Zhilin at the reunion. Although there were no pictures, everything that had happened was described in detail, and over 90% of it was true.

“President Su, should we deal with it?” Kang Zhong reported to Su Yanyi the moment the post appeared on the internet.

She gently tapped her fingers on her desk as she read over the report. Whoever put up the post had written it very well.

“Why should we? Isn’t this pretty good?” she asked in reply. She had already made up her mind. Although the post would cause a few people to criticize her for being too aggressive and harsh, the one who would take the most damage was Wang Zhilin. Being in a car accident could garner her some sympathy, but trying to be a mistress would only get her criticism and disapproval.

“I just don’t think it’s worth it.” He really didn’t think Wang Zhilin was worth the criticism his boss was getting from that post. After all, there was a multitude of other methods they could use to deal with Wang Zhilin.

“Doesn’t matter.” Personally, Su Yanyi didn’t care. The public opinion could be lethal, but that little amount of criticism was nothing to her. And as for the comments about her and Qin Jiran, the majority was on their side. Only idiots would try to defend Wang Zhilin, the wannabe mistress.

Kang Zhong stopped bringing it up and went on with his work, but he was confused. The Su family took him in when he was a very young orphan. He had been trained according to his talents and became Su Yanyi’s assistant after a series of testing. Therefore, he understood the Su family much better than Qin Jiran did, and that was also why Su Yanyi handed the responsibility of carrying out her revenge plan to him.

However, he felt that there were certain things he didn’t know about. Su Yanyi never talked about them so he never asked, but he was curious nonetheless.

For example, what exactly did Sun Minyi do wrong? First, she was fired, and now she had been schemed against by Su Yanyi. It seemed that there were a lot of things he didn’t know about.

After listening to Kang Zhong’s report, Su Yanyi smiled coldly and said, “This is just the beginning.” Indeed, it was just the beginning!

VIN: Let your imagination drift into the gutter with this chapter’s title “Black Is a Good Color,” I know how dirty some of you are. And wait for the next two parts to check if you were right. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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